Omen of the Black Dragon

Mike Phillips

[Once again, I find it necessary to make a prefatory remark or two. This adventure was run after The Scarlet Scarring, and like its predecessor, it owes its existence to John R. Troy <>. He came up with the original idea, I just fleshed it out into a module-like format. This is not to say that I never come up with an original adventure, merely that he has given me a lot of useful stuff while I've been developing background and other necessaries.]

Player's Introduction:

HP's with any of the following K/S Areas will experience a dream: Astrology, Divination, Fortune Telling, Mysticism, or Priestcraeft.

A strange dream invades your sleep. It begins with a view of the sea, extending to the horizon, waves gently rolling across your vision. Then, you see clouds forming, and a sinuous, black reptile, with a long body and fearsome snout, tears its way free of the waves. Floating in the air above the water, it looks about, almost as if frightened. If you are not mistaken, it appears to be a stylized dragon, not unlike those found on heraldic symbols.
The clouds continue to roil, forming into a dark mass, from which pounces a giant black cat. The dragon makes an attempt to dodge, but the cat chases it. The black clouds issue forth a horrible serpent, which rains insects and demons. The dragon, in its attempt to escape, destroys many of these foes, but it is eventually subdued by the giant cat.
In the background, at the edge of the waters, you see land. In fact, if you are not mistaken, it appears to be the coastline of Vargaard! A roar, or perhaps plea, for help issues from the dragon as it is swallowed by the cat, and then the vision fades, and you awaken.

The Markthegn, your employer, summons you the morning following this strange dream. He gestures to one of his advisors. "Guillaume is my chief Diviner, as you may know. He has worked long and hard to come into contact with Taknari Chang, a powerful and aged indentured servant from Ch'in, who has served his masters willingly."
He clears his throat. "Until recently, that is. He is now enslaved, and employed by a dishonorable man. He seeks escape, warning that all Vargaard must beware the coming of Darkness. His intent is to aid us, for he believes that the Evil will appear here first." Tarrant shakes his head. sighing. "He is currently being held on a ship, registered in Hispanola, and your job is to get him off."
As you consider questions to ask, he holds up a hand. "Discretion is very important. I cannot stress that enough. A war with Hispanola would wreck this nation, economically if not militarily. To that end, you will be given one of the most precious items from the state arsenal, our flying carpet. Also, you will be given a small rod which has been attuned to Taknari's spirit. You can use it to track him. Regrettably, we do not know where the ship currently is, although Taknari's communication indicated that it might be docked at Falcondon."
He stands, concluding, "It is extremely important that discretion is exercised, and that he is brought to us safely. That is why I am entrusting him to you. Best of luck, and my seneschal will conduct you to the arsenal to collect the carpet." He and his advisors sweep from the room.

JM's Introduction:

This adventure takes place in the harbor of Lisolet, the second-largest city in Grandmark. The adventure is designed for 4 to 6 beginning HP's, probably with fewer than 20 AP/G's apiece. Note that a cleverly-played Morlaxa vs. inexperienced players playing Heka-users will probably overmatch them. Keep in mind her tendency to 'toy' with her victims, and the desire to tantalize and torture rather than kill.

I. Falcondon's Harbor

Finding the vessel on which Taknari is imprisoned is a trivial task, although the HP's should approach it with some caution (after all, Grandmark and Falcondonia are quietly preparing for war with each other). The situation should be tense, and the HP's should hopefully manage to get to Falcondon, probably by flying and over the water, under the cover of night.
The Markthegn's information is correct, and, among the many vessels at anchor and docked, there is a carrak registered to Hispanola in the name of Don Canbuva. The vessel, the Conquistador, sways gently where it is moored. Regardless of the time of night, two crew-members are on watch, one fore and one aft, calling out to each other every fifteen minutes. If it is early in the evening, the crew will likely be carousing, as they have several days yet before they leave. However, the harbor is patrolled by two small skiffs of Falcondonian men-at-arms, the Harbor Guard. They are on the look out for smugglers and other suspicious people.
If the HP's are patient, they will discover that daytime is a bad time to attack (too many witnesses), in the early evening the vessel is nearly deserted, but there are harbor guards around, but in the wee hours of the morning, the vessel (like all of the harbor) is quiet and still. This is, indeed, the best time to approach (the crew will mostly be asleep, the mercenaries will likely be asleep as well, although Morlaxa might actually be awake).
The Conquistador will depart one week after the HP's arrive in Falcondon, heading towards Wildedge, should the HP's wait that long.

