Detailed Map of Corunglain (2 2/3 miles per hex)


(If I forgot anyone, it was my oversight, and I offer my apologies)

(Anything not described below is from the Gazetteers. Anything not sourced was created for this map.)


Beneza: Village.

Ergythia: elf-friendly border village (Note: like "Ar-delphi-a", taken from Classical Greek city -- Gythium)

Keeps and Towers:

Elfwatch: A small keep dating from the Elfwar, it is now more a ceremonial and diplomatic center than an actual fort.

Garron Keep: Small stopping point between Ft. Runnels and Corunglain, mostly for supplies. Named (like most keeps) for a heroic general.

Lairs and Ruins:

Delmar: Ruins dating from [xxx]

Monument of Friendship: Ruins from before the Elfwar, once a marker of the friendship between Alfheim and Darokin. It has since been turned into a memorial of national friendship fallen and renewed.


(Humanoids along the border w/Broken Lands, and in hills to west (see Ardelphia region))

Adventure Seeds:

Closing notes:

This area should be loaded with history, being a central breadbasket region and a border with the humanoids to the north. The hills are probably dotted with additional long-forgotten ruins. See also posts beginning here.

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