Volume #2, Issue #7. (Jun 1, 1994)

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    Anthony Ross (rossa@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu)
    Martin Ott (p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de)
    Mike Phillips (msphil@birds.wm.edu)

Forgotten Realms

Lately, King Gronk Granite-Eye has been plagued by internal strife in his outpost. A group known at the Red Anvils has been threatening any non-dwarves in the outpost. About half of the 8 members of the Fellowship of the Empty Mug (Gronk's adventuring group) are half-elves and have been staying at the outpost to help King Gronk with his war against the Zhentish army in Daggerdale. The problem escalated when Zerch the Battlerager was killed in his sleep. He was found with a Red Anvil pinned in his chest. Now, Zerch was a dwarf but in one of his battle rages he had attack King Gronk. It has been assumed that this is the reason the Red Anvils killed him.
The very next day, another Red Anvil attack occurred, this time on Marabu, a human cleric of Helm who was assisting King Gronk. Fortunately, the mage Laurellin arrived soon enough to get help to chase off the Red Anvils, but Marabu was sorely injured. King Gronk, using his Boots of Speed, hurried outside the outpost to where many of his Fellowship were camped to get a cleric to help Marabu. As if King Gronk's luck was not already bad enough, the group was attacked by a Zhentish raiding party. During the fight, there were some minor injuries, but King Gronk was poisoned by a Zhent cleric. He was saved by the quick application of a Neutralize Poison spell. Upon returning to the outpost with the rest of the Fellowship, it was found that Marabu was able to heal himself enough to stabilize his condition. In response to these attacks, King Gronk has issued an ultimatum to the occupants of Granite Pass: ALL RED ANVIL ACTIVITIES MUST CEASE, OR DIRE JUSTICE WILL BE DEALT!

King Gronk received notice that Yngwie of Sembia (a harper agent) and Randall Mourn would like to meet with him to discuss battle plans that could free Daggerdale of the Zhentish troops. The meeting was to be held about a day's travel from Granite Pass. Also, Maldor Malmquist, Magistrate of Waterdeep, has arrived to give any and all assistance to King Gronk against the Zhents. King Gronk set off for the meeting with Yngwie with the Fellowship of the Empty Mug and Maldor in tow. Thanks to the efforts of Tierra the Ranger, the group spotted an assault force of Zhentish beast, 4 trolls and 16 orcs. Apparently, these troops were led by the cleric that poisoned Gronk just a day or so ago. The trolls, without the cleric to hold them in check, had decided to feast on the orcs. King Gronk waited until most of the orcs had died, then he took advantage of the chaos to attack the trolls. The four trolls were no match for the ranged attacks and mighty magics of King Gronk's Fellowship. The group travelled on to meet with Randall Mourn and the Freedom Fighters of Daggerdale. In the meeting, it was decided that the dwarves from Granite Pass would protect the left flank of Randall's army. Yngwie would help lead the assault with Randall's troops, numbering around 600 fighters. The only problem with Randall's plans was that King Gronk did not have time to ride back to the Pass and lead his troops to the battlefield before the fighting started. Maldor Malmquist stepped in to offer his assistance to King Gronk. Since the need was great, the Fellowship decided to teleport back to outpost to assemble the troops.
The very next day, 28 of Granite Pass' 45 dwarves marched off for Kheldor's Hill, where they will fight for the freedom of Daggerdale. These troops include the 14 elite troops of the Granite Brigade lead by Snarl's, 11 other stalwart dwarves lead by Obidia Goldbuckle and finally King Gronk Granite-Eye, Kharos Ironforge and the rest of the Fellowship of the Empty Mug (Laurellin the Mage, Tiera the Ranger, Ariel the Druid) with Maldor Malmquist of Waterdeep also in attendance. Upon arriving at the site chosen for battle, King Gronk had the magic-user prepare the field with some surprises for the enemy. First, Maldor built a raised mound to give them the uphill advantage, then he hid the broken foundation of an old mill with a Hallucinatory Terrain spell. Ariel the Druid called up a storm to rain lightning on the enemy. Soon, 400 orcs of the Zhetish army came into view, and it looked very bad for King Gronk's small group. Luckily, Randall Mourn sent Yarboro the Cavalier and 100 Fighting Farmers to help. Still, the odds looked bad, as Celthus the Dread magically summoned a Bullete (land shark) to fight for him. King Gronk threw the first blow with his Dwarven throwing hammer, killing one of the orcs battle commanders. Then the fighting began in earnest. Ariel the Druid used her Staff of the Woodlands to call up a treant to hold off one group of soldiers, and Aslor the Ancient called up a foul cloud of death (actually a Fog Cloud that looked like a Cloudkill) to hold off another group. Maldor Malmquist called up an illusionary army to fight for them. Still outnumbered, King Gronk and his High Priest Gunther beseached Moradin, Father of Dwarves, for aid. Their prayers were answered and Obidia and his 11 dwarves were swathed in the bright white radiance of Moradin's favor. The 100 Fighting Farmers and Yarboro the Bold took on the bulette as Celthus the Dread and his two wizards engaged in battle with King Gronk, Laurellin, Kharos, and Ariel the Druid. Mighty magics and incredible heroics abounded as the fight went on. Soon, groups of orcs began wavering as their losses grew. They just couldn't compete with lightning from the sky, fire from the wizards, god-blessed berserking dwarves and trees that fight with a will of their own (tripping over the foundation didn't help much either).
So, the orcs started to break away from the fight, the two wizards under Celthus were killed in combat against the Fellowship of the Empty Mug. Celthus the Dread, completely outraged at this failure, went in to kill King Gronk with his mighty magic. Astonishingly, the magics he hurled at King Gronk just fizzle 5 feet before they hit (Scroll of Protection from Magic), only his area of effect spell seemed to hurt the mighty King. King Gronk closed the gap between them so that Celthus could not call these spells to use, but before King Gronk could deliver the killing blow, the wizard vanished. King Gronk was furious that his kill has escaped, but Maldor thought that the wizard shrank and went into hiding. Tiera found a hole where it would appear the wizard has gone, and King Gronk was shrunk to allow him to follow Celthus into the hole. Celthus the Dread tried once more to kill the King of Granite Pass, but Gronk's Chime of Interruption left him helpless to his fate.
Thus, the Battle of Kheldor's Hill was won by Gronk, but not without its losses. Snarl's and the entire Granite Division were slain as were Yarboro and the 100 Fighting Farmers. With this victory on the left flank, Randall Mourn and Yngwie were able to lead their forces to victory over the Zhents.

