Volume #2, Issue #9. (Sep 1, 1994)

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Forgotten Realms

Cormyr and Sembia: Arabel:

An Arabel to Ordulin endurance race has been arranged for the day after Highharvestide by the noble Marliirs of Arabel and the wealthy Yarmmasters of Ordulin. Many ranches and horsebreeders--including Roaringhorn of Amphail, and Kromlor Ranch in Longsaddle-- are expected to enter the 6-7 day race to try and win the coveted Trans-Heartland Trophy and the 2100 gp purse.
The entry fee is 300 gp and consists of a single rider and up to three horses. The rider may ride long-ride style (riding one and leading the other two while switching at regular intervals). Contestants are advised to also provide their own protection in the form of mounted guards so as to avoid the kind of treachery that injured last year's second place team. Waystations will be situated at selected points along the East Way, from which the rider must receive a token of passage. In addition, this year there will two additional waystations in unknown locations. The race will begin on sunrise the day after Highharvestide.

DM's note: Riding "long-ride," allows the three mounts to move at 2 1/2 times the unencumbered move rate of the slowest mount, as in a "forced march," rather than being considered "mounts." see PHB p120.

Impiltur: City of Dilpur:

The Eastern Sea Delivery Coster, which serves the Inner Sea region lost a merchant vessel last week in an unseasonable storm two days out of Dilpur on its way to Alaghon in Turmish. An ESDC official privately put the blame on rival merchant company, Iron Throne, but others have suggested that the ESDC has been less than polite to priests of Umberlee recently. An Impilturian war vessel had said it spotted evidence of a sahuagin war band in the area several days prior to the sinking.
The Coster has expressed interest in conducting a salvage operation to recover the undisclosed merchandise, and is currently seeking to hire a suitable group.

Cormyr: Eveningstar:

The former mansion of reclusive wizard, Wyndralee, reverted to city ownership today in Eveningstar. She was last seen some 20 years ago and is presumed dead. The house, on the outskirts of town near the Starwater River, has fallen into disrepair and local rumor has it that the manse is haunted. The auction will be held at the Lathander temple, the House of the Morning, in one tenday, and will be presided over by Eveningstar's Herald, Tzin Tzummer.

Vilhon Reach: Firesteap Mountains:

There have been a rash of unexplained and unusual accidents at the mines owned by the Miner Equality League in the Firesteap mountains south of Innarlith along the Golden Road. Two months ago, there was a cave-in in a well-traveled portion of one of the mine shafts, and more recently, there has been a fire in the azurite processing plant. In addition, two miners were found dead from unknown causes. No reasons or explanations have been given as to why these things are occurring.
The M.E.L. is a cooperative effort among various miners to provide temporary employment mining azurite when veins of more profitable gemstones are not available.

Amn: Athkatla:

Early last week in the hours just before dawn there was an explosion just out of the city Athkatla near the compound where the nefarious group known as the Shadow Thieves regularly trains. No injuries have been reported, but Watch personnel have not been allowed into the compound to verify this. Eyewitnesses to the blast report that the sky became as light as midday, and that a "...horrible cloud of gas rose up into the sky, and it smelled bad," according to a local shepherd on duty that night. No groups have come forth to claim responsibility, but it is known that the Harpers have tried to prevent the activities of the Shadow Thieves before.

Waterdeep: Trades Ward:

A group of warriors has started a new organization devoted to the Red Knight, an underling of the Power, Tempus. This organization called simply Warriors of the Red Knight, is seeking new converts and intends to construct new shrines throughout the Realms. Several clerics of Helm have already defected, but none of the priestly Warriors have yet been granted spells from the Red knight. Spokesperson, Moruna of the Map, says it is only a matter of time: "The Red Knight will surely honor our pleas if we only have faith. She must be sure of our commitment before she will allow her name to be worshipped separately from that of Tempus."
Religious experts note that the Red Knight is extremely lawful, but just as war-like as the Lord Of Battles, Tempus. Should she gain followers, it will likely be from the "warhawkish" element of Helm's worshippers or the more regimented followers of Tempus.

