Volume #2, Issue #6. (Apr 1, 1994)

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    Eric Shetley, onestar@vms.cis.pitt.edu
    Colman Reilly, creilly@maths.tcd.ie
    DM Bloodglutton, mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au
    Richard J. Pugh, rjpugh@aol.com
    Sandy E. Murphy, IO01092@MAINE.maine.edu
    Mike Phillips, msphil@birds.wm.edu
    Modar, MODAR@UKANVM.bitnet
    Chris Herr, crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

Forgotten Realms

From "The Waterdeep Crier", a broadsheet published by a few bored nobles mostly for their own amusement and so that the world can have the benefit of their wisdom. Printed by impressing wood on paper, unless you have printing presses in your campaign.

Red Larch (a few days north of Waterdeep): TRAPPER TROUNCES TROLLS
As the thaw started in earnest and people began to look forward to being freed from their snowbound homes, a young trapper from the village returned home with a tale of having defeated three trolls and "an evil priestess" in a so-called dungeon tomb no more than twenty- five miles west of the village. He claims that the priestess, dedicated to Auril, the Goddess of Cold, had the trolls under her control and was attempting to open a tomb of ancient high priestesses.
The priestess apparently escaped using magic.
Capt. Javin Majarra, of the Lord's Alliance garrison in the town has promised to investigate, but little credence is given to the tales of such an inexperienced "adventurer".

Representatives of the Lord's Alliance are reeling today after the revelation that the outlying hamlet of Hawkston has been under the claw of a band on brigands for much of the winter.
The brigands, under their leader The Falcon were operating from the tower of the Hawk, an abandoned keep named for the ancient mage that built it. The people of Hawkston have spent the last few months too afraid to call upon anyone for help as members of their families had been taken slave by the gang. The situation was only discovered when a young member of one of our leading noble families, Dalin Thorp, was travelling in the area accompanied by a Cormyrean troubadour and their local guide. These three brave young men, driven by the fearlessness that can only be found among those who have been raised in the City of Splendours, took upon themselves to destroy this threat. In a bloodthirsty midnight raid they destroyed the brigands and freed the townspeople. Only four of the twenty-strong gang survived the attack, and they were later arrested by Lord's Alliance forces from Leilon.
This incident must call into question the ability of the Alliance to protect the people of the North. When questioned, today a representative of the Lords of Waterdeep said that this was clearly a matter of some concern and that a full investigation would be carried out.
It is this writer's opinion that the foolish policy of spending Waterdhavian gold on protecting places that are no concern of ours has yet again been shown to be useless. The defence of the peasantry is clearly much better left to a combination of local militia and brave adventurers.
Our sources within the Harpers indicate that the organization is also very concerned about the incident and that they will be carrying out their own investigation to find out how local members failed to discover the problem.
We are looking forward to Dalin's return to the city, where he will no doubt be in great demand at his kinsmen's parties.

Colman Reilly: creilly@maths.tcd.ie

With most of Toril's delegates from around the globe meeting in Waterdeep for council, plus the deep, thick fog which seems to have descended on the harbour district, new town guards have been hired to take up the tabard to keep Waterdeep safe. During a recent night, Tungsten, an FNN operative, happened to stumble across a plethora of animals. From goats, sheep, and bunnies to dogs and cats, the animals seemed to be leaving a residence he could barely see through the fog. Upon investigating, he found three patrol guardsmen trying to convince a young girl to change her mentor, and the others of the household, back to human with wand of polymorphing. She apparently was quite disgruntled with her mentor's teaching style and went on a bit of a tantrum, she was still unconvinced to work the magic to return her uncle to human form. (As a goat, he had already eaten some of his spell books.) As Tungsten was attempting to put together the last details for the article, he noticed one of the guards, an elf strangely dressed in dark colors and bright red boots, kicking away a small puppy and looking down on it sighing, "We'll never find the missing carriage driver at this rate..." At this point, Tungsten returned to his office to send off the news in hopes that he might return later and figure out what carriage driver is missing. Perhaps foul play toward one of the delegates.
FNN will keep you posted.

