Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 17:27:18 -0500
From: Phillips Michael S <>
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Subject: Re: Messengers of Mercury (Castings)

On Wed, 1 Mar 1995, Dave Newton wrote:

> >Mercury (Balance, Agathocacological, Intermediate, Major God)
> Doesn't he also deliver flowers all over the world? <grin>

Okay, I confess, I left out the following Castings:

Grade I:

Sudden Bouquet Charm
Time: Instantaneous
Area: 1 bouquet
Distance: 0
Other Heka Costs:
R&D: Nil
Other: Nil

E/F/M: This causes a flowery bouquet (appropriate to the desires and possessed skill of the Priest) to spring into existance in the priest's grasp. It can range from the understated and elegant to the gaudy and flashy, provided that the priest is skilled enough in beseeching Mercury.

Grade II:

Flowerysurprise Ritual
Time: Instantaneous
Area: 1 subject
Distance: 10 miles per STEEP
Other Heka Costs:
R&D: Nil
Other: 10:1 additional flower

E/F/M: By means of this chanted ritual, a burned feather, and an appropriate offering made, a flower (or bouquet, if enough Heka is spent) can be sent flying along the aether, to be delivered into the hands of the subject by a misty outline of the Caster.

> Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Hee hee, neither could I ;-)

(And if anyone takes those Castings seriously, I'll just have to be
doubly amused ;-) )



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