Cormyr: Marsember:

Yesterday a ship of the Trueshield Trading Priakos, the One-Eyed Saloon, docked in the ports of Marsember with a shipment of coffee and mingari from far off countries in the Shining South. Coffee is a spice which is made into a drink similar to tea by soaking the ground seeds in hot water. Mingari is a little known spice which (it is rumored) is made into a paste for the basting of sweetmeats. Both are being sold on the docks: coffee for 3 gp per pound, and mingari for 65 gp per pound.
Additionally, a group of warriors from the exotic realm of Ulgarth arrived on the ship with some of the finest warhorses to be seen this side of Waterdeep. They are dressed oddly for knights in not wearing metal armor, and their hair is styled short and near the tops of their heads. They are staying at the Roaring Griffon across from the King's Tower, and have told amazing stories of their journey to get here.


WANTED: Brave adventurers to protect and investigate the goings-on at the azurite mines of the Miner Equality League of Firesteap Mount. Good pay plus housing and life insurance provided by employer. Apply to Requid, the League's security contractor, in Innarlith [Vilhon Reach].

FOR SALE: Two room wattle and daub farmhouse on 3 acres of corn and potatoe fields. Has own well and "outdoor facilities." Just inside the King's Forest near Hilp. 650 gp OBO [Cormyr].

** Maaling's Arms and Mail **

Come enter our 4th annual dart-throwing championship and win a gold- plated dagger engraved with your name! To be held on twelth of Eleint (September) at Maaling's shop on Iron-working Street near the Battering Wave temple. Entry fee is 1 gold piece, and practice starts at opening (two hours after breakfast) [Tsurlagol, The Vast].

WANTED: Undersea recovery team for the Eastern Sea Delivery Coster. Needed team of 15-20 men or women to recover shipment lost at sea outside of Dilpur in Impiltur. The ESDC will provide equipment and 25 gold per day per person. Apply in person to Wabi the Wolf (ESDC Training Captain) at the Newcomer's Inn on Dark Wyvern Lane in the city of Ilmwatch in Impiltur.

Popups: Ulgarth recipe using mingari.
Take meat and remove bones. Chop fine, and add mustard, sugar, mingari, and mextil (another Ulgarth spice). Mix well. Make fine pastry dough, and place a spoonful of meat paste inside a ball of dough. Bake until done, and enjoy [Ulgarth].

Leonard Scott: lenscott@aol.com

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Grand Duchy of Karameikos: Kelvin:
Thaumont 16, AC 997

Aleksander Gerasimov, born to a Traladarn family of merchants and trained at the Great University in Ylaruam, recently announced that he would found a school dedicated to the powers of the mind. Sasha, as he prefers to be called, is known for his participation in several heroic efforts, including saving a homestead in the Vyalia Forest, assisting in the liberation of Threshold from orcish troops, and mysterious adventures in an ancient valley.
Of late, he has made a name for himself investigating ruins of the Nithian race, a people who lived in the Nithian Valley an untold number of centuries ago. He has a knack for the language, colleagues say, and has single-handedly advanced knowledge of that civilization to a point where it is being offered in courses at major universities.
Sasha feels that the new school will fill a void in the training available to young Karameikans, although he is still having problems locating enough instructors.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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Original: Telarth

JM's note: Telarth is a parallel AErth. The two are connected by Hekau Storms (Great Magic Storms) that open portals between the two realms. It is by this means that Heroic Personae's are exchanged, shanghaied, and bamboozled from one world to the other.

Port Harvest: The land of the Ku'Ron Vor'shaw:
20,222/ 01/ 20

Sir Volchak, official representative for the Order of Realm Knights, was on hand to open the first chapter house of the Realm Knights outside their homeland the Kingdom of Swords.
Most surprising was the agreement reached by the Kingdom of Swords and the Ku'Ron Vor'shaw that allowed the knightly order to establish their first official base of operations in another country.
The Ku'Ron stated that the agreement was reached in order, "To build better relations with our hatchling kin across the water and the protection offered by the Realm Knights is unsurpassed by any group."

Briten Constabulary: River Crossing:
20,222/ 01/ 33

Chief Constable Luggin of the Briten Constabulary reported today that the Sorcercess Issceald escaped from the maximum security section of the Briten Institute for the Criminally Insane.
The Chief Constable and Militia Commander Samuell Trill have mobilized all available forces for use in massive searchs of the area.
Understandably the community of River Crossing is up in arms. Five years ago, the Sorceress Issceald led a band of unlife creatures in an attack on the Wizard Arminster Crowhand's tower located on the outskirts of River Crossing.
In the ensuing battle, thirty resisdents were rounded up by Issceald's forces, slaughtered and then magickly incorporated into her unlife forces. Other residents were slaughtered and used as a food source for the same unlife troops.
Word has been sent to Wizard Crowhand's assitants, one of whom is expected to arrive within a day. Others have promised to arrive within the week.
A reward of 1,000 gold paeons (coins) is being offered for the capture of Issceald.