Chris Herr: crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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The Sleepless Knights have discovered a previously unmapped cave in the Hills area North West of the Ketish capital and are preparing to enter in search of their missing comrades.
The Sleepless Knights entered the Hills some 12 days ago, after Yickrak Vegg dreamt his friends were being held somewhere in these hills by Antracos, the Lord of the Antraconians. What the Knights do not know is that Anita Cos, rebel leader of the PFK (People's Front of Ket) is actually the evil Antracos. This mighty being from the outer planes has it in for Yickrak, and is so far thoroughly enjoying her 'games with the little man-thing,' as she calls him.
After sending several of her other playthings to test The Sleepless Knights (demons, devils and elemental creatures), she decided to sow a little chaos by sending a Bird of Ill Omen. This Raven-like bird was able to speak telepathically to each of the Knights, turning them each against the others. Four of the Knights have already made plans to kill the other two as soon as they reach their goal, while the other two have sent word to the Margrave of Bissell that the others are employed by Ket as part of a conspiracy to invade Bissell. Needless to say, the call of 'all for one and one for all' won't be heard in this party for a while.
Antracos has apparently planned this entire quest from the start. She rescued the bodies of the original Sleepless Knights in order to animate them, and sent the dream to Yickrak so he would come to the Hills to find his friends. Now she has him where she wants....she spends her evenings designing exquisite new tortures.

The Margrave of Bissell has received word from one of his most trusted field operatives that the Ketish War Council has convened in order to make plans for the invasion of Bissell. The Ketish Council wishes to join forces with the People's Front of Ket in order to increase their army's strength. It is rumored that the PFK has the backing of a powerful entity and is reinforced by the presence of magical beasts and wizards.
This information was received by carrier-Raven, and is being treated as correct until proven otherwise. The armies of Bissell, including the elite Palace Guard, are being marshalled in the hills and forests along the Ket/Bissell border.
All War Barons have been ordered to assemble in the Margrave's audience chamber in 5 days time.

DM Bloodglutton: mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au

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Whatever minotaur first designed Karthay long ago wasn't thinking well into the future. The city has two walled-off sections, breaking the city into three distinct areas. The first is a small section separating the kender from the rest of the city. There is an exhaustive search of anyone entering or leaving the area. The second area is just slightly smaller than the third, it contains the city's population of orcs, trolls, goblins etc. Basically, everyone except the demi-humans and minotaurs, who reside in area 3, the richest area of the city. The Lords of Karthay, Myshella Nightshadow and Vulner Onslaught, have been slowly integrating both sides since they took power seven years ago, and they have made some progress in equality through the gates of areas two and three.
The problem is that the citizens of area two, the non-demi-humans, have decided that they should have full run of the city anytime they want. This movement has been bolstered by the fact that economically area two has fallen off a bit, while area three has prospered. The priests of Kiri-Jolith and Paladine, who run the city in Myshella and Vulner's absence, are deciding whether to meet the wall's break down with force, or to help disassemble the wall and triple the guards patrolling the city and just hope for the best. Obviously, there will be certain problems in the struggle which is sure to follow. The structure of the city may be burned to the ground, but it may rise from the ashes, like a phoenix as a better city.
It should be noted that as of this article, there are no plans to take down the wall around the kender.

Chris Herr: crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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It is reported that two weeks ago, there was a fire which destroyed two houses. The fire blazed up around midnight and spread very fast. Only a few inhabitants could escape the flames. An eyewitness reported that he had seen several town guards talking to a man in front of the houses, then the man seemed to cast a spell and the houses were set on fire. The witness said that the guards made no attempt to fight the fire or to warn the inhabitants. It is rumored that one of the houses belonged to the local thief guild.

It is reported that, last night, a wolf-like creature attacked the herds of cows and horses that were rounded up for the next day's market. The beast killed several animals. Because the merchants didn't dare to face the beast, they waited for the town guards. By the time the guards arrived, the beast had left the market place. Though the guards followed it for several hours, they were unable to hunt it down. Fortunately, no inhabitants of Il Aluk were attacked. It is rumored that the attacking beast was not a wild animal but a werebeast, as the attack happened at the time of the full moon.

During the small hours, a naked and beardless dwarf molested a group of women on their way to the market place. Some merchants were able to seize the dwarf until the town guards arrived. The examination brought no information about the motives of the dwarf. During the day the imprisoned dwarf managed to escape. While some of the other prisoners told that the dwarf was freed by an elven woman, others said that he broke out by himself.