II. The Carrak Conquistador

The Conquistador is an impressive vessel, and its current crew numbers about 150 (fairly small for a vessel this size). There is a complement of 20 Dakhlan mercenaries on board as well, all under the command of Don Canbuva (who, in turn, is working with Morlaxa, so her commands are obeyed as well). The crew will generally not be predisposed to molesting the HP's, provided that they avoid molesting the crew. However, the sentries will call out an alert should the HP's be seen sneaking on board, and that will rouse the alarm.

Provided the HP's have not lost the wand, they will be able to locate the cabin which holds Taknari with ease (it is a room near the Captain's quarters in the aft section of the vessel). The door is locked, but it is easily opened from the outside (the key is hanging on the wall). Opening the door without murmuring the word "Morlaxa" will cause the Trigger Effect lain on the door to take effect, which sends a silent alarm to Morlaxa. She will instantly be aware that the door has been inappropriately opened, and she will undertake some Divination Castings to determine who is seeing Taknari.
Taknari is easily untied and released, although he will be missing all of his equipment and components. Fortunately, he has lain a specific casting of his own devising upon certain pieces, and he knows their direction at all times. It is a trivial matter to find the room holding that chest, also a locked room (this time, however, the key is not hanging on the wall), an officer's study.

Within the room, the chest stands on a table, and there are a couple chairs scattered about. It is otherwise unfurnished. The chest has a particularly complicated series of Triggered Effects and multi-part dweomers. First. a second silent alarm will alert Morlaxa to the current state of affairs, and she will waken (and sober) the Captain if he is asleep (see III. Final Confrontation for full details). Second, it will summon an Atlantlan Spirit Warrior (see OP's section for full details). If this is an inadequate challenge for the HP's, feel free to make it two or three. Third, it will cause a magickal silence within the confines of the room, to last for a full hour. The upshot of the latter will be that the players cannot communicate their actions to one another and should submit actions by note, and any specifically verbal effect (e.g. a command word) cannot be performed. All attacks and Castings will otherwise go off normally. Any and all Perception checks should be made at least at one DR more difficult, if not several (depending on how important auditory clues might be).

At any rate, after defeating the Spirit Warrior, they will likely flee towards their carpet in order to escape. A surprise or two awaits them yet!

III. Final Confrontation

Upon receiving the first silent alarm, Morlaxa will immediately awaken (if asleep, which she will not be during most of the night), and she will head to the Captain's quarters, where she will awaken and sober him as necessary. Upon receiving the second alarm, knowing that the infiltrators are in an area of silence, she will quickly gather the Dakhlan mercenaries and seek out their means of egress (such as the carpet), and she will gather them there.
In the meantime, the Captian will take a quick look at his crew, and if it looks like they have been abused or some members slain, he will rouse them to defend the ship. Note that the crew will be unlikely to fight, unless one or more of them are slain or otherwise injured. If they are simply put to sleep or confined, they will probably not be angry enough to do anything about it. Either way, Don Canbuva will seek out Morlaxa and join her. If the HP's are very quick, they will reach the carpet, Morlaxa, and the mercenaries before he does, although he will join them about 10 CT's later.
By the time the HP's reach the carpet, Morlaxa will have summoned an Air Elemental (or possibly a Water Elemental, although the latter is unlikely if she has found the carpet), and the 20 mercenaries and the witch will certainly be ready for the HP's.
The exact direction taken in the combat will vary considerably by the party, but Morlaxa will be concerned with self-preservation enough that the mercenaries will be between her and the HP's, and the Air Elemental will flank them. If/when she becomes seriously threatened, and it is obvious that they are losing, she will dive overboard (protected by her Cape) and swim some distance away (completely submerged, since she can breathe water while wearing the Cape and expending small amounts of Heka), only to bring out her Broom and fly away.
Don Canbuva will assault the HP's with fury, although he will flee if pressed and attempt to gather the crew (if he has not already done so). Note that if he is accompanied by the crew, the HP's will have a particularly difficult time, but the crew can probably be frightened away by the HP's providing a really flashy show of devastating magick.
If overwhelmed, the HP's will be imprisoned and sold to a slave caravan in a short while.

