Volume #2, Issue #8. (Aug 1, 1994)

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Reporters this issue:
    Oscar Swida (swida@softlab.ii.uj.edu.pl)
    Richard J. Pugh (rjpugh@aol.com)
    DM Bloodglutton (mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
    Mike Phillips (msphil@birds.wm.edu)
    Sandy E. Murphy (io01092@maine.maine.edu)
    Leonard Scott (lenscott@aol.com)
    Andy Merritt (amerritt@armltd.co.uk)

Forgotten Realms

Moonsea: Melvaunt:

A top-secret sailing caravel dubbed the Gale Wind Blowing has been stolen from the military docks at Melvaunt in the Moonsea Reaches. It is reportedly a new experimental "Speedstar" class of ship that has the ability to fill its sails with magical wind for a top speed of triple a normal caravel. The admiral's second in command is quoted as saying that he believes the theft was done by minions of Zhentil Keep, but others are not so sure; High Artificer of Gond, Hlessen Muragh, who had helped develop the super-ship, said, "The circumstances of the ship's disappearance, and rumors of its whereabouts suggest that possibly independent slavers or spice-runners have taken the ship." Some residents of Elmwood near the River Lis have reported seeing a slim ship traveling at high speeds toward the entrance of the river on its way towards the Inner Sea.

Damara: City of Hadera:

In the city of Hadera in southern Damara, a group of adventurers returning from an abandoned temple of Malar brought back tales of tentacled panthers and packs full of bloodstone tradebars. Shortly afterward, several people at the inn in which these adventurers rested were struck dead apparently from a rash that spread over their bodies within a few hours. The adventurers, in spite of losing one of their own to the plague, were blamed and forced out of the town. One resident is quoted as saying, "I've always said, no good can come from those blasted bloodstones. Them carry a curse, them do."

Vilhon Reach: Hlondeth:

The magnificent Aviary of Extaminos has finally been completed! After 10 years and a cost of 337,000 gold pieces, the culminating wonder of the City of Serpents has been opened to the paying public since Tarsakh (April). The Hlondeth ruler, Dediana Extaminos, invites all to see her definitive collection of birds and avian creatures, including a Roc, winged snakes from Zakhara, and macaws from Maztica. Some shows available include a bloodhawk hunt (where bloodhawks are set upon some hapless convict or slave), a fortune-telling owl, and flightless-bird races. The City of Hlondeth also boasts an intriguing style of architecture devoted to serpent and snake designs. Marboa Sisslar, the owner of The Fanged Whip, invites all to stay at her Tavern-Inn on the corner of High Street and Newbark's Alley. She has a full selection of beverages from around the Realms, and a home-brew of Viper wine (rated 4 mugs by a well-known traveler...). "half price to all Kenku in the month of Flamerule (July)"

Vilhon Reach: Sespech:

Baron Thuragar Foesmasher of the Barony of Sespech has recently been accused by a coalition of town leaders throughout the Barony of abandoning their protection to continue his fight for independence from Chondath. Recently, caravans from Ormpettar have been attacked and none of the Baron's men assigned to protect the caravans have been of any help. "Most of the guards are lazy, and too drunk to fight off mosquitos, let alone a band of savage raiders," says Alvund of Ormpettar, a partner of the Seven Suns Trading Coster. Luckily, it seems the raiders are only interested in a blue stone, Azurite, which is mined in the Firesteap Mountains near Innarlith. This stone is nearly worthless when uncut, and not worth much more when shaped. The reason the raiders are interested in this stone is unknown, but in one attack, a load of bloodstone was left behind.
The Baron says he is trying his best, but that the War of Independence, and intrigue between his daughter, Glisena, and the Hlondethan ambassador is using up his best men, as well as his attention. The town leaders are talking about setting up a new government.

Impiltur: City of Ilmwatch:

A traveling group of Cormyreans say that a local resident, Wabi the Wolf, is none other than Gondegal the rebel of Arabel! Wabi, the local weapons instructor for the guards of the Eastern Sea Delivery Coster, had no comments other than, "What in Tymora is wrong with those Outlanders!" The group represents trading companies from Arabel seeking to establish relations between themselves and various Impilturian trading companies (including the ESDC). One Cormyrean, Nakilsen of the trading house Hiloar said, "I was only 12 when Gondegal declared himself overlord, but I still remember what he looks like, and that Wabi is Gondegal!" Gondegal, also called the Lost King, was last seen in the year 1352 DR near Arabel. He is rumored to be a very good swordsman and very intelligent. Nakilsen has said that King Azoun IV of Cormyr still has a reward of 9,000 gold pieces for the capture and return of the rebel, Gondegal.

