Volume #2, Issue #5. (Mar 10, 1994)

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    Mike Masten (deadlock@hopi.dtcc.edu)
    Richard J. Pugh (rjpugh@aol.com)
    Mike Phillips (msphil@birds.wm.edu)
    Andy Merritt (amerritt@armltd.co.uk)
    DM Bloodglutton (mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
    Chris Bell (chb@tntech.edu)
    Sir Kirkland (knorthrup@vnet.ibm.com)
    Sandy E. Murphy (IO01092@MAINE.maine.edu)

Forgotten Realms

The Wood of Sharp Teeth: Nexus (Original):
17 Hammer 9PR (17 Hammer 1367DR)

During a private celebration hosted by Councilmember Ukea, she announced that her son, Tempest, Master of the Storm, has reached the Age of Majority. Within the Town of Nexus, the Age of Majority for Humans and Half-elves is eighteen.
Shortly after his mother's announcement, Tempest declared the first six members of the Storm. They are as follow:

    Tempest, Master of the Storm : Gold Half-elf Fighter/Mage/Thief
    Kalm, Calm Before the Storm  : Drow Half-elf Fighter/Mage/Thief
    Rayne                        : Aquatic Half-elf, Elemental Mage of Water
    Fyre                         : High Half-elf, Elemental Mage of Fire
    Aerth                        : Wild Half-elf, Elemental Mage of Earth
    Wynde                        : Moon Half-elf, Elemental Mage of Air
    Thunder                      : Moon Half-elf, Fighter/Druid

When Tempest was asked why he had chosen such a diverse band of adventurers, he simply smiled and said "If I am the master, must I not control that which I am proclaimed to be."

19 Hammer 9PR (19 Hammer 1367DR):

The Brotherhood of the Blade, a recently formed mercenary company, has been contracted by Brzoska Blacksoul the Dark Mage. The purpose of the company's employment has not been disclosed to anyone except the Brotherhood's Leadership. However, the Council of Nexus has surmised that the mercenaries are en route to the Tower of Lost Souls, which is located on the western border of the Wood of Sharp Teeth.
Of the few intelliggence reports that have filtered back into Nexus, the Brotherhood of the Blade has been confirmed to be comprised of the followwing:

    Hobgoblins     :  20
        Fighters   :  40
        Mages      :  20
        Clerics    :  20
        Thieves    :  20
    Orcs           : 300
    Orogs          :  80
    Drow Elves     :  50

An anonymous, yet reliable, source has verified that the Council of Nexus is greatly concerned about the mission, composition, and size of the potentially dangerous enemy.

21 Hammer 9PR (21 Hammer 1367DR):

Warrant, an adventuring group hired twelve days ago by Drocca, Curator of Timeless Treasures, has returned without the magical long sword named Daybreaker, as well as four of its founding members.
The High Half-elfen female who leads the group, as well as going by the band's name, said that they were overrun by a large force of orcs returning to the abandoned Drow town. She also commented that the group will make another attempt to recover the stolen item after a proper period of rest and healing.
When asked if Warrant would be given another chance, Drocca responded by saying he would extend the courtesy to the group.

Mike Masten: deadlock@hopi.dtcc.edu

Further to the recent rumours of a possible "Suicide Mission" planned by the Daggerford Militia, a group of high ranking militia have been recalled from Waterdeep, where they have taking time off, possibly to avoid said mission.
When asked why they had returned, Caljuin, a priest of Tempus said that he and his companions had received an urgent summons by Sherlen, the militia leader. He said he had no idea what the summons was about, and when it was suggested that his group had been volunteered for the suicide squad, he only said that as long as Tempus blessed the mission he would happily go.

A special group of the City Watch were seen dragging seven bodies away from a warehouse in Trade Ward last night. When asked, they said that the felons they were dragging away had broken into a warehouse and fought hard with a group of guards inside. The leaders of the attacking group had apparently gotten away, and none of the group guarding the warehouse had been killed, though some were sorely wounded.
Our reporter was not allowed into the warehouse to talk to the defenders and was also requested not to reveal the precise location of the warehouse. However, there must be some very valuable goods in the warehouse for a such a significant attack in Trades Ward, a normally safe area.

Two weeks ago, the group of Daggerford Militia who had been recalled from Waterdeep, possibly for a Suicide Mission, were sent as a caravan escort to the Way Inn, which according to the caravan leader was heading on past Dragonspear Castle. Though a dangerous trip, the caravan already had 20 guards, and so the extra assignment of 10 of Elite Daggerford Militia makes one wonder just what the caravan was carrying.
Intrigued, our reporter accompanied the caravan, under disguise, and was surprised to learn that the elite Daggerford Militia group only went as far as The Way Inn, although the caravan continued onwards towards Dragonspear. Our reporter attempted to find the group of Daggerford Militia to ask what was going on, but they were nowhere to found. Now a week after these odd events, there has still been no word of this group. We speculate that this group was indeed on some special mission, and that escorting the caravan was merely a ruse.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

