Identifier: Draco, Humanoid, Unknown Magickal Origins
Habitat: Any
Size: 1 x human size (6' T)
Number Appearing: 2d3 or 20d6
Modes & Rates of Movements:
Walk: 90 yd/BT
Glide: 270 yd/BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
Combat, Hand Weapons 5d6+30
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile 5d6+30
Combat, HTH, Lethal 5d6+30
Some may be Dweomercraefter or Priestcraefter Vocations

Joss Factors: 0 (sometimes d3)
Dodging/Avoidance: 0, 20/30/20
Attractiveness: 0 (Horrid)
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Susceptibilities: Nil
Average Armor Protection: 13
Quirks: Nil (Usually)

Attacks     BAC   Damage Type    Base Damage         Bonus
Claws x2    above    Cut           2d3                +3

Powers: Darksee (as if daylight)

Statistical Detail:
Base Scheme (+/- d3)

M:  90     EL:  72    P: 100 WL: 75  CL: 90 S:  90     EL:  72
MM:  45    MR:  45    PM:  50    PN:  50    SM:  45    SP:  45
MMCap: 20  MRCap: 20  PMCap: 20  PNCap: 20  SMCap: 20  SPCap: 20
MMPow: 15  MRPow: 15  PMPow: 15  PNPow: 15  SMPow: 15  SPPow: 15
MMSpd: 10  MRSpd: 10  PMSpd: 15  PNSpd: 15  SMSpd: 10  SPSpd: 10

Armor Scheme:
Area    Pierce  Cut Blunt  Fire  Chem. Stun  Elec.
Ultra     20    32    16    16    16    32    16
Super     15    24    12    12    12    24    12
Vital     10    16     8     8     8    16     8
Non        5     8     4     4     4     8     4
Average   12    20    10    10    10    20    10

Draconians are a magickal creation that originated from Ph‘ree several centuries ago. No one knows exactly how they were created, but they are now as numerous as orcs. Draconians are brutal and warlike, although they tend towards tribal behavior, their advanced intelligence makes these look more like war camps. Draconians are territorial. but will set aside tribal differences to fight a greater enemy, or if a strong enough general should arise.

Draconians live for about 300 years, but reach full grown status after only three years. Their living habits greatly resemble humans, and although cold-blooded, seem to be able to live in any environment suitable for dragonkind.

Draconians, being magickal, become very unstable at death, and they often surprise their victors with explosions and the like. When a Draconian dies roll on the following table to determine what happens to the body:

     Roll      Result
     1-10      Nothing Happens
     11-35     Turns to Stone, if the killing blow was
               struck by a piercing or cutting weapon the
               attacker must make a Physical Avoidance Roll
               at "Moderate" to avoid losing the weapon. 
               This check is at "Hard" the first time to
               represent the surprise.  The body crumbles to
               dust 3d3 CTs later
     36 - 50   Flesh Decomposes and Bones Explode, anyone
               within 10' takes 2d6 Impact damage
     51 - 65   Turns to Acid, leaving behind a one rod
               diameter pool of acid.  Anyone stepping into
               the pool takes 2d6 Chemical Damage.  The acid
               evaporates after d6 BTs.
     66 - 80   The corpse shapeshifts to resemble the
               creature that killed it.  It will not change
               in size, only appearance.
     81 - 95   Burst into flames doing 4d6 Fire Damage to
               anyone within 10' diameter.
     96 - 100  Shots a beam of lightning into its killer,
               doing 7d6 Electrical Damage.  Smaller bolts
               hit anyone within 10' each doing 3d6
               Electrical Damage.

None of these will affect other Draconians.

Draconians resemble humanoid dragons, with 20' wingspans. They are grayish green, and have red eyes. Their claws extend about 3" out, and they have a backward talon on their feet.

Created by: Chris Beadles (cbead@cyberport.net)