The village of Sounik: The land of the Ku'Ron Vor'shaw:
20,222/ 02/ 02

Once again, a great magic storm has formed on the Diamond Sea. It is not know if any local vessels have been sucked through this time.
However, a fast packet vessel was dragged through from the other side. Fishing folk from the village of Sounik say that the "Rosa Maria" out of Granada, Spaneia was caught in the storm on their side and whisked through without warning. It appears as if the crew from the other side are unfamiliar with the common occurrence of Hekau Storms.
The packet vessel was severely damaged and managed to limp into the harbor at Sounik where repairs will be made. Estimated time to replace two slit masts, some hull plating, sails, and other sundries items is three weeks.
The mayor of Sounik, Captain Milligan, has promised to help expedite repairs in any way that he can.

William Knight: anwtk@acad2.alaska.edu

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Campaign Journal


Robert Perne talked to the party confidentially, and explained that he and Melinda actually got married secretly the morning she disappeared. They got married at the shrine of Eldath, which Robert attended regularly - although his father disapproved greatly, being a worshipper of Lathander - thus he wanted to keep their wedding a secret. At the wedding the priestess was the only other person there, and she had gone thru the ritual, blessed them, and Melinda put on the ring. Almost immediately after the service Melinda complained about feeling ill, and returned to her room. Robert put this down to nerves at the time. The party discovered that the priestess was asked to perform the wedding two days beforehand, but that she hadn't had access to the ring. In case it should be necessary, an excuse was made up for Robert no longer having the ring (Melinda was wearing it when she disappeared) - she was trying it on for size, it got stuck, and so she was wearing it when she became ill ... However, the party agreed not to say anything unless it was strictly necessary.
Fortha, the Baron's adviser was asked for more info about the ring. It was one of a pair, they were supposedly rings of protection of some sort, and the other was now in possession of the Sorter family of Greenmoor, although they might or might not have still been alive after the Greenmoor Massacre twenty years before - Malcolm Mowbray was blamed by many, as he had lead away most of the remaining local forces to Daggerford to help in a major push -leaving Greenmoor virtually undefended. Orcs attacked the village and the place was destroyed and everyone killed.
The party talked to the priestess of Eldath, but she was singularly unhelpful - trying to keep Robert's confidentiality. Eventually Robert was asked to talk to her so she would be more helpful, and a meeting was arranged for the next day.

19th Dec
The next day the part talked to a more cooperative priestess (although somehow she managed to annoy Eddie, who went off in a huff), and confirmed what Robert had said, but had no real new information.
Thinking Greenmoor would be the best place to investigate the second ring, and then to Secomber to talk to Malcolm Mowbray, the party left Clearwater for Greenmoor.
Arriving without incident in the late afternoon, Scauny the Quarrymaster was found and asked about the missing barge and its cargo, and about Melinda's disappearance - although helpful, he had little information except to ask the innkeeper and the butcher about other people who lived in Greenmoor before the massacre.
The innkeeper, Owin Barrow, explained that he fought in the Troubles, but didn't like to talk about it much, as it brought back bad memories. The other survivors were Brin the butcher and Jerez the grocer. It turned out that they both blamed Malcolm Mowbray for the Massacre, and weren't happy about his daughter marrying into the Baron's family. Jerez turned out to be Jerez Sorter, the likely inheritor of the second ring. Eddie & finbar talked to him about it, Finbar pretending an interest in tales of the massacre. Jerez agreed to bring his (second) wife to the pub in the evening to show them the ring, which had been hidden during the massacre.
At the pub, Jerez and Annie turned up and her wedding ring looked like it was the second of the pair, and indeed showed up magic under Det. Magic. They left to see to their baby, and shortly after a watchman rushed into the pub and declared there was a fire at a nearby farm. Volunteers were needed to help out immediately.


