About These Castings

These Castings have been developed for use in my campaign. They are, of course, freely available if you want to use them in yours. In general, all the Castings would be available to a priest dedicated to the specific deity, but not necessarily to one dedicated only to a whole pantheon or one ethos within a pantheon.

In the event that you find these useful, please e-mail me with any comments (msphil@widomaker.com).

I do requests from time to time, and I am also assembling a more cohesive and consolidated version of the castings developed, with an eye towards a 'net.pantheary' of sorts. It is still very much under construction, but you can take a peek at it at my Mythus page.

The Greco-Roman pantheon has received the most attention (primarily because those areas are the ones being explored by my players), with a dash of Norse and Chinsungese on the side. I hope to eventually have a good-sized listing for all the pantheons of AErth.

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