Displacer Beast

Identifier: Animal, Mammalia, Carnivora, Felid
Habitat: Temporal and Pan-Probable Planes
Size: 2 x human-size (5'-6' L, 500+ lb.)
Number Appearing: 2d3
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Stalk: 45 yds/BT*
Walk/Trot: 90 yds/BT and 135 yds/BT
Run/Charge: 180 yds/BT and 360 yds/BT
Climb: 90 yds/BT
Swim: 45 yds/BT
* This mode enables the animal to move silently

Initiative Modifiers: -10 to Initial Surprise
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP: Nil
Joss Factor: 0
Dodging/Avoidance: 25 and -/56/-
Attractiveness: Nil
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Susceptibilities: Nil
Average Armor Protection: 3
Quirks: Nil


Attacks         BAC    DT    Base     Bonus
Claws (x2)      50      C    2D3     10 (12)**
Bite            35      P    2D3+2      10
Rake             *      C    3D3        10
Tentacles (x2)  50      B    2D3       5 (7)**

* Automatic applicable only when opponent has been hit by both forepaws, indicating hold, and in position which exposes it to rear legs kicking to rake, i.e., bipedal opponent prone.
** The number in parentheses is the damage bonus with thedamage bonus due to high BAC added.

Powers: Displacement (first strike automatically misses, -10 BAC thereafter)

Statistical Detail:
Base Scheme (+/- d3)

M (Cunning):  20     P:  164    WL:  123  CL:  147
MM:  10    MR:  10   PM:  82         PN:  82
MMCap:  4  MRCap:  4 PMCap:  32      PNCap:  32
MMPow:  3  MRPow:  3 PMPow:  22      PNPow:  22
MMSpd:  3  MRSpd:  3 PMSpd:  28      PMSpd:  28

Armor Scheme:
Area        Pierce  Cut  Blunt Fire  Chem. Stun  Elec.
Ultra          4     4     8     0     0     8     0
Super          3     3     6     0     0     6     0
Vital          2     2     4     0     0     4     0
Non            1     1     2     0     0     2     0
Average        2     2     5     0     0     5     0

Commentary & Description:
Displacer beast are identical in appearance to panthers, except for the pair of tentacles that sprout out
from the fore shoulders. Displacer are thought to come from the Temporal and Pan-Probable Planes, which would explain their natural displacement power, and indeed their numbers seem most concentrated there, but it is argued that they are not native to any plane, but were magickal creations from long ago. They have, however, spread throughout the known multiverse, and are as common on those planes as panthers are on AErth.

Displacer beasts differ from panthers in the respect that they hunt in packs, and tend to be more social creatures, resembling a lion pride. Females do most of the hunting, although the males are just as capable. What is also unusual is that the males have a strong tendency to care for the young. Displacer beast are not usually hostile, unless threatened or very hungry.

The main value of the displacer beast to the human world is that their pelts make excellent material for items to receive displacer-like powers, or other aspects of that sort. A cloak will go for 120,000 BUCs and up, unenchanted.

Created by: Chris Beadles (cbead@cyberport.net)