Volunteering to help fight the fire at a nearby farm, together with Scauny, two watchmen and 5 villagers, the party set out on their horses and arrived to see 3 orcs mounted on wolves, who rapidly attacked. Their attack frightened most of the horses but did little other damage, and soon the orcs and wolves were killed, except for a single wolf which escaped. Padur, Caljuin and Scauny rushed into the farmyard and found more orcs, wolves and cows (being lead away by orcs). Mairenne fired arrows at the orcs, and those on wolves including the leader rode away. The cow-rustling orcs were engaged and quickly fell, mainly to Scauny's axe. Mob caught up and followed Mairenne who was chasing some orcs on foot, but the scattered and got away. The rest of the party, watchmen and villagers then helped put out the blazing barn and farmer Simpkin was very grateful. The dead orcs had little of value on them, but they were identified as Claw tribe orcs (the same tribe that the party previously encountered near Illefarn) which had also been involved in the recent Greenmoor encounters.
Back at the Pick and Barrow Scauny bought everyone a round, as did farmer Simpkin, and the villagers were all pretty pleased with the way things went. [However Eddie was less than happy as he managed to break his magic dagger in the fight!]

20th Dec
The next day, after some discussion it was decided that the party would take the quick route to Secomber across the moor. There they would talk to Malcolm Mowbray.
Several copses and a hollow were investigated on they way with nothing to report, and then in another copse a small cottage was found. After knocking produced no response, and the door was found to be locked, Eddie's autopilot set him picking it. However, before actually opening it the party had a closer look thru some of the windows and spotted an old crone moving around.
After knocking much louder she opened the door, and was surprised to find it unlocked. She asked the party to go away as she was busy, but they came in anyway. The place was clearly a witch's cottage, and she a witch. Mob ended up buying a slightly substandard (but cheap) love potion, and the party discovered she sometimes dealt with a local orc shaman.
Eddie locked the door on the way out and overheard her mumbling (using his earring of clairaudience) and heard a reference to villagers coming and visiting her, but could gather no more than that.
Arriving at Secomber in the late afternoon, Eddie booked a room at the halfling tavern, The Silver Key, whilst the rest of the party preferred The Rusty Grating, a more human oriented inn. Visiting Malcolm Mowbray's Bakery, the party met his teenage son Mark who said that Malcolm had been out of town for over a week, and he had not spoken to the Baron's messenger. However, Malcolm's assistant, Arnie Black, a large but quiet fellow came downstairs and it turned out he had spoken to the messenger saying that Melinda had not been here. Malcolm was currently on a business trip to Daggerford, and wouldn't be back here before the wedding, but would go straight to Clearwater.


In the Silver Key, Eddie talked to the barman for a while about Malcolm - a respected merchant, who indeed hadn't been around for over a week. He also found out the names of a couple of people who had been involved in the Troubles, including the mayor, Oben. He then spent the evening relaxing in the company of other halflings, and chatting up a couple of girls. He managed to hit it off with his second choice - and took her upstairs at the end of the evening - walking her home before it got too late. Her name was Rose Stonehill, the daughter of a local halfling farmer.
Meanwhile in the Rusty Grating the rest of the party discussed possibilities, and Finbar explained a dream he had, in which Melinda went to see the witch as part of a deal to win Robert's heart. Paddy opened the magic box, wanting a clue to Melinda's whereabouts, and found a small yellow / green gem - possibly something to do with the green gem Algurun wanted, or to do with the gems the orcs stole, or to do with the quarry at Greenmoor where the gems came from. During the night Mairenne & Mob played a trick on Finbar, tying him up while he slept.

21st Dec
The next day Eddie got up early and visited the blacksmith, another of Derval's brothers, Dwain Grimshield, who recommended getting Derval to fix the broken magic dagger. Over breakfast it was decided that the next move would be to head off to Clearwater and then to Greenmoor.
Mob opened the box, and found a silver ring inside. Eddie talked to two of the people who had been involved in the Troubles. One, a farmer wasn't very helpful, but the mayor had only good things to say about Malcolm, not blaming him for the Greenmoor Massacre.
The party arrived in Clearwater early in the afternoon, and spoke to Baron Perne briefly about the messenger who had reported that Melinda wasn't in Secomber, and to Mrs Mowbray about Malcolm's whereabouts. This revealed that he had popped into Clearwater on his way down to Daggerford about two weeks before, but could well have returned not calling into Clearwater on the way back, particularly if he went via Greenmoor for some extra trading, then again he might still be in Daggerford ... The priestess of Eldath confirmed that Melinda was not under the influence of a love potion during the wedding.
Leaving as it was getting dark, the party headed for Greenmoor, but were attacked by 8 wolves on the way. 2 were frightened off with light and colour spray spells and the other 6 killed, although one horse was dead and most of the party were badly hurt. During the combat Finbar hit himself with his scimitar, Mairenne's bowstring snapped and Eddie hit two wolves critically, but was bitten critically back.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

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