General information about Shee.

Identifier: Humanoid (Shee)
Habitat: Phaeree, Occidental
Size: 1x human-size (5'-6' tall)
Number Appearing: Solitary (1-3 on very rare occasions)
Modes & Rates of Movement: Human Standard
Walk: 90 yards per BT
Run: 270 yards per BT
Swim: 45 yards per BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard

Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:

Skills per the Wisewoman Vocation, with Dweomercraeft (Gray School) at 60+6D6 STEEP, and Music and Spellsongs at 50+5D6 STEEP

Joss Factors: 5-10 (1D6+4)
Dodging/Avoidance: Nil/28,28,31
Attractiveness: 10-15 (9+1D6)
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 0
Invulnerabilities: Death Magick
Insinuation: Ferrous metal (x2)
Contact: Ferrous metal (x1)
Allergy: 1 BT of exposure to ferrous metal (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD per CT thereafter

Average Armor Protection: Cloak (see below)
Quirks: Nil

Attacks        BAC   Damage Type   Base   Bonus
Claws (x2)     50        C         2D3    Special*
* Successful hit paralyzes opponent for 2D6 ATs

Powers: Moderate (Full Practitioner) ability


Area of Effect: Individual only
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: While Concentrating
Frequency: At will

Innate ability to assume 'Fey' form per the Animalform casting.


Area of Effect: Individual only
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: Instant
Frequency: Three times per day

Per the Dweomercraeft Casting of the same name.


Area of Effect: 30' radius
Delivered by: Word
Range: Centered on individual
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: At will

The wail of a Banshee causes death in any individual within range unless he or she makes a successful roll versus the SMCap Attribute at DR "Very Difficult".

Wish Granting

Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: Touch
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: Once per day

This power enables the Banshee to bestow up to three wishes upon a single individual. Any such wishes must be used immediately or they will be lost. Of course, the JM should take every opportunity to twist or pervert the intent of such wishes, so that an undesirable result will occur.

Castings: Moderate (Full Practitioner) Heka use; 1900 Heka
Armor Scheme: None

Base Scheme (+/- 1D3)
M: 90, EL: 72          P: 90, WL: 67, CL: 81  S: 100, EL: 80
MM:    45  MR:    45   PM:    45  PN:    45   SM:    55  SP:    45
MMCap: 17  MRCap: 17   PMCap: 17  PNCap: 16   SMCap: 55  SPCap: 16
MMPow: 14  MRPow: 14   PMPow: 14  PNPow: 15   SMPow: 18  SPPow: 15
MMSpd: 14  MRSpd: 14   PMSpd: 14  PNSpd: 14   SMSpd: 17  SPSpd: 14

Commentary & Description:
These Hobgoblins always appear as humanoid females. They possess High abilities and Moderate Heka use and Power. These Sidhe have the capacity to use sonics (their wailing cries) to inflict death upon mortals. Banshees are solitary and nocturnal. They are always encountered on the banks of a river, stream, or lake, washing blood-stained clothing of those about to die. An encounter with the Banshee portends death and evil. It is said that she wails for members of the old families, those of Sidhe and Faerie kin. Although very rare, when more than one are seen, their presence foretells the death of someone great or holy.

In addition to her innate powers, the Banshee is also skilled in music and illusion, and these are sometimes used to lure mortal prey near. In animal form, the banshee often appears as a black hound or raven.

There is a legend that any who are able to get between the Banshee and the water will be granted three wishes. Considering the banshee's magickal abilities and her wail, it is nearly certain that any who attempt such a foolish feat will meet their doom instead.

Banshees are known by many names, among which are Bean Si, Bean Sidhe, Bean-Nighe (pronounced Ben-Neeyah), Baobhan Sith, and "Washing Woman".

Written up by Dave & Michele Newton.