Date:          Mon, 10 Nov 1997 13:16:01 -0500
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From:          Ryan Snead <rsnead@PATRIOT.NET>
Subject:       MIME codes (Was) Re: "I Am" and *MIME* Postings
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Hope you enjoy my attempt to make this thread relevant to Mythus! =)

Vranx's Annoying Spam Ritual
Dweomercraeft, Black Grade 0
Time: Special Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 Mailing List R&D: n/a
Distance: Special Other: Special
E/F/M: When properly employed, this specific casting will cause great nuisance to the inhabitants of a Sphere of Intaernet Lyst. It has no special game effects, causes no damage, and requires no heka to cast (qed, it is completely irrelevant). The effect is produced entirely by two or more practicioners getting into a great big public pissing contest on the Sphere of Intaernet Lyst where the undesireable effect is to be produced. As stated previously, there are no effects to this casting other than that the residents of the Sphere may get annoyed. However, much deserved heckling of the practicioners is a potential side effect. The Ritual is completed when all but one of the practicioners gives up, takes his ball and goes home, realizes that it isn't worth the effort to discuss, decides this casting is really silly, etc.

Marceux's Annoying MIME Charm
Dweomercraeft, Black and White Grade 1 <--Let's face it, Mimes are cheap. :-)
Time: until removed Other Heka Costs: n/a
Area: 1 Mailing List R&D: n/a
Distance: Special Other: n/a
E/F/M: Produces one MIME. (Mimes are annoying just on general principle.)

Lurking a little less each day,

Ryan Snead