If the HP's are successful in escaping, and Morlaxa is still alive, she will implore her Master to send a Sky Serpent after them. The request will be granted, and possibly more than one will be sent if life isn't challenging enough already for the HP's. Unless immobilized and somehow slain, Morlaxa will likely become a long-term villain, as she does not take defeat easily.

IV. Loose Ends/Other Threads

The Markthegn will be pleased if Taknari is delivered to him, and he will promptly employ the diviner. Taknari will warn that evil is clouding the horizon, but he is uncertain what shape it may take. The carpet will need to be returned to the Markthegn's arsenal (it is, after all, intended primarily for important state missions). If the HP's successfully take the Shocksword from Don Canbuva, or any of the devices or paraphernalia from Morlaxa, they will be permitted to keep it.
If victory is total, the EP's slain or captured, the pursuing fiends destroyed, Taknari recovered, and a major international incident avoided, an award of 15 to 20 AP/G's (depending on the time required to complete the mission) should not be unresonable. However, since Morlaxa will flee if obviously facing defeat, and a major confrontation is likely to kick up a stink, this is a very unlikely outcome!
If Taknari is delivered to the Markthegn, and things go fairly well, the HP's deserve around 10 AP/G's (half that if an international incident is started, a bare 2 AP/G's if war is precipitated).
If the HP's are forced to retreat, leaving Taknari in the hands of the EP's, then they should be given a second chance, provided they pursue the vessel. Give them 2 or 3 AP/G's for trying, then half their earned reward upon successful completion of the mission.

As for the evil threatening Vargaard, it is up to the JM. One very obvious suggestion (and the one I am using, at least for now, in my own campaign) is that the evil tide will be directed by an Atlantlan ancient and evil power. The same one, in fact, with whom Morlaxa and her mentor signed Pacts, and possibly the same Fiend behind some (or all) of the covens in Falcondonia. Worse, the forces employed by this evil being are linked to the Accursed, and to certain Unseelie creatures (including a band of Slaugh which will attempt to infiltrate Grandmark by offering to become advisors to the current Markthegn, Tarrant!)

V. Magick Items and New Castings

The following are several magickal items encountered in the Omen of the Black Dragon, and they are unique to this module. In addition, a Casting used by Morlaxa (but not found anywhere on the vessel) is detailed as well.

The Shocksword: This long sword appears ordinary, except for the beautiful sapphire in its hilt and the slight blue tint to the blade. In battle, it causes damage as per a normal long sword, plus 1D6 points of Electrical damage (which can quickly prove telling against a heavily-armored opponent). In addition, the shocksword is able to throw up to six bolts of lightning per day. The first lightning bolt is at no cost, but each additional lightning bolt costs 10 Heka per bolt for each additional bolt thrown (i.e. 10 for the second bolt, 30 (10+20) for the third, 60 (10+20+30) for the fourth, and so on). This Heka is drawn from the persona wielding the blade. In no case may the blade throw more than six bolts in any given 24 hour period. Each bolt of lightning causes 6D6 points of Electrical PD, emanates from the tip of the blade, and reaches as far as a full rod. The bolt is a mere five feet wide, so it is unlikely that more tha two people can be caught by it.

The Flying Carpet: By means of a command word, the pilot may establish a temporary link with the carpet, which allows him to concentrate on the carpet and direct its movement. While so directing, the pilot may not engage in any other activity that requires any amount of concentration (such as weaving a Casting or combat), unless he sets the carpet on a straight course and makes no further adjustments.

