That is the full story to the best of my knowledge so far. I have tried to do all participants justice, and to recount the events objectively. However, as a full participant in many of the events, no doubt the story is somewhat coloured by my own perceptions and emotions. From this time on, it is likely that my busy position as leader of the Clan Erathorn armed forces will preclude my taking part in the expeditions to come. I will therefore attempt to get full accounts from such participants as are able and willing, and will supply these when appropriate. For now, I refer the reader to the appendices for information regarding the current clan and its doings. These were set up with the assistance of Lebron and Raadinov, tradesmaster to Clan Erathorn.

July 5th, 994

(The campaign now stands at January 24th, 998, so there's quite a bit of stuff not recorded, and there have been quite a few changes. For example, the Clan is now a House, Delmada is now dead, Kirenaj the Ninja is dead, Nicholle's player has changed character, Prince Jean Paul is married, Althax has retired as leader and Vivernicol is a Baron with a pregnant wife. You should probably also see the letter which Alessandro got during your session here, but all in due time.......)

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