Sonja: kowa@informatik.uni-koblenz.de

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Solaris: Cartania, Karadex:

Official Press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society

The Seekers, a spelljamming organization devoted to research and exploration, has recently announced that it will begin producing a new, updated version of the Geonomecron. The new work, which will follow the original in overall design and arrangement, will incorporate new information about the former Vodani empire, recent developments in the Radiant Triangle, updated information about the Pentiacate, and information about recent explorations in Flarespace and Terraspace.
Work on the project will be based in Solaris. The Seekers will produce the work with the help of the University of Terranova on Cartania, and the Space Mariners Academy on Mt. Kardras on Karadex. The project will welcome any input from independent ship captains and scholars.
A release date has not yet been set for the work. The Seekers can be reached by reciting the following phrase at a crystal ball: "SPELLJAMMER@LE.AC.UK"

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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The Republic of Darokin: Fort Lakeside:

Word reached Fort Lakeside and the nearby town that the adventurers hired by Jedarrin Corran encountered stiff resistance, in the form a hitherto unknown type of undead. This new monster is said to glow with a soft blue light, and they apparently have some sort of electrical discharge. Their leader, the self-styled Lord Kazakk, escaped, along with an unknown number of these undead. The adventurers are reluctant to claim the Keep as emptied, per their commission, at least until this loose end is tied up.
Other creatures in the area may have been affected as well, as some birds in the vicinity, larger than normal, seem able to emit miniature lightning bolts. The source is suspected to be a mirror- shield, about two feet across, assessed by the party as being a tremendous source of magickal energy.
Basic scrying done by an FNN reporter indicates that Lord Kazakk and company have left Darokin, although the party seems unaware of it. It shall be interesting to see how long it takes for them to notice!

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: The Lost Valley of Hutaaka:

A paladin and a novice priestess of Petra, a locksmith from Kelvin, a once-retired adventurer, and a student from Ylaruam, having passed through a valley filled with blood-thirsty gnolls, came upon a display out of history. They had braved the dangers of the Black Peaks, passing through ancient guardians, to reach a long-hidden valley.
After a brush with the inhabitants, they allied themselves with a race called the Hutaakans, a jackal-headed race much degenerated from days of glory and art. The Hutaakans are now opposed to the Traldar, a race of humans, degenerated from the same ancestors that the party claims. The Temple of Pflarr, dedicated to that Hutaakan deity and center to many undead, was re-taken with the aid of the adventurers, and things are looking up for the bronze-aged Hutaakans, as they are being taught to use bows and to forge steel.
However, a long-time enemy of the party has also reached the valley, where he quickly allied with the Traldar. His current influence is unknown, but there have been a number of mysterious disappearances as of late.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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England & the Northlands

Greetings One and All! This is Modar the Unknown reporting for B.A.R.D. News, and as correspondent to FNN.

In today's headline, we report that Myron, the well-noted albino mage of Mydea and adventurer extraordinare, has turned over to authorities a thief who had broken into the home of his girlfriend, Tatiyana Silverhair, respected Paladin of Lykos. Despite taking a crossbow bolt at point-blank range, Myron was able to subue the burglar with the use of his magic. Myron, ever humble, gives credit to his faithful attack poodle Snowball, who went for help. But what this reporter wants to know is how the suspected felon managed to get a crossbow into Mydea. It is a walled city, with ordinances against weapons within its limits. Up until this time, inspections, and magically powered detection gates have prevented weapons from entering the city. How did this one get through? Both Mayor Caitlin de Lockrayn and City Guard Captain Selena Penrhyn-Simmons vow to get to the bottom of the mystery. More news as this story develops.
Turning to other news:

