Identifier: Humanoid
Habitat: Exterior AErth, otherwise unknown
Modes and Rates of Movement: walking 200yards/BT
Intitiative Modifier: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas: Heka: 987 (FP)
Invulnerabilities: Susceptibilities: Joss: 8
Attractiveness: -4
Quirks: Nil
Averaged Armor Protection: 37
Dodging: 43%
Avoidance: 48/72/42
Attacks BAC     DT      Base
Claws(x2)       60      C       5d6
Weapon  65+wp   *       *
* By weapon type
Powers: Statistical Detail:
M:145 EL:116           P:450 WL:337 CL:405    S:130 EL:104
MM: 73     MR: 72      PM:225     PN:225      SM:65      SP:65
MMCap: 25  MRCap: 24   PMCap:150  PNCap:150   SMCap: 23  SPCap: 23
MMPow: 24  MRPow: 24   PMPow: 38  PNPow: 38   SMPow: 21  SPPow: 21
MMSpd: 24  MRSpd: 24   PMSpd: 37  PNSpd: 37   SMSpd: 21  SPSpd: 21
Armor Scheme:
Area          Pierce  Cut     Blunt   Stun   Fire   Chemical   Electrical
Ultra         60       60      60      60      *       *           *
Super         45       45      45      45      *       *           *
Vital         30       30      30      30      *       *           *
Non           15       15      15      15      *       *           *
Averaged      37       37      37      37      *       *           *
Commentary & Description: The Syvan is a very powerful supernatural being that appears as a decaying, animated corpse. The left side of the body is more decayed than the right. These evil beings are the masters of deception, manipulation, and intrigue. They do not take direct action in anything if they can help it, prefering to run things from the shadowy recesses behind the throne. It is rumored that many evil, oppressive relams are actually ruled by a syvan from behind the scenes.

The Syvan are solitary creatures who hate one another and all creatures of beauty. They attempt to destroy one another whenever they find about the other. This internal strife of these beings seems to be the only reason that the Syvan don't control more areas.

The origins of these creatures is unknown and only speculated upon. Some beleive they are a form of powerful undead, while others believe they are some type of spirit which refused to die. As far as anyone knows the Syvan are technically immortal, only dieing when killed by powerful opponents. There are rumored to be ten to twenty of these creatures on AErth, but with how secretive they are, the numbers might be as much as tenfold. Of course many things might be attributed to them which are unrelated and actually drive the figure. I personally believe there are only six or seven on AErth, but as no one knows where they originate from, more could possibly be waiting to enter AErth and manipulate things to their liking.

Created by: Scott Payne (