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On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Snead Ryan W wrote:

> ::sigh:: I don't understand this facination with low fantasy settings.
> After all, how are your players supposed to fight Rahotep's minions if
> all you give them is a Summon Chewing gum Formula and a Wickaflame charm?
> Don't get me wrong, Jurry-Rigging is a great skill, but it doesn't have the
> same flare as a Fireflash Cantrip. Oh well, to each his/her own.

SUMMON CHEWING GUM FORMULA (Dweomercraeft, General, Grade I)
Time: Special                  Other Heka Costs:
Area: Special                      R&D: Nil
Distance: Self                     Other: Nil

E/F/M: By means of this formula, the Dweomercraefter causes the instant appearance of a small wad of chewing gum within his own mouth. The gum is quite tasty, but if used with abandon over many years, it will cause tooth decay. There is a rumored Grade II equivalent (Summon Dentyne Formula) which does not have the tooth decay side effect. Note that it takes as many CT's to rid oneself of the sticky substance, which is created around one's teeth, as the caster has 10's of STEEP.

A Special Failure does *not* result in the failure of the spell, only that (a) it is pre-chewed and (b) it appears in the caster's hair and on his face as well as in his mouth.

There is rumored to be a Grade IV Casting (Spit Chewing Gum Formula) which causes the effect of a special failure upon a pre-chosen target.

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