Dweomercraeft, General (Grade III)
Morlaxa's Unbreakable Silence Cantrip
Time: 1 CT per STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: sphere, 1 rod radius per 10 STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 chain Other: Nil
E/F/M: This Cantrip causes all sound within the area to be completely silenced, causing difficulties with coordination of effort and communication. Castings can still be focused (unless they have a specific verbal component, such as naming a True Name, or a Command must be delivered to the subject) with no additional penalty, but Perception is stunted because of the lack of audial clues.

VI. OP's

Crew members

M: 60, EL: 48			P: 70, WL: 52, CL: 63		S: 60, EL: 48
MM: 30		MR: 30		PM: 35		PN: 35		SM: 30		SP: 30
MMCap: 12	MRCap: 12	PMCap: 17	PNCap: 17	SMCap: 12	SPCap: 12
MMPow: 9	MRPow: 9	PMPow: 14	PNPow: 14	SMPow: 9	SPPow: 9
MMSpd: 9	MRSpd: 9	PMSpd: 14	PNSpd: 14	SMSpd: 9	SPSpd: 9
Initiative Modifiers: -6 with short sword


Attack			FAC	Attacks/CT	DT	Damage
Short Sword		27	3/2		P	3D6


Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		3	5	2	5	5	1	5
Super		3	5	2	5	5	1	5
Vital		3	5	2	5	5	1	5
Non		0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Average		2	3	1	3	3	0	3
Armor: Clothing, treat as Byrnie
Average Armor: 2

The crew serves the Conquistador first, and Hispanola second. While they are privateers (or at least crew on a privateering vessel), they will look out for themselves first and each other second. They will likely flee from a serious-looking party that is well-armed and armored, although they can be incensed if significantly affronted or if one of their number is slain. They are easily spooked by significant displays of magick.

Dakhlan Mercenaries

M: 60, EL: 48			P: 75, WL: 56, CL: 67		S: 60, EL: 48
MM: 30		MR: 30		PM: 45		PN: 30		SM: 30		SP: 30
MMCap: 12	MRCap: 12	PMCap: 17	PNCap: 12	SMCap: 12	SPCap: 12
MMPow: 9	MRPow: 9	PMPow: 14	PNPow: 9	SMPow: 9	SPPow: 9
MMSpd: 9	MRSpd: 9	PMSpd: 14	PNSpd: 9	SMSpd: 9	SPSpd: 9
Initiative Modifiers: -2 with long sword


Attack			FAC	Attacks/CT	DT	Damage
Long Sword		36	3/2		C/P	4D6


Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		13	25	9	11	9	11	-6
Super		12	37	24	11	11	13	-13
Vital		10	20	7	8	8	8	-3
Non		11	22	8	9	7	11	-6
Average		11	26	12	9	8	10	-7
Armor: Chain, Byrnie, Skull Cap (iron), Camail, Boots
Average Armor: 9

The Dakhlan Mercenaries report to Don Canbuva first and Morlaxa second. They will almost certainly not be encountered (since they bunk fore and Taknari is in the aft compartments) until the very end. They are dedicated to their commission and well aware that there is nowhere for them to run on the boat, and that neither Morlaxa nor Don Canbuva will be nice to them if they flee. They will fight to the death if put into such a situation (although they will surrender honorably if and only if they are definitively losing and are offered the chance).

Don Canbuva (Privateer)
Vocation: Pirate
SEC: 7

M: 92, EL: 73			P: 106, WL: 79, CL: 95		S: 74, EL: 59
MM: 46		MR: 46		PM: 53		PN: 53		SM: 40		SP: 34
MMCap: 16	MRCap: 16	PMCap: 19	PNCap: 19	SMCap: 14	SPCap: 14
MMPow: 16	MRPow: 16	PMPow: 17	PNPow: 17	SMPow: 13	SPPow: 10
MMSpd: 14	MRSpd: 14	PMSpd: 17	PNSpd: 17	SMSpd: 13	SPSpd: 10
Attractiveness: 12
Joss: 5
Initiative Modifiers: -5 for Shocksword

