Identifier: Undead
Habitat: None
Size: 1 x human size (6' T)
Number Appearing: 1 (d3 or d6 in graveyards)
Modes & Rates of Movements:
Fly: 210 yds/BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP: Nil (in some cases a few K/S Areas may be remembered from life)
Joss Factors: 0 (sometimes d3)
Dodging/Avoidance: 9, 20/40/20
Attractiveness: 0 (Horrid)
Non-enchanted weapons
One half damage from enchanted weapons

Insinuation: Silver (x1)
Holy Symbol (3d6 PD and SD)
Holy Water (4d6 PD and SD/ounce)
Exposure: Sunlight (2d6 PD/CT)

Average Armor Protection: 9
Quirks: Nil (Usually)

Attacks              BAC   Damage Type     Base Damage          Bonus
Touch (x2)             40        Cold*         4d6                0
* Use electrical armor value, but at one half normal protection

Powers: Darksee (as if daylight); Fear (two targets, SM
Category checks at "Hard" or flee for d6 BTs) 3/day

Statistical Detail:
Base Scheme (+/- d3)

M:  90*         EL:  72         P:  70     WL:  70*  CL:  70*   S:  90*         EL:  72
MM:  45         MR:  45         PM:  35         PN:  35         SM:  45         SP:  45
MMCap:  20      MRCap:  20      PMCap:  -       PNCap:  -       SMCap:  20      SPCap:  20
MMPow:  15      MRPow:  15      PMPow:  15      PNPow:  15      SMPow:  15      SPPow:  15
MMSpd:  10      MRSpd:  10      PMSpd:  20      PNSpd:  20      SMSpd:  10      SPSpd:  10
* at this level the wraith dissipates until the next sunset unless at least half the damage was caused by a susceptibility, in which case the wraith is destroyed

Armor Scheme:

Area    Pierce Cut   Blunt  Fire  Chem  Stun  Elec
Ultra     28    16     16     0     0     *    32
Super     21    12     12     0     0     *    24
Vital     14     8      8     0     0     *    16
Non        7     4      4     0     0     *     8
Average   17    10     10     0     0     *    20
* indicates invulnerability

Commentary/Description: Wraiths are the restless spirits of very Evil people who refuse to stop harming the living. They are usually the souls of those who's Pacts with Evil have come to a conclusion. Some wraiths are powerful enough to remember some of their skills while they were still alive, and the most dangerous remember Heka producing and Casting areas. Wraiths cannot be Full Practice. Very powerful wraiths eventually move on to become more powerful spirits.
Wraiths exist somewhere between a Full Physical Manifestation and a Partial one, therefore making them very difficult to harm. They can only be struck by Heka, enchanted weapons, silver, and holy items. Even enchanted items inflict only half damage to these creatures. Sunlight burns up the material of their existence, and takes twice as long for the wraith to heal. Wraiths attack by means of their touch, which radiates a Supernatural chill. Because of the nature of their existence, positive armor values are halved when defending against a wraith's attack, while negative numbers are left alone. It is impossible to parry a wraith's attack, as they appear identical to the effects of a Tenebroused Blade, only more complete. Magickal protection works in full against wraiths. Wraiths can never travel more than one hundred yards from either their bodies current resting spot or their place of death, but once one is chosen it cannot be changed. This is expanded by one yard every year, until two hundred and thirty three years pass, which is when the wraith can become a more powerful spirit. Alternatively, one human life can equal the effect of the passage of one year, so many wraiths attempt to kill as many people as they can. Anyone killed by a wraith must make a Spiritual Trait check at "Hard" or become a wraith.

Created by: Chris Beadles (cbead@cyberport.net)