Amn: City of Eshpurta:

A Tethyrian immigrant, Kirov Sverdlovsk, claims to be the closest living relative to the now extinct ruling family of Tethyr. While chatting with friends at the Inn of Changing Money on River Street, Kirov gave an interview to an FNN reporter:

Q: Are you *truly* a descendent of the Tethyrian royal family?
A: Not directly, my mother's mother was the sister of Queen Taknita, the mother of the late Alemander IV. So I'm really sort of a nephew of the royal family.
Q: Have any of the noble families supported your claim?
A: I am a member of the Sverdlovsk House. My family controls a large portion of eastern Tethyr, north of the Forest of Mir, west of Saradush. Although my family has not openly supported our claim, we will when agreements are reached with a few other families.
Q: I have heard that other claimants to the throne have been attacked and even killed. Are you at all afraid of assassination attempts?
A: I have several bodyguards given me by my family. Zoomer here is from Rashemen (pointing to a short, muscular, unsmiling man beside him), and has already protected me from several attempts by the House Orekhovo-Zuyevo to assassinate me. In fact,...(at this point a fight broke out between two drunks at the bar and Zoomer signaled an end to the interview as he and another rushed Kirov up the stairs)

So whether Kirov Sverdlovsk will be the next ruler of Tethyr will have to be seen. FNN reporter, Aldeth of Eshpurta: *May stars direct you when all is dark*


  • Located in Hlondeth.
  • Admission 10 gp for all attractions.
  • Kenku and foreign nobles half price!
  • Open Daily From Sunrise to Moonrise,
  • Every day except Midsummer, and Moonfeast.

    WANTED: Diagramist for mapmaking.
    Apply to Thorembor at Thorembor's Traveling Maps and Mail, now making rounds from Waterdeep to Eversult. 15 silver per day, including board and keep. Knowledge of inks and papers/parchments a plus.

    WANTED: Trail guards for the Eastern Sea Delivery Coster.
    Needed 20 strong men or women to guard caravans and merchant ships from Procampur and Tsurlagol in the Vast, through Impiltur to Telflamm and Thesk. Possible travel to Thay or Chessenta on Diplomatic contexts. Apply in person to Wabi the Wolf (ESDC Training Captain) at the Newcomer's Inn on Dark Wyvern Lane in the city of Ilmwatch in Impiltur.

    Thorembor's is a TREASURE CHEST of INFORMATION. Come see the MAPS and other assorted stationary selections we stock. We supply the finest ADVENTURERS with MAPS of long-lost TREASURES, GOLD, and MAGIC ITEMS! Leave MAIL to be delivered or pick up MAIL left by others.
    MAPS -- 65 gp and up, MAIL -- 15 gp and up.


    All maps must be bought sight unseen, no promises as to usability or functionality. Any damages brought about by these maps are not the fault of Thorembor or his company.

    WOMAN FOUND: A young woman was found wandering along the Stormcrest Trail near Tsurlagol in southern Vast. She was discovered naked and hungry with no knowledge of who she was, nor even the ability to speak Common. The adventuring party who helped her named her Marlene, but could not find out who she was. Marlene is 5'2" with red hair and green eyes, and very comely. She is staying with the innkeeper's family at the Grouse-On-The-Water Inn. Anyone with information should contact the innkeeper's wife for a possible 50 gp reward [Tsurlagol, The Vast].

    The Vast: Calaunt:

    I, Veranil Dolor, a humble servicetress of the Highpriestess Shaleen Oomreen of Loviatar, had the opportunity to interview Boarestin: Champion of the Red Arrow, Traveler across dimensions, Worshipper of Hextor. (Hextor being an unknown Power from a far off world called Oerth.) He was a most agreeable personage, and was pleased to tell his story to myself and FNN.