Major K/S Areas:
Combat, Hand Weapons 51
Combat, HTH Lethal 51
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile 51
Criminal Activities, Physical 41
Seamanship 51
Navigation 51
Swimming/Diving 41
Endurance 41


Attack			FAC	Attacks/CT	DT	Damage
Shocksword		57	2/CT		C/P	4D6+8*
* plus 1D6 points of Electrical damage

Armor Chart:

Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		18	39	21	13	13	20	-13
Super		15	34	19	10	12	17	-10
Vital		10	20	7	8	8	8	-3
Non		14	28	14	11	11	13	-10
Average		14	30	14	10	11	14	-9
Average Armor: 12
Armor: Crested Helm, Brassarts, Chausses, Camail, Boots, Byrnie, Chainmail (If he has time, or is used as a continuing villian, note that he would normally weare more - this assumes a night-time attack and minimal time to put on armor)

Heka-Generation Chart:

K/S Area			STEEP		Heka Generated		Notes
Fortune Telling			31		31 + 10 = 41
Endurance			41		41 + 17 = 58
Pantheology			33		33 + 0 = 33
Total						238			(including P TRAIT)

Don Canbuva is a domineering man, and he is the Captain of the Conquistador (assigned to the vessel after the death of the previous Captain). He is a good and effective leader, both on land and at sea, and he is committed to Hispanola. He is moderately protective of Morlaxa, although he is well-aware that she can generally take care of herself. He is prone to drink, however, and he spends many evenings sleeping off the effects of a night of rowdy partying.

Don Canbuva will likely not have much time to get into his armor, so he will throw on the pieces mentioned above very quickly, grab his magickal sword and begin rallying the crew. In general, he will fight until it is obvious that he is losing, at which point he will flee (and try to rally crew or mercenaries, as necessary). If he has time, he will throw on some other armor (some greaves, epillirons, breastplate, gauntlets, etc).

Morlaxa (Elemental Mage & Witchcraefter)
Vocation: Mage (Elemental School)
SEC: 5

M: 118, EL: 94			P: 76, WL: 57, CL: 68		S: 100, EL: 80
MM: 58		MR: 58		PM: 38		PN: 38		SM: 50		SP: 50
MMCap: 20	MRCap: 20	PMCap: 14	PNCap: 14	SMCap: 18	SPCap: 18
MMPow: 20	MRPow: 20	PMPow: 12	PNPow: 12	SMPow: 16	SPPow: 16
MMSpd: 18	MRSpd: 18	PMSpd: 12	PNSpd: 12	SMSpd: 16	SPSpd: 16
Attractiveness: 18
Joss: 9

Major K/S Areas:
Combat, Hand Weapons 31
Espionage 30
Subterranean Orientation 30

Heka-Generation Chart:

K/S Area			STEEP		Heka Generated		Notes
Dweomercraeft, General		61		61 + 118 = 179
Dweomercraeft, Elemental		61		61 + 58 = 668
Dweomercraeft, Black		51		51 + 20 = 71
Witchcraeft			51		51x5 + 50 = 305		Pact (x5)
Divination			41		41 + 18 = 59
Sorcery				21		21 + 16 = 37
Conjuration			41		41 + 16 = 57
Alchemy			34		34 + 50 = 84
Astrology			34		34 + 18 = 52
Exorcism			31		31 + 18 = 49
Heka-Forging			31		31 + 38 = 69
Magick				61		61 + 118 = 179
Metaphysics			34		34 + 18 = 52
Pantheology			30		30 + 0 = 30
Demonology			34		34 + 20 = 54
Gemsmith/Lapidary		31		31 + 12 = 43
Occultism			31		31 + 0 = 31
Total						1687			(incl M&S TRAIT)

Morlaxa is a vile being, evil through to her very cold heart. She has tormented and teased Taknari, countering his Castings with her own. She forged a Pact with an Atlantlan Ancient Master, and she has been granted a multiplier of 5 as a result. In addition, she is able to summon certain Netherbeings, although her Pact is very strict over when she can summon them.
Perhaps the darkest secret she possesses is that her mentor, a vile and evil witch from the wilds of Falcondonia, is also an agent of the Accursed. While Morlaxa is, as yet, unaware of the full extent of that particular loosely-knit organization, she is vaguely aware that her mentor's colleagues are planning something devastating for the continent of Vargaard, beginning in Grandmark.
Note: It is probably easiest for the JM to give her just about every Casting for each K/S Area, and take time prior to running the adventure to work through which are readied and which she would likely use (based on the JM, the players, and the HP's). A few suggestions are below.

