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Geography/Political Boundaries

The Four Counties: The Four Counties (Ulster, Munster, Connaught, Leincester) are being used as written, more or less. However, due to the dearth of source material and only limited time to research, I have added a little bit of information on Munster:

Munster: Munster (county seat: Limerick*) is ruled by the Ugaine family, the current Aethel is Gwydion.

Important Persons

Ugaines: The Ugaines have held the County of Munster for quite some time.
Name Relation More Info
Gwydion Aethel -
Bryon Younger brother of the Aethel -
Robert Youngest son of Bryon
Nephew of the Aethel
Recently involved in a clandestine operation, running arms to Wildedge; an investigation by a Fianna combined with some ill fortune brought that venture to a halt


Fiannas: In mythic times, a Fianna was a band of warriors who forswore family allegiance, replacing it with an oath to the King. They fought the enemies of the land and kingdom, but were not (generally) used in internal strife. The most famous of these was the band of Finn mac Cool.

In modern times, the Fianna is a large company of King's Agents, used in times of war as elite soldiers, and in times of peace as a primary defense force against Phaeree incursions and treasonous activities. Individually and as a group, the Fianna members are typically well above-average in skills, and can handle tasks an ordinary soldier or squad would fall before. For instance, if a Drake were to suddenly wander through, a group of Fianna members would be dispatched to drive it home or slay it. Similarly, there are permanent groups assigned to monitor Goblin, Drow, Slaugh, and other Goblinoid race activities.

* Items so marked may be terribly erroneous, please correct me if you know bettter!
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