The famed Bard/Adventurer Gwenyth ip Elphin ap Taliesen has died. The respected lady passed away in an unfortunate set of circumstances, caused by an magical ambush trap. Her chief rival, Mistress Siobhan, could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, on the Northern Front, rumor has reached this reporter's ears that a race between a party of English nobles and the notorious mage known as Eugene the Necromancer is occurring. The racers have passed through the Barony of Itasca, and have crossed over into the lands of Corvus. They are said to be headed into the Unknown Lands to a Pre-Devastation site known as The Smith's Own Inn. Although this site is underwater, it is rumored that many of the Pre- Dev building contain ancient artifacts, and that the racers are both searching for a life-sized skull made of crystal. While the group of nobles, including Ozzy Ozzwood, Paladin of Gotar; Siobhan Treyvallen, Master Bard; Anodyne & Solum, Keepers of Dragon Isle; Magus, formerly the assistant to Royal Wizard Aldwyn, and Col. John Greene, Tactical Coordinator for Their Royal Majesties, has not stated to what purpose they seek this item; a statement released earlier by Eugene's travelling companion, the ever-deadly Anti-Paladin Valerian, suggests that Eugene wants to use the skull in a necromanic experiment in an attempt at dietyhood. Frankly, this reporter finds such an attempt preposterous. But should it happen, we'll have the news of it here first.
And finally, on a social front:

In certain social circles, Prince Michael, brother to King Morgan Blackwolf, has been seen in the company of an attractive and fashionable dressed lady with an accent from the Northern Lands. All attempts by this reporter to gain insight to this maven's background have remained fruitless. All that we've learned so far is that she goes by the name of Bernie. More on this mystery as we can unravel it.
And lastly:

Vindar Goldcat, Captain of Queen Kessira Windrider's bodyguards, has announced his forthcoming marraige to Mistress Duvessa O'Bardain, Royal Bard. No date has yet been set. Both King Morgan and Queen Kessira expressed their pleasure at this announcement.

Well, that's it for this edition of B.A.R.D. News. Good day, and remember if it's BardNews it's everybody's news.

Modar: modar@ukanvm.bitnet

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Lord Thierry (newly) of Glaswater got more than he bargained for, from the king, when he was granted lands in the eastern frontier of the kingdom. He was expecting trouble from without, but as he and his retinue were just coming into his new territory, they discovered a corpse, face down in a ditch, with 5 crossbow bolts in its back. When they arrived at the village of Glaswater, which had grown up around a smallish keep (most people make their living here in a growing lumbering industry as well as by farming), they found out from the old widow of the old lord (whose maintenance is the new lord's responsibility) that her husband had been paying protection to a mysterious group of men who call themselves The Knights of the Two- Sided Hand.
The old Lord of Glaswater had tried for years to suppress these "bandits", but apparently they have managed to elude his best efforts by (so his spies told him) styling themselves as "Robin Hood" types. The old Lord didn't want to call in the king, as he was afraid that royal intervention by a strong king would be a danger to his own authority, and he was also afraid that the king would lose confidence in him.
Almost anyone in the town can identify the bolts as being the type used by the "knights", but no one knows who the dead man is.

Sandy E. Murphy: io01092@maine.maine.edu

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Guide to Omnispace

We have seen quite a bit of news from this Spelljamming system in these pages, so it was a great pleasure when I received the following information on Omnispace. I now present it to you -- Ed.



Omnispace is an ancient sphere, roughly the size of Realmspace. It has seven planetary bodies, the center of the sphere a sun with six other main planets revolving around it. The planets are as follows:
    Tymar (Inert Fire Body, class B, spherical, dead)
    Omni (Earth type, class E, spherical)
    Sphereworld (Special, Class E, spherical)
    Maclear (Water world, Class F, oval)
    Duranus (Earth world, Class B, spherical)
    Gobul (Air world, Class H, spherical)
    Karnak (Live world, Class C, semi-spherical)
Each planet is inhabited and a part of the Omniversal Alliance. The alliance was formed nearly one thousand years past when, after a long and bitter war between the worlds, peace was finally achieved. The alliance is headquartered on Omni.
Omnispace is ruled by a Magiocracy, a collection of nine Magi who oversee all forms of magic and government. From the Magi, planetary governors disseminate the laws, and local councils enforce compliance. Omni is a sphere at peace. No major outbreaks of war have occured within the last 250 years.
The current ruler of the Magiocracy is Lord Monitor, Imperium Ars Magican of the Council of Nine. He has ruled the council for close to five hundred years now, but appears to be only close to thirty standard years of age. He is considered the most powerful of Magi ever.
Don't confuse Magi with ordinary, standard mages. Magi are living conduits of Magical power that never need to study spells. Once a magi learns a spell, they never need to study it again. Also, they can seemingly cast spells at will. Magi are very rare: it appears to be a gift that one is born with, not something that can be achieved.



