Illustration: none
Identifier: Animal, Mammal, Canidae, Carnivora
Habitat: Exterior Aerth (Sapient)
Size: 1x human-size (6' T; 200#)
Number Appearing: 4 - 2000 in communities
Modes & Rates of Movements:
Walk: 110 yds/BT
Trot: 220 yds/BT
Run: 330 yds/BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & Steep:
Combat, Hand Weapons at 43-70 (3D10 +40)
Combat, Missile Weapons at 33-60 (3D10+30)
Hunting/Tracking at 41-50 (1D10+40)
Survival at 50
Military Science at 32-52 (2D10+20)

Joss Factors: 1D3
Dodging/Avoidance: 4% and 13/35/19 or by individual
Attractiveness: 2
Susceptibilities: Nil
Average Armor Protection: 3
Quirks: Nil

Attacks     BAC   Damage Type  Base   Bonus
Claws 40 C 1D4 6 Bite 40 P 1D6 0 (by weapon) - - - 6 (7-12)*
* The number in parentheses is the damage bonus with the damage bonus due to high BAC added.

Powers: Nil

Statistical Details:
Base Scheme (+/-D3, -2 M bonus, +3 P Bonus)

M: 45 EL: 36         P:110 WL:82 CL:99     S:62 EL:49
MM: 25     MR: 20    PM: 55     PN: 55     SM: 30     SP: 32
MMCap: 10  MRCap: 7  PMCap: 20  PNCap: 20  SMCap: 11  SPCap 12
MMPow:  8  MRPow: 7  PMPow: 18  PNPow: 17  SMPow: 10  SPPow: 10
MMSpd:  7  MRSpd: 6  PMSpd: 17  PNSpd: 18  SMSpd:  9  SPSpd: 10

Armor Scheme:
Area     Pierce   Cut   Blunt  Fire  Chem  Stun  Elec  
Ultra 4 4 8 0 0 8 0 Super 3 3 6 0 0 6 0 Vital 2 2 4 0 0 4 0 Non 1 1 2 0 0 2 0 Average 2 2 5 0 0 5 0

Commentary & Description:
The Wolfen are a race of creatures that are distantly related to wolves in the same way humans are related to ogres and certain lesser giants. The appear as bipedal, husky, man-sized wolves with paw-like hands.

A highly cunning and cruel race, the Wolfen were once divided into warring clans and tribes, no more organized than most other humanoids. Many years ago a single leader united them into a unified nation and, although still tribal in nature, the Wolfen have learned the discipline and rigidity needed to prove themselves a real threat to any opponent. The individual warrior code has become a code of honor much like that of a feudal knight or samurai warrior. (or perhaps a Klingon warrior)

The Wolfen are extremely hardy and can be found in any climate save those of desert. The are most fond of temperate/sub-arctic forest and hills. They do not handle heat well and are rarer in warmer climes.

Wolfen are generally found in groups of:

Since both male and female wolfen can be warrior types, there are typically only 40%-50% additional young in a Šlairš.

Wolfen are not particularly adept at Dweomercraeft and those that do pursue arcane arts seldom attain mastery much beyond the ability to use third grade castings. Heka-using wolfen are also trained in weapons with as much skill as a typically warrior. Wolfen shamans, however, have been rumored to have abilities on par with human priests. Full-practitioners are thought to be far less common than found amongst humans. There is usually one shaman for every ten or twentywolfen.

At present Wolfen armor and arms are not particularly good but growing alliances with other races is beginning to pay off in the form of better metal work. Wolfen equipment is typically brutally functional with little or no attention to aesthetics. Armor is similarly basic, although a wide variety of armor is used by Wolfen. Most common is studded leather, chain or scale hauberks. Breast-plates are often worn by leader types. Shields are carried by virtually all warriors but helms are rare.

The Wolfen worship a variety of gods and devils. The are all either gods of war of powerful devils that fit the general philosophy of the Wolfen.

Sensory abilities: FH, HH, SI-N, TH, XD

Created by: Wayne MacLaurin