    Q: Would milord be willing to tell this servicetress how he came to Toril?
    A: It was many years back, when you would have been a glimmer in the eyes of your parents. I was traveling across Oerth in search of a rumored artifact. I had made many enemies in my long years of servitude as a paladin to Hextor, and they conspired to bring me down. A huge storm arose around my and my warhorse, Minzjar. In spite of my personal power, the storm almost ended my existence. Hextor sent me here to serve his purposes more usefully.
    Q: What relationship does milord have with the Mistress of Pain, of whom I serve?
    A: As a condition of my bondage with Hextor, I am unable to hire the services of any except loyal followers of Hextor. But I have come across none here. In the past, I was able to employ followers of Bane, but none now exist. Loviatar shares my beliefs, and so I am able to employ her followers as well. I discovered that followers of Cyric are NOT suitable, and so must be killed after the contract has been fulfilled. This has not endeared me to Cyric.
    Q: Perhaps milord would be willing to tell of the magnificent exploits and adventures?
    A: I suppose everyone must be dying to find out... I won this plate armor from a group of crazed Elves. It protects me from even fiery dragon's breath or fireballs. While in the Vilhon Reach area, I came across some horrible creatures known in my land as Githyanki. After killing their leader, I took from her this superbly engraved and decorated sword. After properly consecrating it to the work of Hextor, it has served me well. It was on a quest to kill Salimin the Dreaded, a cruel and vicious fire giant, that I gained this magical shield: After defeating him in single combat, I discovered the shield in his armory. It blocks most arrows, and gives me an offensive beam of force to use. I have many other wonderful items, each with its own story.
    Q: If I may be so bold as to question your physical prowess, it it true that you fathered many of the children of the priestesses of Loviatar, the Inflictor of Exalted Pain?
    A: Yes, I have had several encounters with mistresses of Loviatar. I do not know what became of any offspring: it is none of my concern. But I am as good as they must say that I am. Are you offering yourself to me?
    Q: I, Veranil Dolor, am willing to obey milord in all things. Perhaps the interview should be continued later...

    DM's notes: Boarestin is an 16th level, LE, anti-paladin of Hextor as described by Peter (gourlay@slais.ubc.ca) in a posting to the ADND-L list. He is currently residing in a small keep near Calaunt with several hirelings (of Loviatar) and [this week] Veranil Dolor, a 2nd level priestess. His major magic items include armor of fire resistance, an unholy githyanki sword +3, and a shield of force. His clerical spheres are combat, malady, protection, and war. His special ablility is double damage, once per day, for 1 round per level. He is allowed to keep an unlimited number of magical items. Other abilities are more or less diametrically opposite of the paladin class. See gourlay@slais.ubc.ca for more details about anti-paladins.

    Leonard Scott: lenscott@aol.com

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    Bissell: Hookhill: BISSELL INVADES KET
    Acting on the advice of his War Barons, the Margrave of Bissell has sent two legions of foot soldiers into Ket, along with a contingent of his elite Royal Guards. These troops are led by the feared Warrior Priest Claghume of Rech, who carries the banner of the Margrave, indicating a declaration of war.
    The troops have entered Ket over the North West border and captured the small fortress town of Kotara. The area around the town has been secured, and trench defences dug in. The rest of the invasion force will muster in North West Bissell, and move into Kotara within the week.
    The Bissell War Council, on advice from its operatives in Ket (The Sleepless Knights), has determined that the current internal fighting in Ket will result in a delay of up to two weeks before Ket can field a large defensive force, and even then it may be ill-disciplined and unable to act under one leader. The Barons believe the war against Ket will be short, with little loss of life.
    Their only fear is that the People's Front of Ket, currently at war with the Ketish government, will side against Bissell. It is rumoured that the PFK has the backing of supernatural forces, although it is unclear whether these forces are good or evil. Based on previous experience, Baron Ildar One-Leg has advised the council to assume the worst.

    DM Bloodglutton: mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au

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    Taladas: League of Minotaurs: Kristophan:

    Merchant Alan Hawknose, known as merchant leader in Kristophan, said his spies have taken a strange Ansalon artifact from three humanoids. Now gnome specialists are making tests to check the nature of this item. Hawknose also said that he knows where there are fugitives, but he refused to give more informations. City guards cannot do anything in that case...