Morlaxa is fiendishly clever, but she also has a tendency to apply that cleverness to new ways of torturing other people. She will have cast an Armor, Physical and Armor, Heka on herself immediately before any confrontation, with 100 points of each. In addition, she has an Armor, Mental and Armor, Spiritual awaiting their Triggers (Mental and Spiritual damage, respectively), each also at 100 points. Also, she has a Flight Cantrip Triggered, waiting for her to twist her hands in a unique way, so that she can fly with effectively no notice.
She will flee if it appears that things are going against her, taking full advantage of her Witch's Cape (see Mythus Magick for full details) and swimming away if necessary. She will gloat and counter her opponents (or match them Casting for Casting, if she can), letting her minions do the primary work. If in a situation where it is obvious that she is winning, she will offer her opponents a chance to surrender, in which case she will imprison them to the best of her considerable ability,
Morlaxa possesses a Ring of Hardiness, which grants her average armor of 10 against all attacks, as well as a miniaturized Broom secreted on her person and her Cape. She also has two philtres of darkness (see Mythus Magick for effects).

VII. Monstrous Things

Spirit Warrior
Identifier: Spirit
Size: Human size
Modes & Rates of Movement: Human Standard
Initiative Modifiers: -14 with Spear
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Susceptibilities: Nil
Quirks: Nil
Attractiveness: Average
Average Armor Protection: 9
Heka-engendered: 100 (one-time)

Statistical Detail:

M: 60, EL: 48			P: 80, WL: 60, CL: 72		S: 60, EL: 48
MM: 30		MR: 30		PM: 40		PN: 40		SM: 30		SP: 30
MMCap: 12	MRCap: 12	PMCap: 14	PNCap: 14	SMCap: 12	SPCap: 12
MMPow: 12	MRPow: 12	PMPow: 13	PNPow: 13	SMPow: 12	SPPow: 12
MMSpd: 9	MRSpd: 9	PMSpd: 13	PNSpd: 13	SMSpd: 9	SPSpd: 9


Weapon			FAC	#AT	DT	Base
Spear				51	3/2	P	4D6+2


Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		10	15	15	15	15	20	-10
Super		12	18	17	17	17	21	-7
Vital		16	25	23	18	18	23	-13
Non		0	0	0	0	0	0	0
Average		9	14	13	12	12	16	-7

This is a spirit summoned by Morlaxa to guard the chest of Taknari's possessions. It was once a proud Atlantlan warrior, and it still possesses some of the skills that made it such a fine warrior. It is similar to the Medium's Spirit Warrior, brought by the Spirit Warrior Cantrip, although there are some minor modifications since it was a gift from Morlaxa's Master.

Air Elemental
Identifier: Elemental, Major
Habitat: Elemental Plane of Air
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Initiative Modifiers: -10
Non-magickal weapons
Quirks: Nil
Average Armor Protection:

Statistical Detail:

M: 60, EL: 48			P: 250, CL: 225		S: 60, EL: 48
MM: 30		MR: 30		PM: 125	PN: 125	SM: 30		SP: 30
MMCap: 12	MRCap: 12	PMCap: 45	PNCap: 45	SMCap: 12	SPCap: 12
MMPow: 12	MRPow: 12	PMPow: 40	PNPow: 40	SMPow: 9	SPPow: 9
MMSpd: 9	MRSpd: 9	PMSpd: 40	PNSpd: 40	SMSpd: 9	SPSpd: 9

Natural Weapons:

Weapon		BAC	#AT	DT	Damage
Natural Forces	50	2/CT	*	5D6
* wind (Cut) or lightning (Electric)


Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		40	40	40	0	0	40	*
Super		30	30	30	0	0	30	*
Vital		20	20	20	0	0	20	*
Non		10	10	10	0	0	10	*
Average		25	25	25	0	0	25	*
* Invulnerable

The Air Elemental is serving Morlaxa, and it will attack as commanded by her.