Sir Kirkland: knorthrup@vnet.ibm.com

Pardon the absence of an article in the last publication, I was travelling from Greyhawk to the Realms Forgotten. I decided to indulge in one of my hobbies and climb the mountains known in that land as the Spine of the World. It was as enjoyable as I expected, and I decided to write next from the Ten Towns, being as close as I was.
An interesting coincidence, that I came to be there at just the right time to gather the material for this article.
Opon my arrival, I learned that the entire southern trade route has been cut off by a clan of Dark Dwarves. Several messengers have been sent for aid, but none have returned and they are presumed dead. Not only are there a good number of dwarves, but there is also a tribe of frost giants aiding them, and several drow bent upon the plunder of Icewind Dale. I told them that I would be happy spread the word for them, so I will do so:
    The Peoples of Icewind Dale, in the Northwest corner of the Realms, have made a call for those who would help them in dealing with the presence of the evil forces there. They will pay what they can for such aid.

I trust that there are those reading this article that have the courage and compassion to help these people in their time of need.

The Monk of the Shadows

"Gnomeville", near Waterdeep
Background: Gnomeville is an underground township, run by gnomes, but with assorted other humanoids, including orcs, humans and goblins (but no elves of any type). Gnomeville is a dangerous place, and slavery is common. It is situated hundreds of feet underneath the High Moor, southeast of Daggerford, and there are no known direct ways to the surface. The quickest routes to the surface involve a week of travel underground past some very dangerous areas. It is through such areas that our adventurers have come (actually they are a group of Daggerford Militia on a secret mission reported about previously - though this has no relevence to Gnomeville).

An unknown group of adventurers who advertised their abilities by carrying around a demon head have caused something of a stir. A human bard from their number gave an impressive performance in the Collar and Whip, and afterwards was approached by a group of elves passing through Gnomeville.
The next day, these elves were seen waiting for the bard and his friends, and after a little talking a fight broke out in the street. Several volleys of magic missiles shot to and fro, and one of the elves ran off, seemingly chased by an invisible monster. The elven mage and his other companions were quickly defeated by the bard and his friends. Just one of the elves was left alive, clearly for interrogation. It is reported that one of the bard's friends emanated a powerful aura of good - a strange sign indeed.
This group left town the following day, and the captured elf was seen alive a day or two later, without most of his possessions, seeking work as a mercenary.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