    Oscar Swida: swida@softlab.ii.uj.edu.pl

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    Original: Cartania, Terranova:

    Charles (VI) Ventura, emperor of the Muldravian Empire, was recently assassinated in an apparent suicide attack. The emperor had just finished holding court at the Imperial Consulate and was in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace at the time of the attack. Without warning, a planar gate opened above the palace, allowing two skipper- class Flitters (small, elven spelljamming ships) to fly through and crash in the palace courtyard. Along with the emperor, four of his advisors and seventeen members of the palace staff were killed.
    Shortly after the attack, palace guards retrieved an elf from one of the flitters. The elf is reported to have uttered the words "For elven glory" before dying. Further investigation of the crash site proved that the flitters were on a mission by the Imperial Elven Navy strictly to assassinate the Muldravian Emperor. Considering the high level of security in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, much of which is designed to deal with plane shifts and spelljamming attacks, it as assumed that the navy had assistance of some kind in this matter. The magical resources required to bypass the palace security are beyond the scope of most elves.
    An Arcane by the name of Hypathia, who was completing a business deal with the Muldravians at the time, was staying in the palace and witnessed the crash. She has pledged all of her available resources to discovering the nature of the gate used by the elves.
    The Viceroy of the Muldravian Council called an emergency session of the council and authorized the Muldravian Stellar Navy to attack and detain any Elven Navy ship they see, at the discretion of the commanders in question. The assassination of the Muldravian emperor has also placed the Krystentyne Empire (Muldravia's main rival on Cartania) on alert, for fear of a similar fate.
    Despite the proof of their involvement in this incident, the Elven Navy has refused to comment.
    Charles Ventura was the latest emperor of the Ventura dynasty, which has held power in Muldravia for over five centuries. He came to power twenty-two years ago, and his rule has seen the expansion of the domestic road system, favorable re-structuring of the city-state legal systems, the full centralization of the military, and the charter of the Muldravian Stellar Navy.
    In accordance with Muldravian custom, the Ventura family must now elect a successor for the office of Emperor. The favored candidate is Baron Wenseslas of Kaladek, a nephew of the deceased, and a very capable statesman and administrator. The Viceroy promptly pronounced him Acting Emperor, a title he will hold until either confirmed by the Ventura family, or replaced by another candidate.

    Terraspace: Europa, Jovian federation:

    A small comet, named Shoemaker-Levey after the Terran astronomers who discovered it, recently broke up and crashed into the planet Jupiter over a ten day period.
    The incident, which was initially feared to be an attack by hostile aliens on the Jovian Federation, turned out to be in fact a natural phenomenon and posed no permanent danger. Many authorities are not convinced, however, and investigations are continuing on some of the few small remaining fragments of the comet.
    There was some concern that fragments of the comet, which had been torn apart by Jupiter's complex gravity fields, would smash into Gannymede or Io. As a precaution, the local governments of those worlds evacuated area considered dangerous, but fortunately the bombardment to those two worlds was minimal. All the large portions of the comet hit the planet itself.
    The only inhabitable area of Jupiter is a stable air pocket that lies within what astronomers call the "Great Red Spot." The rulers of the floating cities therein were prepared to evacuate. In fact, one of the larger fragments did strike dangerously close to the red spot, causing significant atmospheric disturbances in the area. The governors of the sky cities of Jupiter have told the Jovian federation that the disturbances have been minor, but they will not disclose specific details.
    All trading between the member worlds of the Jovian Federation had been placed on suspension until the bombardment had finished. With the storm over, trading between the member worlds of the federation will resume in a matter of days.

    Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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    Atruaghin Clans: Children of the Elk:

    Several villages had been enslaved to the whims of some spirits over the span of the past year, but recently an apparition, apparently resembling the Great Atruaghin Himself, warned the Children that these spirits were false. The apparation claimed that these spirits were men using magic to trick the Children.
    A small band of warriors, from the village of the Bobcat, journeyed to the nearby village of the Beavers, from whom they had not heard in some time. Through the power of their shamani, they confronted one of these 'spirits' as it visited the village and subdued him.
    He confessed to the trickery, but refused to do anything to betray his comrades. The band of five magicians claim to hail from a land called Alphatia, of which none of the Children had heard.
    The precise punishment of the remaining tricksters remains to be decided upon, but, in the words of Moonfeather (the shamani who unmasked the first one and broke the charm on the village), "They shall receive their just due from Atruaghin." The one captured already is being watched by several powerful shamani as he learns more of the ways of the people he attempted to exploit, in the hope that such knowledge will teach him the error of his ways.

    Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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    Thunder Rift

    A band of strangers, returning from the village of Utica, brought Sir Reynald's son safely home. The lord's chief advisor was blamed for replacing the ransom with worthless coins, and summarily sentenced to death for arranging the kidnapping and placing the knight's son in danger.
    The strangers were well-paid by the grateful knight, and they headed south, apparently spending time in Melinir before continuing on their journey. Their current destination is unknown.

    The Black Swamp (E. Drake River):
    A band of adventurers, having recently rescued the son of Sir Reynald, a knight of some renown near Melinir, were seen heading east into the Black Swamp. They apparently were sidetracked in their journey by a strange old man, singing in his bathtub, accompanied by some strange mushrooms.
    No further word of their adventures are yet known, but if the past is any guide, they shall be worth spreading!

    Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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    Germania: Bayreuth:

    The opening of an adaptation of legend has caused some consternation among religious leaders, as the composer, despite a commission from a noble, has taken great liberties with the legends. Karl Starkschloss, a priest of Odin, was quoted as saying "While the general story is accurate, he took great liberties with the details that have been recorded in great specificity within our Holy Scriptures."
    The story in question, which takes nearly a full week to perform, tells the story of the Rhine Gold, fashioned into a ring at great sacrifice by a Dwarf, which eventually leads to the End of the Gods. The actual ending of the opera series is widely held to be speculation, as while the events of the first three operas are documented in scripture, the events of the final one generally exist only in prophecy.
    The four operas are: the Rhine Gold, the Warrior-Maiden, Siegfried, and the End of the Gods.

    Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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    Original: Unknown

    King Flammus's son, Prince Flammus II, has recently been kidnapped by a group of his subjects who are traitors of the worst sort. They lack the power to overthrow the kingdom (and thus take it over them- selves as tyrants) so they resorted to a cowardly raid while the king was out hunting. The kidnappers are led by the notorious Owl, who threatens to send the lad's ears back if the king does not step down. He has also threatened to kill the boy if anyone tries to rescue him.

    DM's note: It is worth noting, I think, that King Flammus is a fire giant of the most powerful sort. As for the "kingdom", it is one of many small holdings in a balkanized area where every petty ruler is a "king" and his underlings (who might only govern a couple of villages) are "dukes". If anyone wants more info on how it turned out in my campaign, feel free to contact me at io01092@maine.maine.edu.

    Sandy E. Murphy: io01092@MAINE.maine.edu

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    Reader's Corner

  • +3 Sword, +4 vs. chaotic types, +5 vs. chaotic-evil types
  • Sheds light in 60' radius upon owner's mental command Doubles radius of a paladin's natural protection vs. evil, when the sword is unsheathed and held by the paladin (assuming he is the owner).
  • The owner can cast strength upon himself, once per day, as per the spell.

    This sword was created by a god-like being, many years ago, for the purpose of corrupting paladins. The sword cannot be destroyed and if it is left in an inaccessible place (like being thrown into a volcano or something like that), it will reappear somewhere else in the world 1D10 years later. In general, it has a way of finding its way into the hands of a paladin who would be overjoyed to have a sword of this power. If it is not used by a paladin, it also has a way of being "lost".
    Over a period of a couple of months, a paladin who possesses the sword will gradually become more and more inflexible, believing that only he knows what is right and good. He will become increasingly put out with others who disagree with or question this. He will have a tendency to withdraw from such people. If brought to his senses (a roleplaying thing, it doesn't require a roll), then he can discard the sword at anytime. Remember, however, that the paladin will become increasingly reluctant to do this because he does believe that he knows best.
    After a couple of months, the paladin will become increasingly harsh in what he deems is "good" and will require that those around him to conform to this. Those he cannot force to accept his vision must be driven off or converted. If this cannot be done, the paladin himself will leave. The curse of the sword can be overcome even now, but at this point it will require clerical intervention. In any case, over the next few months, the paladin will become more lawful and less good, to the point where he will lose his paladin status and become lawful-neutral. At this point, he is lost without the benefit of a wish or some sort of divine intervention. Certainly he will not think he is lost and will probably turn to other gods who are more accepting of his new outlook on life. In the end, he will become more than simply lawful-evil. The former paladin will become lawful to the point of insanity and no one will want to be around him. He will have people whipped and even killed for wearing the wrong sort of laces or failing to raise the hand just so when they salute. Given the sorts of people that lawful-evils will find convivial, he will probably be killed by his own followers. The sword will tend either pass onto someone else within the band or quietly disappear, depending on the DM's whim.

