Mind Flayer (Illithid)

Illustration: none
Identifier: Animal, Cephalopod
Habitat: Subterranean Aerth (Sapient)
Size: 1x human-size (6' T; 175#)
Number Appearing: 1-4 (1D4) or 50-2000 in communities
Modes & Rates of Movements:
Walk: 95 yds/BT
Trot: 190 yds/BT
Run: 285 yds/BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & Steep:
Construction at 51-60 (1D10 + 50)
Criminal Activities, Mental at 38-65 (3D10 + 35)
Deception at 41-50 (1D10 +40)
Engineering at 51-60 (1D10 +50)
Influence at 48-85 (4D10 +45)
Multiversal Planes & Spheres at 41-50 (1D10 +40)
Phaeree Flora & Fauna at 31-40 (1D10 +30)
Subterranean Aerth at 42-60 (2D10 +40)
Subterranean Orientation at 80

Joss Factors: 1D3
Dodging/Avoidance: 0 and 38/28/18 or by individual
Attractiveness: -4 (but no Extreme Attractiveness roll required)
Susceptibilities: Nil
Average Armor Protection: 3 + heka engendered armor
Quirks: Nil

Attacks          BAC   Damage Type      Base   Bonus
Tentacle x 4 40 P (see below) 2 0

Heka: 101-500 pts(100x1D4 + D100)
Psychogenics, Mind Warp
Psychogenics, Mind Control
Psychogenics, Teleport (Limited, Stress Only)
Resistance to Heka: 12 point R factor

Phase Shift
Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: thought
Range: N/A
Time: 5 CTs
Duration: 7-12 (1D6+6) ATs
Frequency: 3/day
Description: This power duplicates the effects of the General Dweomercraeft casting Phase Shifting Spell.

Psychogenics, Psychical Hypnotism

Mind Blast
Area of Effect: 5' base, 60' length, 20' terminus cone
Delivered by: thought
Range/: N/A
Time: 1 CT
Duration: Instantaneous
Frequency: 1/BT, 3/day
Description: This power affects the subjects' Mental TRAIT. All subjects within the area of affect must make a DR roll against their MR category with the following affects for 2D4 ATs.

      Easy       Catonia (Mental TRAIT of 0)
      Moderate   Stunned (Mental Paralysis)
      Hard       Dazed   (Mental damage)
      Difficult  Terror  (Beastiary, page 13)

Thought Reading
Area of Effect: 1 Subject
Delivered by: Thought
Range: M TRAIT in feet
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: 2-6 (2D3) BTs
Description: This power operates like the Priestcraeft, Shadowy Darkness Mind Reading Spell.

Heka Armor
Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: Thought
Range: N/A
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: 10 ATs or until destroyed
Description: This power operates like the General Dweomercraeft spells: Armor Physical, Armor Mental and Armor Spiritual. The creature may create armor at a 1:1 ratio for any one TRAIT. Only one type of armor may be present at a time.

Statistical Details:
Base Scheme (+/-D3, +2MM bonus, +5 MR bonus, -3 PM penalty, -l PN penalty, +2 SM bonus, -1 SP penalty)

M: 120 EL: 96        P:95 WL:71 CL:85      S:60 EL:48
MM: 60     MR: 60    PM: 40     PN: 55     SM: 30     SP: 30
MMCap: 20  MRCap:20  PMCap: 15  PNCap: 25  SMCap: 12  SPCap: 12
MMPow: 20  MRPow:20  PMPow: 12  PNPow: 15  SMPow:  9  SPPow: 9
MMSpd: 20  MRSpd:20  PMSpd: 13  PNSpd: 15  SMSpd:  9  SPSpd: 9

Armor Scheme:
Area    Pierce   Cut  Blunt  Fire  Chem  Stun  Elec  
Ultra 8 16 8 8 0 8 0 Super 6 12 4 4 0 4 0 Vital 4 8 2 2 0 2 0 Non 2 4 1 1 0 1 0 Average 5 10 3 3 0 3 0

Commentary & Description:

The Illithid, or mind flayer, is an evil and feared creature of the [Deepdark]; its powers are formidable and it feeds on the brains off any creature it encounters.

Mind Flayers stand about 6 feet tall and have hideous mauve skin that glistens with slime. The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes (no pupils are evident) and four tentacles around its mouth, a beak-like orifice. The creature has three reddish fingers and a thumb on each hand.

A mind flayer's preferred method of attack is the mind blast. The illithid keep some victims as slaves and feeds on the brains of the others. In combat, a tentacle does very little real damage but remains lodged in its victim. A successful check against PMPow (Hard) will dislodge the tentacle. Once all four tentacles have attached to the victim, the mind flayer has found a path to the brain and kills the victim in 1D4 CTs.

Sensory abilities: FE-P, HX, SN-U, TN, XA

Created by: Wayne MacLaurin)