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Near the ruins of the Great Greyhawk Library, investigators from several religious, adventuring, and political organizations have been checking for survivors, treasure, and artifacts that might have survived the explosion two months past.
To date, they have been able to recover only a handful of the library's prized documents. Several adventurer's guides have survived the blast, as well as some of the magical armors and equipment stored there.
Today, however, a member of the Spelljammer's Aid Society uncovered a cracked ceramic bell jar. Witnesses reported that, upon touching the jar, the elven male was consumed by "an other-worldly fire, as if a portal to the inner planes opened there and then".
The elf, a Tarran Jaz from Toril, was consumed immediately. In his place was a fiery demon, standing approximately fifty feet tall. The creature radiated intense heat and flame, killing all those around him immediately and setting the already charred ruins aflame once more.
Several of the local powerful magic-using community, including some from the former ruling Council of Eight, appeared to try and contain the creature.
One such wizard, who, according to eyewitness reports, wore armor, appeared upon the scene. The creature seemed to recognize this wizard, and started to charge him. The unnamed wizard produced a hand-sized diamond and, after muttering what were obviously magical commands, threw the diamond toward the demon. In a flash of brillant white light, both mage and demon disappeared.
Some say that the wizard, a young-looking human male, was visiting Mordenkainen from another world. However, the master mage would not be questioned on the subject. The firestorm produced by the demon's appearance did not disappear with the creature: another city block's worth of homes and businesses were destroyed by the intense heat and flame.
All told, fifteen sentients died and another 100+ were injured fighting the blaze.

Eric F. Schetley: onestar+@pitt.edu

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Taladas: League of Minotaurs: Kristophan

Last night, there was a small battle between Saiones and group of "strangers". Saione sergeant said it wasn't a "gang war", he supposed they were conducting business (nothing special in that part of Kristophan), but when Saione patrol approached, the "strangers" attacked the soldiers. During the battle, three of them escaped (with a strange, long package). Saiones suppose that package is an ancient artifact from Ansalon (fugitives probably don't know about it) and may be dangerous.
If anyone has seen fugitives, please contact with nearest Saiones site.

Descriptions of suspects:

    Kender male
      Height about 120 cm, dark hair, wears leather armor and hoopak, (IMPORTANT!) has a dog.

    Elven male
      Height about 170 cm, wears chain mail, long bow probably came from Armach-Nesti, so pay attention to his accent)

    Human male
      It's certain he is foreigner, came from Ansalon three days ago. His name is Jorman.

Taladas: League of Minotaurs: Thenol frontier

This morning, we received news that the village of Telima, near the Thenol frontier, was completely destroyed. Nobody knows what happened. People suppose it was Thenol military action.
It is strange that all the bodies have vanished. Probably, the corpses will be animated and included in the Thenol army. It is possible that Thenolities are preparing for a great offensive, so the General of the Army sent III and V Legions near Teluch.

Oscar Swida: SWIDA@softlab.ii.uj.edu.pl

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Darkon: Il Aluk

A group of adventurers was hired by the local thieves' guild to prove evidence that Mystal Firestorm, an elemental mage of fire, had set fire to one of the houses of the guild and that this crime was ordered by the local baron. The adventurers managed to get into the house of the mage while he was absent for a few days. While doing so, two members of the group were killed in traps. However, the adventurers finally found a contract proving that the baron had hired the mage to set the house on fire.

Sonja: kowa@informatik.uni-koblenz.de

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Omnispace: Omni: Spire of Eternal Thought:

Lord Monitor, Imperium Ars Magican of the Council of Nine, the ruling body of Omnispace, announced today that he will be resigning at the next solar phase.
This announcement came as a complete surprise to all gathered within the Spire of Eternal Thought. All of Omnispace's governors were gathered for the Annual Conference of Omni. The other members of the council have not released statements at this time.
Second Magician Colicor was off-world when the announcement was made. He is currently on the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace, attending an Arcane conference. He was unavailable for comment.
Lord Monitor held the position of Imperium Ars Magican for approximately half a millenium, longer than any previous council leader. Since becoming magi, he helped unite the worlds of Omnispace under one banner, suggested the establishment of the Magiocracy which is in use today, established the Omnispacial Defense Force, and started many programs which advanced relations between human, non- human and demihuman races.
His resignation came as a complete shock. Lord Monitor would not comment on his plans for the future, nor would he comment on whether he would stay with the Council as a member emeritus. Some believe that Lord Monitor will be travelling to the Outer Planes, possibly the newly-discovered city of Sigil.