    Sandy E. Murphy: io01092@MAINE.maine.edu

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    Instant (N)PC'S!

    (This month, I am submitting an NPC (called an Other Persona in this gaming system, Mythus Prime). Some may find it useful in other systems as well.)

    Sieur Jacques Regnier, Warrior-Mage of Lyons
    Mental: 46 Physical: 44 Spiritual: 30
    Wound Level: 33 SEC: 6 Heka: 91
    Vocation: Cavalier
    Native Tongue (French Dialect): 53
    Perception (Mental): 53
    Riding: 52
    Combat, Hand Weapons: 52
    Arms & Armor: 47
    Biography/Genealogy: 48
    Combat, Hand-to-Hand, Lethal: 42
    Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile: 42
    Gambling: 43
    Leadership: 35
    Military Science: 38
    Political Science: 38
    Survival: 32
    Magick*: 33
    Dweomercraeft*: 33
    Foreign Language (Hiero-Ægyptian): 33
    First Aid: 32
    Handicrafts/Handiwork: 32
    Alchemy*: 25

      General equipment:
    Full plate armor (AF: 16), broad sword (4D6), dagger (2D6), high quality horse, saddlebags with standard travelling gear, and other comforts. He typically travels with a squire and a porter.

    Sir Renier's arms, a raindrop azure on a field of sable, are emblazoned on his shield and his surcoat. He adheres to a strict code of chivalry, perhaps romanticized far beyond its normal application. He has taken to the study of Ægyptian and magick to increase his defenses against those he has fought who have resorted to magick to prevent his victory. He never uses it to attack, merely to defend himself.

    Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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    Campaign Journal


    I and my companions had traveled East from Ormpetarr until we reached the River Arran. We then followed the river upstream until we came to the small town of Ilchon, at the meeting of two great tributaries of the river. The townspeople named the more northern branch, the Leaf-Flow, for this came out of the Chondalwood some 50 miles due East of the town. They mentioned that the Leaf-Flow was impassable just out of town, and that no one had ever gone past that point.
    It was then that I got my calling: to chart the unknown Leaf-Flow into the Chondalwood as far as possible. My companions were: a hearty Elf with a penchant for sword-play as well as magic-use; a Gnomish rogue who gave me no end of misery with his practical jokes; and a sturdy Human warrior-woman who is as brave as they come. We bought two canoes and food from the villagers and set out early one morning. We made good time traveling roughly 16 miles in our 8 hours of paddling, starting just after sunrise with a break for noonfeast after 4 hours of travel.
    Day 1- Approx. 4 miles upstream of the village, we had to detour around a small falls and some rough water which took about a 1/2 days time.
    Day 2- We made good time today, the river is narrow but deep, apparently it once had been maintained well.
    Day 4- We entered the forest just after midday. We camped for the night and the Elf, Nygellis, caught some small lout for our dinner, and sang some songs "direct from Milil" as he is fond of saying. That night, we all heard noises of some creature thrashing in the underbrush, but saw nothing.
    Day 5- Some rapids ahead forced us to detour around it on foot. We investigated a path alongside the river and it led to a clearing with a statue of a rough frog-like humanoid. On the way back to the river, we were attacked by some of the humanoids (which the woman, Big Jander, called "bullywugs"). We killed 6 and at least two fled. We decided to press on until dark.
    Day 6- We had camped on the fifth day at a branching of the Leaf- Flow. After much contemplation (argument) we decided to take the larger, more eastward branch rather than the more northern creek. We left a signpost with the inscription "indecision creek."
    Day 7- At midday, the river widened into a small bay. We found some extensive ruined stone buildings, and while exploring them, ran into some undead zombie-creatures. In the course of fighting our way back to the river, I discovered that magic here was very unpredictable and almost killed myself. On the way back the quick-thinking Phan (the gnome) managed to rescue some small golden objects from the hideous abominations.
    Day 8- Today, the forest became very thick and dark. It became very humid, and biting insects were thick in the air. Just after midday, the river opened up into a small swamp. We kept to the main, open channel but were forced to make camp on a small island in the swamp. All wood was damp, and we had to do without a fire. On my watch several hours before dawn, we heard an eerie throbbing that seemed to emanate from everywhere! I woke up the others just as several greenish humanoids came up out of the water. They were definitely troll-like. We fought them off as best as we could, but we had to fight without fire, and partly in the water which was to their advantage--not ours. We fought them long enough to escape to the canoes but had to leave our food and most of our equipment behind.
    Day 9- We continued up the river from the water-trolls, to leave the swamp as quickly as possible. It was then that we noticed that the treasures we had gained must have been left behind! We were sorely depressed and hungry.
    Day 10- After two hours of travel, we came to the end of the navigable portion of the river. It ended in a large pool of clear water and clean grass. The river's source was a bubbling spring 2 miles further east. We decided to rest here and recover from the wounds we received from the trolls. Nygellis shot two rabbits, and we gathered some wild potatoes and carrots. We rested some 3 days in the peaceful glade, but now were 80 miles in the heart of the Chondalwood with no food, no treasure, and no desire to go back the way we came. As a priest of Deneir who had taken a vow of exploration, I decided to do the only thing possible: to continue East on foot charting an exit out of the Chondalwood...