Tymar is the closest planet to the Omnispace sun, Lora. It appears to once have held some form of life, but it is now dead. No atmosphere exists on Tymar, so extreme caution is advised to any planning to travel there.
This does not impede travellers, however. Some have heard of fabulous riches and powerful magics within the planet's many caverns. Others have also heard that magical creatures exist that travel from the Outer Planes within Tymar. To date, no traveller has returned with any reliable information. Reliable information on Tymar is at a premium, and anyone with such information is requested to contact a local Omniversal Defense Force station.


Omni is the "main" planet of the sphere, approximately one Spelljamming Day's travel from Lora. Home to nearly all sentient races, Omni is a model of what other worlds try to aspire to: near planetary peace.
The Council of Nine, the Magi who rule the sphere, is housed on Omni at the Spire of Eternal Thought, located in the city of Clifford. The Spire is something to behold. Comprised of rare and precious metals and forged of magic, it reaches over a mile into the sky. Many travellers to the planet come to Clifford just to view this wonder.
Omni is also the main base of the Omniversal Defense Force, the army pledged to the protection of Omnispace. The ODF currently has members from over 100 races serving within its ranks, making it the most diverse within the known spheres. Any sentient wishing to join the ODF may inquire at any ODF outpost on any world. Sentients from other spheres must spend at least two years in residence on any world in Omni before eligible for the ODF.


Sphereworld used to be at the opposite side of Omni, blocked forever by Lora from the other's view. Considered a twin of Omni, it was a world forever shadowed in mystery.
The planet was not so much a planet as Omni or Duranus. Sphereworld was hollow, and only a flatworld existed within. The outer surface of Sphereworld seemed to be composed of the same element which comprises the Crystal Spheres, hence the name. No ship was ever known to land or penetrate the world. It was sealed by forces more powerful that the Magi.
Asteroid outposts were set up some 500 years ago to study this anomoly, but with little success. Sages came up with many possible explanations for its existance, but all argued over which was correct. One sage believed that Sphereworld was the creation of the gods, a toy for them to play with and manipulate. Some hold this as true but are frightened at the possibility. What plans do the gods hold for the rest of Omnispace? Were they using Sphereworld as a "testing ground" for calamities they planned for the rest of the sphere?
Whatever their plans were, the destiny of the world is gone. Approximately one month ago, Sphereworld disappeared, leaving no trace of its existence and leaving the sages even more perplexed.


Maclear is Omnispace's only all-water world. Originally inhabited by aquatic races, it now features miraculous small magically-floating cities, maintained by a combination of aquatic and air-breathing species. These cities are used as trading posts, where aquatics trade kelp, seaweeds and other foodstuffs to offworlders for goods and services.
A note for any travellers planning to travel to Maclear. The aquatic species native to the planet have strict regulations regarding fishing and trapping of any non-intelligent subsea life form. Any off-worlder caught fishing for game on Maclear may be subject to imprisonment, fines or possibly death.


Duranus is a small world, but similar to Omni in temperament. Considered a farming world, Duranus provides most of the basic foodstuffs (with Maclear providing some aquatic foodstuffs) for most of the sphere. Duranus is a world at peace of mostly farmers.
This peaceful world has proven to be a temptation to offworlders hoping to plunder its resources. Please note that the main training grounds for the Omniversal Defense Force is on Duranus, and the ODF maintain several orbital "live" stations serving its defense.
These stations, with a large contingent of ODF troops, have proven to be quite a deterrent to invading forces.


Gobul is the largest planetary body within the Omnispace sphere, and the least populated by humanoid races. Gobul is the home for most of the Omnispacian Dragons. All Dragon races are present in Omnispace, and it is rumored that not all of the Dragon races have learned to coexist like the humanioids.
Travellers are advised to stay near the upper levels of Gobus, and only long enough to renew their air supply. Dragon wars are a common occurrence, and some battles have been so fierce that they could be viewed by ships in orbit. An ODF station is located in the upper atmosphere of Gobus, providing assistance to travellers in need. Also, the ODF often rescues adventuring warriors seeking to slay a few dragons that "go in over their heads. WAY over their heads."