Omnispace: Omni: Clifford:

The Repository of All Thought, Lord Monitor's sponsored library of magic, history and treatises, has suddenly disappeared. Security had been increased since the destruction of the Greyhawk Library, but this did not seem to help.
Lord Monitor was still unavailable for comment.
The Repository had been staffed with just a skeleton crew at the time of its disappearance. No survivors have been located.
The disappearance occured during the middle of the night. Surrounding homes, guard posts and overhead Spelljamming craft reported no explosions, saw no flashes of light.
A strong aura of magic has been noted in the area, leaving investigators to believe that this was a magical attack. However, given the level of magic used to remove the Repository, the attacker must have been a very powerful mage or priest.
This is the second such attack on libraries specalized in adventurer's lore. The first, Two months back, was an attack on the Great Greyhawk Library, heralding the loss of many major tomes and reference works from many different worlds and planes.
The Repository was a similar facility, but it was devoted primarily to spelljamming works, histories of the Omnispace sphere and many irreplacable, valuable spellbooks. Works from such previous magi as Anrot Kal, Mikklani, Annamari, and the beholder mage Tornot are now forever lost.

Omnispace: Omni: Spire of Eternal Thought:

With the resignation of Lord Monitor, there is a rumor circulating that the bounty for artifacts delivered to the Spire of Eternal Thought will be increased. As of this writing, no evidence has been presented to prove this rumor.
The following list are confirmed artifacts that are now in the possession of the Council.

      One (1) Artifurnace
      Talisman of the Outer Planes
      Bracers of Wildspace
      Trident of Argoth
      The All-Seeing Eye of Aberdeanth
      The books of Lazarus, including the `lost' editions.
One other item still remains a mystery. All tests on this item have to date resulted in no definite answers. The only thing of interest on the large, bas-relief box is a single red button on the top of the appratus. To date, it is believed that Lord Monitor has refused to let anyone push the button, but with his stepping down, Colicor may not have the master magi's reservations.

Omnispace: Wildspace, near the former location of Sphereworld:

Since the disappearance of Sphereworld two solar months past, the observation satellites originally set up to monitor the 'planet' have been relativly quiet. However, a report received today from the Omnispacial Defense Force indicates something may be happening out there.
Observation Post K-12, manned by the husband and wife clerics Dar and Mari Nightwynd, and the sage Ranthamus, noted a brief flash of light near the location of Sphereworld. The flash appeared for nearly two minutes before fading out. The Nightwynds took an Elven Flitter close to the area of the light to investigate, but could find nothing out of the ordinary.
Rumor has it that Imperium Ars Magican-Elect Colicor will order the satellite observation posts abandoned when he assumes control of the Council of Nine next month. He has long opposed the posts, and, with the disappearance of Sphereworld, believes the posts are "a waste of Omnispacial funds which could be used elsewhere."
Lord Monitor started the observation program of Sphereworld when he assumed head of the Council of Nine some half-century past. It has been rumored that Magical Colicor wishes to remove all traces of Lord Monitor's influence on the sphere when he assumes office.

Original: Tomar: Free City

A strange, extremely tall copper-skinned male sentient appeared in a mythal surge yesterday in the Free City. Only known as 'Taraq', the strange individual appears to be human, although he stands a head taller than most, and seems to have certain dwarvish-qualities about him.
Taraq has been seen in the presence of a Beholder escort. Other information has yet to be made available.
Also, an unnamed thief has been found dead in one of the back alleys near the Golden Orbus Inn. His death leads some to speculate that a war between rival theiving guilds is on the horizon. As of yet, none have taken claim for his death. It was the first such homicide case in six months, since the end of the so-called Assassin War.
The thief was killed with a metal-edged weapon, beholder investigators revealed. A director says the blade was extremely sharp, slicing cleanly through the man's neck.

NOTE: The Free City of Toram is run by beholders, and is used as a port of call for traders, black marketters, and other 'businessmen'. It is laid with a powerful mythal which prevents beholders from using their abilities aganist others of their race within its boundaries.

Eric F. Schetley: onestar+@pitt.edu

Solaris, Mt. Kardras:

Official Press Release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

The Imperial Elven Navy has announced that it will no longer be conducting regular patrols in the Sphere of Solaris. The announcement came after the Muldravian Stellar Navy, and numerous independent merchants and adventurers noted the orderly withdrawal of elven ships from the vicinity of Beacon, where their most important base is located. The base itself is gradually being dismantled and its crews are being evacuated. Witnesses describe the withdrawal as orderly, and very organized, but extremely rushed.
The navy has refused to divulge any details about the withdrawal from Solaris. Many analysts believe that the navy wants to avoid a conflict with the Muldravian Empire and its allies, and figures that Solaris isn't worth the risk. However, considering that the navy has been trying to re-gain control of the sphere for close to sixty years, using every method it could, this is highly unlikely.
The announcement brought a sudden rise in the pirate and vigilante activity that has been plaguing the sphere for several months. However, the Muldravians have been able to effectively control the situation. The Muldravians currently have twelve flotillas patrolling the sphere, nine of which have a new Warhawk ship with a full complement of Sparrowhawk fighter craft.