    Leonard Scott: lenscott@aol.com

    (And now, a continuation of the journal started last issue!)


    15th Dec
    The party left Daggerford the next morning and headed up to Laughing Hollow, where they spent the night.

    16th Dec
    Continuing towards Clearwater, they found a tied up barge a little before lunchtime. The barge appeared unattended at first. Looking it over, the barge had a cargo of quarried stone, and there were signs of a fight. Inside the barge was ransacked, but a man was found tied and unconscious. Mob cured him and looked after him until he was able to speak. From his description a group of about 7 orcs attacked the horseman and the bargeman, who were killed. He had been bound and beaten and forced to tell the orcs about any valuables, which included about 2000gp worth of gems (quartz and jade) also from the quarry in Greenmoor. They had been on their way to Daggerford to hire a sea vessel to take the cargo to Waterdeep for sale. The attack had happened the previous afternoon.
    Deciding it might be possible to catch the orcs & retrieve the gems the party headed east towards the High Moor following the orcs' trail. However, Padur soon lost their trail, as they obviously started making some effort to conceal it. The party camped for the night on the edge of the High Moor.

    17th Dec
    Continuing east until lunchtime the next day, but taking a look thru a couple of copses on the way, the party were attacked by a couple of boars - they were killed and kept for food, but in the process Mairenne was blinded by Paddy's colour spray. Heading north after lunch the party found the road from Greenmoor to Clearwater and arrived in Clearwater in time to be invited to dinner by Baron Perne.
    The party delivered their message about the Duke's arrival with his escort, and also told of the fate of the barge. The baron was concerned about the orcs and the barge. He suggested that the party might be interested in helping deal with the orcs at some point, but he had an even more immediate problem. His daughter in law to be was missing! The party talked to those at dinner, the Baron, his wife, Robert (his son), Isabella (his daughter), and Fortha (his adviser) about what had happened. The previous day, around lunchtime Melinda had gone off in a huff, and it turned out had ridden out of town, saying she was off to Secomber to see her father to the gatesman. The Baron offered a 500gp reward for her safe return before the wedding - the party accepted.
    Finbar spoke to Isabella and Margaret Mowbray and discovered it was surprising Melinda had gone to see her father when her mother was here. There wasn't anywhere else she was likely to go apart from Secomber (a family villa in Waterdeep was discounted). Robert and Melinda were definitely in love, and were looking forward to the wedding very much. Melinda, Mark, Isabella and Robert, the Mowbray and Perne children) had all known each other for a long time, as the Baron and Malcolm were good friends and had adventured together in their youth. From Melinda's room it appeared she had taken no more than two days clothing with her, and little in the way of provisions.

    18th Dec
    The next day the party talked to various guards. the ones at the bridge had seen Melinda ride off towards Secomber. Fortha introduced himself and gave the party a tour of the castle and a detailed description of all the heirlooms.

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