The furthest outpost of the Omnispace system, Karnak is composed mostly of Trading cities, repair ports, and adventuring companies. Because of its proximity to the spherewall, many travellers through the sphere use Karnak, rather than travelling inward.
Due to the large number of spacefarers passing through its borders, Karnak has developed, over the years, a "shady" attitude to it. While it still abides by the Omniversal codes, many black market stations are developing in its cities. The Omniversal Defense Force has a large contingency at its borders.
However, Karnak is not all grimy business. The sphere's largest resort colony, Intralla, is located away from the ports of call. Intralla is a haven for the busy adventurer or political with the gold looking for a little peace and quiet. Intralla forbids weapons of any kind, and any caught with such weapons (not properly checked in upon arrival) are forever banned from the resort. Naturally, weapons such as spells and psionics are hard to confine, so the staff at Intralla are all trained mages and psionicists ready to quell any possible trouble.

        Approved by the Board of Travel and Information
        Omnispace Tourism Board
        Council of Nine, this day,
        Quatro 26, 5176

        Updated, Marak 24, 5300

Eric Shetley: onestar@vms.cis.pitt.edu

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Reader's Forum

This month, we turn to another way to help bring the feel of the setting to the players through an oft-neglected sense -- Ed.

When people are describing a scene, whether it be wilderness, underground, or whatever, I notice that they often concentrate on the visual at the expense of the auditory and especially the olfactory. So, here are a few smells that can be plugged into a variety of situations:

  • A musky, spicy smell with a hint of decay to it. (Certain clerical types or maybe wizards might make this out to be embalming fluid. You can get a lot of inspiration for these sorts of smells from perfumes and colognes. I got this one from "Opal".
  • A hint of vinegar (a damaged cask in which the wine has spoiled.)
  • The warm smell of frying bacon (human flesh?).
  • The verdant smell of damp earth (new excavation/a fresh grave).
  • A sharp, acidic smell that causes the eyes and nose to run. As the adventurers continue it gets worse and they find themselves spitting bile (a black dragon's long-time lair, or maybe a laboratory where an accident took place).
  • An oily, fishy smell (a fishmonger's stall).
  • The smell of fresh animal manure (common in most medieval fantasy worlds I think).

    Besides being useful for establishing the setting or a scene, smells can serve as adventure hooks, important characteristics of players and NPCs. Consider the recurring villian that is recognized through his disguise by the fact that he is wearing the same perfume. Smells do trigger memories after all. Best of all, a DM can scare the hell out of the players with a well-placed smell. It's especially fun when that smell turns out to be harmless (this time!). So, think like a fiction writer and integrate all of the senses into your descriptions, and without a doubt it will improve almost every aspect of your game.

    And after I received the above, and Sandy was reading a lot of Blake for an exam, I received the following thought as well. It is an interesting idea -- if you need a cryptic inscription, find a good source (and not surprisingly, Blake is, I believe, the source for this one) -- Ed.

    You see what apparently is a ruined and ancient city, stretching before you as far as the eye can see. Grass and thorny brush force their way up through oases of cobblestones that once were streets. Here and there you see the reamins of a crumbling wall through the vegetation. (After a bit of exploration) you find two great stone posts, the remains of what must have been a gate. Orien, your sharp- eyed rogue, tells you that the holes in the posts must have been where the hinges were secured. Baldoc strokes his beard and nods his agreement. You notice that strange characters have been chiseled into one of the pillars. They wind around the pillar several time, starting at about eye level. The marks are worn, you are able to transcribe them onto a wax tablet. You mumble a few words, make the proper third minor gesticulation of understanding, the sigil is wiped from your mind, and the meaning of these ancient words becomes clear:

      Fuzon on a chariot ironwinged on spiked flames rose his hot visage flamed furious sparkles his hair and beard shot down his wide bosom and shoulders on clouds of smoke rages his chariot and his right hand burns red in its cloud mouldering into a vast globe his wrath as the thunderstone is moulded son of Urizen's silent burnings. Shall we worship this Demon of smoke said Fuzon this abstract non-entity this cloudy God seated on waters now seen now obscured King of sorrow? So he spoke in a fiery flame on Urizen frowning indignant the Globe of wrath shaking on high roaring with fury he threw the howling globe burning it flew lengthening into a hungry beam. Swiftly ...

    Sandy E. Murphy: io01092@maine.maine.edu

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