Spiralspace, Rock of Bral:

Official press release of the Bral News Service.

The Spelljammer's Aid Society, one of the most prominent organizations for assisting space travelers of all types, has officially condemned the Grand Arcane Trading House (GATH). The announcement came at the close of the Conorg conference, which was recently conducted at the Rock of Bral.
Two days after the close of the conference, a mercenary hammership attacked the Eternal Wanderer. This famed ship holds charters from both the Spelljammer's Aid Society and The Seekers, and also enjoys some financial backing from the Conorg Collective Consortium. The attacking hammership was captured, and proof was obtained linking the attack to the GATH chief executive, Tee-Ess'Arr. Authorities in several spheres have suspected Tee-Ess'Arr's involvement in a number of violent incidents of late, but this is the first time that any solid proof has been obtained.
The GATH has long been the primary supplier for spelljamming technology, but in recent months it has been cutting supplies and cancelling orders in numerous locations. The Spelljammer's Aid Society has been attempting to break from the GATH for several months, but it could not do so without risking financial destruction. With the attack at Bral, and a new arrangement with the Conorg Collective and its partner company, the Maifair Conglomerate, the survival of the Society was assured.
The Society plans to continue all existing services, and the various research and exploration projects will resume after a two- month re-organization. All current dealing with the other organizations will continue as planned with no interruption.

Spiralspace, Rock of Bral:

Official Press Release of the Royal Bral news service

In what has been described as "a misunderstanding," the dreadnought Eternal Wanderer II, was detained for approximately an hour by two ships of the Bral guard. The Conorg Collective Consortium had requested a moratorium on illithid vessels for the duration of its six-day business conference. The Eternal Wanderer II, originally an illithid ship, was therefore intercepted during its approach to Bral. The craft was boarded by a squad of several crack commandos who were expecting to find illithids. They instead found the standard complement of humans, elves, and the like.
Fortunately, no one was injured, though the crew of the Eternal Wanderer had to show great restraint. Onestar, the captain of the craft, is supposed to have asked the commando leader if he was planning to have children, while preparing to castrate the man with his katana. Hall-ee-mor Dargess, the first officer, was much more subtle, stating that he would file a complaint with the Spelljammer's Aid Society. Such an action would have proven devastating to Bral's economy. The incident made Bral look bad in the eyes of the Conorg, as one of the delegates for the conference (the arcane scholar Blaise Pascal) is a crew member of the Eternal Wanderer.
A spokesman for Prince Andru said that one of the guard commanders had failed to read the latest intelligence reports. Had the commander done so, he would have been expecting the dreadnought, which had a docking reservation. In compensation for this incident, and to save face with both Conorg and the Society, Andru allowed the Wanderer to dock at his personal docks, gave the crew access to several of the palace facilities, and held a "Bar-B-Que" feast in their honor several days later.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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Soderfjord Jarldoms: Castellan:
Thaumont 21, AC 1004

Following a great deal of publicity, the eminent Thyatian scholar Hartur of Tel-Akbir gave a 3 hour recital of his translation of traditional northern love ballads in Thyatian. Sources indicate that there was only one audience member, a lovely blond woman who lives in the woods outside of town.
Harfur declined to be interviewed for this report, stating, "Hmmph...no sense of culture...no sense of national pride...see if I ever bother to recite...hmmph..." (This is part of the hook for "A Way With Words", a low-level adventure that appeared in issue #41 of Dungeon magazine.)

Soderfjord Jarldoms: Soderfjord:
Thaumont 26, AC 1004

The small village of Randagok was destroyed earlier this week by a giant attack, according to reports filtering down from the northwest. Apparently, the village was razed and all inhabitants taken prisoner, as the villagers are all missing and the village lies destroyed.

