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Welcome to a slew of pages devoted to Mike's favorite gaming system: MYTHUS!

Yeah, if you're not a big Mythus fan, some of this won't interest you (much), but you should still check out the Mythus Castings, since they can probably be used under many different systems with a little work. You can also check out the GURPS home page, which is a site devoted to my second-most favorite game.

Mythus is a percentile, skill-based system that is, in its most basic form, extremely simple and straightforward, but in its permutations, the true depth of the system comes out.

Special Note: These page are <BLINK>-free, Java and JavaScript free, and loaded with content. This site also has NO "Under Construction" logos or graphics. This is the Web! Of course it's under construction!

I do keep a list of what's been changed, which is usually pretty accurate, to help people track changes.

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