Identifier:Phaeree, Canid
Habitat: Interior Phaeree
Size:3 x human-size (4'-6' long, 450-675#)
Number Appearing:
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Walk: 140 yards/BT
Trot: 280 yards/BT
Run: 420 yards/BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP: n/a
Joss Factors: 0
Attractiveness: 3-8 (2+1D6)
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 0
Invulnerabilities: Poisons
Contact: Ferrous metals (x3)
Insinuation: Ferrous metals (x3)
Allergy: 1 AT exposure to ferrous metals inflicts 1 point of PD per BT therafter
Proximity: 1 AT exposure to ferrous metal (1000 points in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD per BT thereafter
Average Armor Protection: 6
Quirks: Nil
Castings: Nil

Attacks    BAC   Dmg Type  Base   Bonus
Smash 40 B 2D6 6 Claw (x2) 35 C/P 2D6 6 Bite 30 C/P * 6
* by head type:
hound: 2D3+2
hyena: 4D3
lizard: 2D6


Alter Head Shape
Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: Thought
Range: n/s
Time: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
This power allows the Yeth to alter the shape of its normally vaguely humanoid head to become that of virtually any other creature of comparable size. Typical choices include that of a hound, a hyena, or even a lizard.

Cause Fear
Area of Effect: 1 Subject
Delivered by: Voice (baying)
Range: 50 yards
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 5D6 ATs
Frequency: 3 per day
The effects of this power mimic those of the Dweomercraeft Charm Fright (CG I, Black School).

Fellow Summoning
Area of Effect: 2-12 (2D6) subjects
Delivered by: Voice (baying)
Range: 1 mile radius
Time: 3D3 ATs
Duration: Instantaneous
Frequency: 1/day
This power enables the Yeth to call up to 12 others of its kind to its presence.

Run on Air/Water
Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: Thought
Range: n/a
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
This power allows the Yeth to run upon the air or water as if it were flat land.

Statistical Detail
Base Scheme (+/-1D6 per ATTRIBUTE)

M(cunning): 40       P:140,WL:105,CL:126
MM: 20    MR: 20     PM: 70    PN: 70
MMCap:  8 MRCap:  8  PMCap: 34 PNCap: 32
MMPow:  6 MRPow:  6  PMPow: 18 PNPow: 18
MMSpd:  6 MRSpd:  6  PMSpd; 18 PNSpd: 20

Armor Scheme
     Pierce   Cut   Blunt   Fire  Chem   Stun   Elec.
Ultra 12 12 12 8 8 12 8 Super 9 9 9 6 6 9 6 Vital 6 6 6 4 4 6 4 Non 3 3 3 2 2 3 2 Average 7 7 7 5 5 7 5

Commentary & Description
These fearsome hound-like goblin creatures are often used as running- and hunting-dogs by the Slaugh. They are able to run into the air or over water as if it were a smooth, firm field, and the sound of their howling sets fear in the minds of most sentient beings.

Perhaps more deadly, they are able to alter their normally vaguely-humanoid heads into nearly any shape, although the preferred shapes are those of hounds, hyenas, and a lizard-shaped head.

They almost always run in packs, and it is rare to find them outside of their native regions in Inner Phaeree without Slaugh nearby.

Created by: Mike Phillips