Soderfjord Jarldoms: Soderfjord:
Flaurmont 10, AC 1004

Reports indicate that the Thyatian merchant vessel, Sulla, was attacked by bandits while sailing up the Saltfjord River en route to the village of Sorfeld. Jarl Rangar the Stout issued the following statement, "Well, what do you expect? Any merchant bringing valuable goods upriver in the future would be well served to hire a solid company of my men to defend his profits, ya can't be too careful these days." While the extent of the loss is not fully known at this time, the Thyatian ambassador Marcus Asterius Lallus has acknowledged that a number of sailors and slaves are missing following the attack. The ambassador has offered a 5 markka reward for any escaped slave brought to the Thyatian embassy in Soderfjord.

Soderfjord Jarldoms: Soderfjord:
Flaurmont 13, AC 1004

In a ceremony today, the high priests of the Temple of Tyr stripped the young berserker Eldgrim of his title of Defender. Apparently the 17 year-old swordsman failed to act as befitting an emissary of Tyr during his service as Defender of Randagok, a small village in the northwest which was levelled by giants several weeks ago. Eldgrim's testimony at the open hearing indicated that he was struck unconcious early in the raid and awoke the next day to find the entire village destroyed. Confidential sources indicate that he was not lying, but that penance was still required under Tyrian edicts. High Priest Tangar announced that for two years Eldgrim would be stripped of his title and exiled from the Northlands, required to wander the world pondering his fate and attempting to atone for his failure as defender of Randagok. Eldgrim took his penance stoically, stating afterwards, "The judgment has been just, from this day forth I shall call myself Eldgrim the Bitter, for I have failed in my duties and must pay."

Soderfjord Jarldoms: Castellan:
Flaurmont 24, AC 1004

Well-wishers and wives gathered at the gates today, to wish good fortune toward a laden caravan headed through the Jotunburg Pass for Ylaruam. The pass has been considered quite dangerous for several months now, and this is the first caravan to attempt the journey in several weeks. The caravan was organized by Ingi and Ivor Horicksson, two brothers based out of Soderfjord. They have invested a great sum into purchasing a large quantity of salted herring at wholesale prices. They hope to sell the sixty barrels of herring to the wealthy rulers of Ylaruam for an exorbitant profit. Another northerner, Bjorn "the Pungent", accompanies them, bearing a cartload of tea (Wilmik black) and tobacco (Suddland leafy #2) for the city of Ylaruam. The final merchant is one Walid bin-Asswan Shukry (also known as Abu Ziyad), an Alaysian. Abu Ziyad is bound for the high lands town of Cinsa-Men-Roo with a load of powders and dyes for the plateau town. He carries red iron powder, indigo powder, yellow sulfur powder. Guarding the caravan will be Holgar's Free Axes, a mercenary band based in Castellan. For this job, almost the entire company will be going, amounting to some 60 footmen, six sergeants, and of course Holgar himself. Joining the caravan as passengers are several unidentified foreigners and one northerner.

Editor's note: The text of the news was chopped off by the mailer. While there was more, it did not arrive in time for inclusion in this issue. Hopefully, it will be available for next issue -- Mike

Anthony Ross: rossa@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu

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Thunder Rift

The son of Sir Reynald, a minor landed knight whose keep guards mines to the north of Melinir, was recently reported as missing. It is probable that Baldwin, the lad in question, was kidnapped, but no further details are known. A number of adventurers have met with Sir Reynald in private, but the matters discussed have not been made public.

Five strangers arrived in town, leading a mule laden with a large and heavy chest. Utica, with perhaps 40 or 50 total residents, is a rough town, having attracted what would often be termed the 'unpleasant elements', and five of these set upon the strangers. All five, led by town strongman Althling, were left dead, but the new arrivals walked away severely wounded, two having been rescued from unconciousness by the only unscathed member of the party. Magic was reportedly used in the tussle, and the remaining residents have been reluctant to associate with the strangers.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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Original: Nimolee

A local wizard, known simply as the Gargoyle Mage, was recently defeated. This mage had been rapidly gaining power in the area, much to the distress of local town governments. After locating his castle, and cutting off his source of granite (which the mage was using to make the gargoyles), a band of adventurers broke into the castle and killed many of his assistants and several gargoyles. The mage himself was apparently killed when he was interrupted during a conjuration spell. Local authorities are currently locating the remaining gargoyles.
A prominent local wizard known as the Silver Mage, has also dispatched some of his aids to investigate the castle. He has reason to believe that the sudden rise in the Gargoyle Mage's power is linked to a recent magical disturbance in the area. He would not disclose any further details.