Atlantlan Sky Serpent
Identifier: Serpent, Minor
Habitat: Nether Planes-Pandemonium
Size: 12 x man-size
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Slither: 68 yds/BT
Walk: 136 yds/BT
Run: 272 yds/BT
Fly: 336 yds/BT
Initiative Modifiers: Normal, but see Powers
All non-enchanted weapons (except gold)
Insinuation: Silver (x2)
Exposure: Direct sunlight or equivalent (D6+1 PD/CTs Daze after 2 BTs)
Quirks: Nil
Attractiveness: -9 = Blasphemous
(check vs. SM CATEGORY at: Dazing = "Hard"; Fleeing = "Difficult"; Insanity = "Hard")
Average Armor Protection: Nil
Heka-Engendered: 6
Dodging/Avoidance: Nil, 20/15/10

Natural Weapons:

Attacks			BAC	DT		Base
Poison Breath*		35	Poison		66**
Bite			40	P		9D3+9
Constriction		30	B		3D3+3***
* 2-yard range, 1 target
** One-time instant
*** Constriction will, in addition to inflicting damage, seize its victim on the initial strike and continue to damage him automatically each CT after that until the victim dies, the attacker takes over its CL in Physical damage, or the attacker decides to release the subject. The subsequent damage is Impact.

Darkseeing (as daylight)
Heal Self (3D3 points of PD each Battle Turn)
Shape Change (to human/Serpent form 2/day)
Silent Movement (Slithering)
Wound, Mental/Spiritual (by Gaze, 1-chain range, if not otherwise using another attack form, damage 6D3, 6 total of both/day)

Casting Ability:
Priestcraeft, Gloomy Darkness, Grades I - VI, 680 Heka available

Statistical Detail:

M: 120, EL: 96			P: 680, WL: 510, CL: 120		S: 120, EL: 96
MM: 60		MR: 60		PM: 340	PN: 340	SM: 60		SP: 60
MMCap: 20	MRCap: 20	PMCap: 120	PNCap: 120	SMCap: 20	SPCap: 20
MMPow: 20	MRPow: 20	PMPow: 40	PNPow: 40	SMPow: 20	SPPow: 20
MMSpd: 20	MRSpd: 20	PMSpd: 180*	PNSpd: 180*	SMSpd: 20	SPSpd: 20

Armor Scheme:

Area		Pierce	Cut	Blunt	Fire	Chem.	Stun	Elec.
Ultra		16	24	32	*	*	32	12
Super		12	18	24	*	*	24	9
Vital		8	12	16	*	*	16	6
Non		4	6	8	*	*	20	*
Average		10	15	20	*	*	20	*
* Invulnerable

A Serpent of this sort, a Minor one, is a very nasty thing indeed, and its opponents should be happy they aren't facing a more potent one! The Serpent's head resembles a cross between a snake's and a crocodile's, with long front fangs as has a snake, and rows of lesser teeth besides. The creature has an Ophidian body some 50 feet long, about 2 feet in diameter at its thickest part. Set along the middle third of the body, the thickest portion, are 6 pairs of legs of the sort which enable the Serpent to move at either a sprawling or erect gait, or slither noiselessly along ways no bigger than 2.2 foot diameter. It also has the ability to fly magickally.
Its intelligence allows it to use a Gaze attack to weaken foes not driven from its presence by the very sight of the Serpent. It will then move to attack at close quarters, attempting to constrict one opponent while it assails another with breath and fang.
Sky Serpents of this sort are minor servants of the Atlantlan Ancient Masters, and they are never encountered without some sort of Atlantlan deital interference.