Time: Instantaneous Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 foot radius per STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 foot per STEEP Other: Nil
E/F/M: This Formula sends forth its dweomer into a radius equal to the Distance possible for the practitioner, thus triggering the held Effects of all Trigger Effect Castings lain within that area.

Now, you can argue that it should be Grade III, or such a Casting is foolishness, but I would point out that, accepting (for the moment) your thoughts, we can consider the Trigger Effect (application two) to be knocking on one door, and this is simply knocking on a dozen or so doors, certainly only a matter of degree :-) The *other* option is to simply add an 'Other' cost: 1 Heka per Casting to be Triggered (bearing in mind that the Triggering of a Casting should be a minor thing). It's still pretty unlikely to get more than a dozen Triggers in an area, especially with the liberal application of a Casting along these lines.

I still think that it should be built into the original spell -- after all, it *is* such a simple and basic effect, and such a minor magick that dozens or more counters would already have been devised (not to mention counters of the counters), and I will continue to use my original ruling -- after all, it's a potent weapon for the HP's, too.....

Created by:: Mike Phillips (