Caravan merchants, en route from New Iport to the barbarian lands to the north, reported seeing a strange, obsidian temple in the meadows near the trade route. The temple is described as looking like a huge, black, winged dog, with two siege weapons mounted on top. The caravan owner allowed four of his guards to approach the temple and investigate. When they failed to return at a pre-arranged time, some more guards approached the temple and found that it had vanished. Damage to vegetation in the area would imply that it somehow "walked away," or was lifted off the ground.
The same caravan reported seeing the same temple two days later in a different location, on a high bluff. This time, they were unable to approach. By the following day the temple had again vanished.
The Silver Mage of New Iport has announced plans to investigate the matter.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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Ardor Re Elberon

Editor's Note: This news arrived in my mailbox in two formats, once written as most news here is, once written in a more modern style. I chose to publish the more modern style, and invite comments on it. However, comments should be addressed to msphil@birds.wm.edu instead of msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu -- Mike

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Mem            city; south of Weimar, Allanor
Nimthal        country; Elven forest state, north-west of Gordeyne
Ramanar        town in Ranthir
Ranthir        country; Dwarven Kindom, north of Gordeyne
Sauron's Ear   sea; bordering south of Gordeyne and Allanor
Taurang        country; east of Allanor.
Weimar         city; capital of Allanor, east of Gordeyne
Xaxor          country; bordering south of Sauron's Ear

GOR. An antique chess game and a music box surfaced after missing for more than 150 years. For the past months the items were studied by the mage guild in Gor. The guild master's secretary has now disclosed the results of the research to the public. Chess game and music box have been created by means of a contest between a mage and a bard. Being friends, the bard had claimed to create something magical which would be more useful, more beautiful, and more difficult than the mage could do. Thus the mage produced a chess board with figures that can play against themselves or against a person. In battle the figures act very realistic. The bard made a music box with five figures that upon command step out of the box and can perform an incredible repertoire of songs or dances. The little band appears real. The independent jury decided for a draw and both items should be kept together, being of historical importance. This happened in the north of Nimthal about 200 years ago. The items surfaced only three years ago. Apparently, the messenger of Nimthal who had to bring them to Gor was killed near Kont by hill giants nine months ago. No comments were made by the secretary about the future location of the chess game and the music box, but from well-informed quarters it was quoted that both will return to Nimthal. The public can visit a small exhibition with a demonstration of the objects during the next week in the city library.

WEIMAR. The congress of magic finished today in Weimar, featuring finals and the presentation ceremony of the Novum contest. The winner was the Dwarven Smith's Guild from Ramanar who presented their Plate Mail of the Planes to the impressed audience. With standing ovations, the four winners received the honors and the prize money from the honorable mastermage Cormelman, head of Weimar's mage guild.
One day earlier, the contest was overshadowed by an insidious sabotage. The public's favourite for the Novum contest, the Singing Fishes, had been killed by an unknown person who had knocked the aquarium over.

MEM. The commander of the city guard, master Virgo, was arrested by vice-commander Mongo. The chief was found to have organized weapon and drug deals between Taurang and Xaxor via Sauron's Ear. These countries appear to be building up forces against Gordeyne and Allanor. "And I thought he was a good friend," Mongo was quoted one day later, still shocked, "he must have led a double life over many years."

- Bezlan, itinerant bard from Gogolin. mott@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de
Martin Ott: p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

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Campaign Journal

Action takes place in a deviant forgotten realms type world, around Waterdeep, a huge city, and Dagerford, an almost-frontier town, Secomber, a small town on the edge of the High Moor. Clearwater, Highhill, Greenmoor are all fairly insignificant villages. Laughing Hollow is the elvish settlement nearest to Daggerford.

    Finbar - a bard, from near Waterdeep
    Tor - a magic user from somewhere a long way away
    Arayna - Tor's girlfriend
    Paddy - a gnome thief / illusionist from fairly far away
    Caljuin - a fighting priest of Tempus from the same place as Paddy
    Eddie - a halfling thief, with many scars from somewhere around here
    Valdora - a female Paladin from Daggerford
    Thweedel - an illusionist from fairly far away
    Mob - a cleric of Ukko from fairly far away
    Ben - a fighter from Waterdeep
    Mairenne - a female elven fighter from Laughing Hollow
    Padur - a drug addicted ranger
    Delfen - Tor's Tutor, based in Daggerford
    Lamonsten - Thweedel's Tutor, based in Waterdeep
    Duke Pwyll - Duke of Daggerford
    The Watch - Waterdeep Police
    The Militia - Daggerford based men at arms mainly there in case of invasion from Dragonspear. Many of the player characters are members of the militia, because it runs a very attractive training scheme!
    Dragonspear - the relatively local place where hoards of evil creatures live, currently building up forces for another invasion at some point in the not too near future.
    Nightshade - a mad magic user who some time previously employed the party for a short time
    Sherlen - the leader of the Daggerford milita


