Identifier: Centauroid
Habitat: Subterranean and Exterior Phaeree
Size: 6x human-size
Number Appearing: 1 or 3-30 (3D10)
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Walk: 110 yards/BT
Trot: 220 yards/BT
Canter: 330 yards/BT
Run: 440 yards/BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
All Centaurs have the following K/S Areas:
At 60+6D10:
Combat, Hand Weapons
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile

At 40+4D10:
Mountain Climbing
Nature Attunement
Perception, Physical

In addition, one in every 30 individuals will be a Shaman of sorts, possessing the following K/S Areas as well:
At 40+4D10:
Priestcraeft (Ethos of Moonlight)

At 20+2D10:
Animal Handling

Joss Factors: 5-10 (4+1D6)
Dodging/Avoidance: Nil/12, 16, 16
Attractiveness: 3-18 (3D6)
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 0
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Insinuation: Ferrous metal (x2)
Contact: Ferrous metal (x1)
Allergy: 1 BT of exposure to ferrous metal (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD/CT thereafter.

Average Armor Protection: 4
Quirks: Nil

Attacks	BAC	Damage Type	Base	Bonus
Spear	STEEP	P	3D6	12
Sword, long	STEEP	C/P	4D6	12
Kick (forehoof)	45	B/I*	2D3	12
Kick (hindhooves)	50	B/I*	3D6	12
Trample**	40	B/I*	4D6	12

* Impact Damage can not be absorbed by any type of armor except full plate armor.
** Applicable only when opponent is at the centaur's feet and is under 3 feet in height, or has been knocked down so as not to exceed that height.


Converse with animals

Area of Effect: 2-12 living subjects, 15' radius
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Sight or perception
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 1 AT
Frequency: At will

In addition to bestowing the ability to communicate with animals of all sorts, this power is similar to the Spellsong Casting Forestfriend Couplet Spell.

Endurance Increase (Physical)

Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: 5 CTs
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: Thrice per week

This innate Heka-Engendered power functions very much like the CG I Dweomercraeft (White School) Casting Endurance Formula. It provides the individual with a 20 point STEEP bonus toward the Endurance K/S Area for up to 5 hours.


Area of Effect: One subject
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: Touch
Time: Instant
Duration: Immediate
Frequency: At will

The effects of this power cause the hair, mane, fur, etc. of the subject to become neat, clean and untangled, removing any and all items such as burrs and leaves in the process.

Inspire Confidence

Area of Effect: 2-7 living subjects, 20' radius
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: Centered on individual
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 1 Hour
Frequency: Once per day

The function of this power is similar to the CG III Spellsong Casting Bravery Measure Spell. Note however, that the chanted verse, when performed in unison by several centaurs, is not cumulative.

Castings: By individual (Shaman only)

Statistical Detail:

Base Scheme (+/-1D5 per ATTRIBUTE)

WL 165

M:	44	EL:	36
MR:	22	MM:	22
MRC:	9	MMC:	9
MRP:	7	MMP:	7
MRS:	6	MMS:	6

P:	220	CL:	198
PM:	110	PN:	110
PMC:	48	PNC:	48
PMP:	24	PNP:	24
PMS:	48*	PNS:	48*

S:	62	EL:	50
SM:	22	SP:	40
SMC:	9	SPC:	16
SMP:	7	SPP:	14
SMS:	6	SPS:	10

*divide by 6x man-sized modifier for an effective PMSpd and PNSpd of 8.

Armor Scheme

             Pierce  Cut Blunt Fire  Chem  Stun  Elec
Ultra           4     4   12     0     0    12     0
Super           3     3    9     0     0     9     0
Vital           2     2    6     0     0     6     0
Non             1     1    3     0     0     3     0
Average         2     2    7     0     0     7     0

Commentary & Description
Centaurs are a Hobgoblin race, part horse and part human. They typically gather in herds and alternately stay on the plains by day and find shelter below ground at night. Their Vocational K/S Areas are similar to Primitive human ones. They possess only Moderate Heka powers at best, but this is offset by their physical strength and battle prowess.
Adult centaurs are capable of carrying up to 300 pounds of gear, including weapons and armor. On rare occasions, centaurs dress for battle in barding, with leather or chain mail shirts and shields. When encountered in herds, however, their upper torsos will nearly always be bare, sporting tattoos (indicating their rank, if anything).

Written up by Dave & Michele Newton.