Identifier: Dragmot
Habitat: Phaeree
Size: 0.25 x human-size
Initiative Modifiers: Human standard
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
Joss (Anti-Joss) Factors: 2
Attractiveness: 12
Susceptibilities: None
Quirks: Varies
Attacks        BAC       Damage Type         Base
Talon x 2      40             C/P            1D3
Bite           50              P             1D6
Breath         60        Fire/Elec/Chem      3D6


Statistical Detail: (Base Scheme +/- M:1D3, P:1D3, S:1D3)

M:80, EL:64         P:60, WL:45, CL:54  S:85, EL:68
MR:40     MM:40     PM:25     PN:35     SM:40     SP:45
MRCap:15  MMCap:15  PMCap:9   PNCap:13  SMCap:15  SPCap:15
MRPow:13  MMPow:13  PMPow:7   PNPow:10  SMPow:13  SPPow:15
MRSpd:12  MMSpd:12  PMSpd:9   PNSpd:12  SMSpd:12  SPSpd:15
Armor Scheme:
Area      Pierce   Cut   Blunt   Fire   Chem.   Stun   Elec.
Ultra      16      16     24      *       *     20       *
Super      12      12     18      *       *     15       *
Vital       8       8     12      *       *     10       *
Non         4       4      6      *       *      5       *
Commentary & Description: Dragmot's appear to be minarture dragons. The have a small pair of wings that they use to propel themselves throught the air. The can breath fire, electricity, or chemical breath weapons. The are intelligent, humorous, good- natured little creatures. The can speak several different languages and have been know to live in traditionally human family units. The often built small human like homes in trees to live in.
Created by: Glen R. Martin (75050.2421@CompuServe.COM)