27th Nov
Finbar contacted someone who would train him at both the Musician's Guild and a fighting school recommended to him by the Watch. The party loaned him 850gp to help pay for training, although party members staying in Waterdeep agreed to keep an eye on him to ensure he didn't run away without repaying the debt!
Tor arranged for messages to be kept for him at the mages guild, and Paddy paid off his remaining training costs to his teacher, before he was hassled further. After much discussion, the party kitty made a distribution of 500gp to its shareholders. Eddie bought 5 white pills for 300gp for the party, and they were distributed amongst those trusted not to use them needlessly (naturally Padur knew nothing of this). Finbar played another gig at the Jade Dancer, and it went down well, and was given another slot.

28th Nov
Tor had a meal out with Arayna, and had to break the news that he had to leave for a month or so the next day ! She suggested that she went with him, but her father was furious with the idea, and she accepted his refusal. Tor promised to send a message if he wasn't back by mid Jan (a month and a half away).

29th Nov - 9th Dec
Tor & Thweedel returned to Daggerford to get training vouchers, and Padur came with them too in case any more militia work was available. Ben went with them because he had little better to do, and the Daggerford militia seemed like a good job, with good benefits. The trip to Daggerford was uneventful, and when they arrived Ben joined up and was shown the ropes, and with Padur spent a week or so working on routine duty. Tor started his training with Delfen after a few days delay, and Thweedel returned to Waterdeep clutching the training voucher, accompanying a patrol. On his return he started training with Lamonsten.
Meanwhile in Waterdeep, Finbar performed once again, and excelled himself, and was given another slot at the top of the bill! This top of the bill slot went ok, but not as well as hoped. Another slot was arranged, but not at the top of the bill.
Caljuin, Mob, and Paddy looked for jobs. They spoke to a fighter called Obar who was looking for people to accompany him on a trip down the Yawning Portal, but he was clearly looking for more experienced adventurers. The mage who wanted vampire bat claws was still advertising, and a new notice requesting "experienced adventurers" was put by the Cellarers and Plumbers Guild!
On the day that Eddie came out of training he asked Nightshade if there were any suitable jobs, but there weren't right now. A new notice was seen, put up by Algurun the Argent, the somewhat senile mage with lots of cats, and sounded interesting, so the party of four went along. The mission was to retrieve a large green gem of little intrinsic value, except for its use in a certain magic spell Algurun was researching. He had used visions to discover where it was, and he believed it was in the Bluestone Heights. From his visions he had determined that from a small hill between the two highest peaks, looking east into a valley a mound should be visible with a standing stone on it. The mound should be enterable by a slab on the side, and somewhere within lies the gem, although his visions didn't say where. Algurun estimated from his vision that the mound was between 300 and 1000 years old. The party accepted the mission - 200 gp expenses and 2000gp for finding the gem, all payment at the end of the mission.

10th Dec
Eddie went to a sage, Ammathair and asked about the Bluestone Heights and the mound. The sage after a day of research said that the mound sounded like one of elvish construction, but that elves hadn't lived in the Bluestone Heights within 1000 years. The most probable explanation was a barbarian tribe influenced by elves built the mound. Currently there were no known human, dwarven, elven or gnomish communities in the Bluestone Heights.

11th Dec - 14th Dec
Paddy, Caljuin, Eddie and Finbar (now trained up to 3rd level) travelled to Daggerford, and there met up with Ben and Padur. Going to the militia HQ, they were told about the forthcoming wedding of Baron Perne's son, and were asked if they would take a message to the Baron, and attend the wedding as militia representatives. Since the party wanted to go in this direction anyway, and the idea of being paid to attend a banquet seemed like a good idea, the party agreed. The non-militia in the party were made 'honorary militia' for the duration of this trip.

14th Dec
In the evening at the pub, Finbar started talking to an attractive elven girl, Mairenne (Graham's new character), and the rest of the party were out for a reunion drink with "orc A" and decided to play a practical joke, getting Orc A (who Finbar had never met) to pretend he was Finbar's toy-boy in front of Mairenne! They left the pub when it failed to distress Finbar, but looking in the magic box, Mob found a small vial while wondering what else he could do to the new couple. Thinking it was a love potion, he waited around with Eddie, and when they left the pub, Mob cast hold person on them and Eddie splashed the flowery smelling liquid over the pair of them and then dashed away. The effects seemed only to be that they both smelled of cheap perfume...

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

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