Yngwie of Sembia, Harper of the Realms, was summoned to Shadowdale by none other than Dorn Falconhand. Upon arrival, Yngwie discovered that Dove was not in Shadowdale, so he visited the Old Skull Tavern. After having a few drinks in the bar, Yngwie met a merchant who needed an adventurer to protect him from some assassins that were on his tail. Yngwie reluctantly agreed to help, once his business in town was over. Yngwie visited the blacksmith, as per the instructions left for him at the inn, where he received his instructions to sneak into Daggerdale and find out what is really going on there with the Zhentarim. It just so happens that Daggerdale was expecting a new general to be coming in soon. This general is a simulacrum (look- alike) of an evil Zhentarim wizard, just like Yngwie himself. The Harpers hope to stall the general while Yngwie goes in and does some information gathering.
Meanwhile, the assassins looking for Yngwie's new merchant employer showed up in the Old Skull. Yngwie got to the assassins before they could finish the hit and a fight ensued. The Blade and the Brain, as the assassins are known, exchanged attacks with Yngwie. The Brain, a psionic, was stunned when his mental attack backfired on him. It seems Yngwie's previous form (before becoming a simulacrum) had some kind of mental defense. The Blade was faring better against Yngwie because he was wearing a Cloak of Battle which traps Yngwie's sword. Yngwie, not at a loss for strength, decided to use his fists since if he couldn't use his sword and nearly felled the Blade. Unfortunately, the two assassins escaped using psionics.
In the aftermath, Yngwie found out that the blacksmith was murdered outside of the tavern when he tried to help the merchant. So, Yngwie and his merchant friend took off for Daggerdale, with Yngwie impersonating the new general. Unfortunately for them, his disguise was recognized by the band of refugees that escaped Daggerdale. Only by revealing his Harper identity does he save himself from a quick death at the hands of the freedom fighters.
In talking with the leader of this band of refugees, a plan was formed. Yngwie is going to try and coordinate the freedom fighters' raids on Daggerdale with the war efforts from Gronk Granite-eye of Granite Pass. So, Yngwie sets off to see King Gronk and plan the reclaiming of Daggerdale.

Sir Kirkland: knorthrup@vnet.ibm.com

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It is rumoured that the official mission into the Hills area of Ket, that has been officially sanctioned by the Margrave of Bissell, is based on the dreams of Yickrak Vegg, the only remaining member of The Knights. It is apparently true that Antracos, the Lord of the Antraconians, has visited Yickrak in his sleep, and explained to him the whereabouts of his five friends, and the horrible tortures that await him if he dares to try rescue them.
Yickrak, being none too intelligent and obviously blinded by loyalty, has recruited a small band of adventurers, who, with the aid of the mysterious Calor C'mell, will attempt the rescue. Sources are unsure as to whether Yickrak has explained the dangers fully to his new companions.
It is also rumoured that in the event that the current members of the Sleepless Knights are dead, the Margrave will offer the commission to these new adventurers.

The Sleepless Knights have survived a long journey through the forests of Ket, where they faced many dangerous demon-like foes, obviously sent by Antracos to test their strength. Antracos may have been impressed with the strength of the Knights, but not their intelligence. During a fight with a Bird of Hell and four Forn Demons, the demons changed from their usual worm-like shape, into gnomes, and then into gems. After kicking the gems around a bit to see what they'd do, the Knights appraised them and put them in a sack. Antracos now has no trouble knowing exactly where The Knights are at any time.
The Sleepless Knights eventually arrived in the Ketish capital, only to find that Lord Thierry, the current ruler, was much too occupied with fighting rebel forces from the Northeast, West, and the Southeast. The territory that he influences has shrunk to a rough circle, about 100 miles in radius. To the West, where the rebel Anita Cos has her hill stronghold, his territory only extends 40 miles. Luckily, an uneasy truce currently holds between Thierry and Anita Cos. This is largely because Lord Thierry has stopped sending troops into the hills . . . he had to, as none of them ever came back.
It is these hills that The Sleepless Knights have entered in search of the original members of the band.

DM Bloodglutton: mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au

Editor's note: Once again, a mysterious manuscript found its way into my mailbox, and once again I thought it would interest readers. Although I still have been unsuccessful in identifying the author, I have this suspicion that it is becoming a permanent column.

by the Monk of Shadows

As I was wandering the city of Greyhawk in my somewhat unique manner, I discovered that a slave caravan is planning to pass through the city in secret. The slaves were taken from a village far to the east. The village was utterly destroyed and all of its people taken prisoner. They are to be sold into slavery at the slavers' earliest convenience.
I thought this was a most curious event, and one that surely needed to be investigated. I, therefore, being ever the public servant that I am, decided to take up the task.
The caravan owner is a man named Snilit Rechek. He is tall and slightly overweight, with brown hair and green eyes and a brown mustache. He currently has fifty-three hired guards and ninety-eight slaves. Interestingly enough, his "expedition" is being backed by several prominent merchants in the city of Greyhawk, namely Tref's Copper By The Inch, Noland's Mead and Ale House, The Runaway's Hut, Central Square Barding, and Braidon's Bath House.
While in the slaver's camp, I heard a rumor that one of the slaves was a powerful magician. This sounded like it could be of interest to the public also (seeing that some of the slavers will more than likely read this), so I investigated. When I surveyed the Auras of the slaves, I found that not only was there a powerful mage (at least by some standards), but also another threat to the slavers, one that I will not go into now.
As for the mage, he seemed to be biding his/her time in order to get the most out of his/her revenge. He/She recalled the taking of their village as a bloody slaughter that left many loved ones dead or dying.
This mage would be willing to enlist the help of any adventurers out there that would like to aid him/her. He/She has payment, although it may be in a unique form. I personally checked the validity of his "payment" and can assure the reader that it is well worth the risk.

The Shadow Monk: ???@???

Village of Hommlet: Unrest in Village:

Our reports indicate that the sleepy village of Hommlet, near the abandoned Evil Temple, is being plagued by thefts, murder, and arson! During the past few weeks, various merchants claim that their stores have been broken into and a variety of goods stolen. The bizarre nature of the thefts have puzzled the local militia. Rufus, the head of the militia states: "So far a wide assortment of items have been taken, such as barrels of flour, dry beans, and rice; bolts of cloth; leather hides; picks & axes; livestock; and visitors staying at the Inn have been robbed in their sleep--without hearing anything."
Also, a poor, eccentric hermit named 'Whip' has disappeared. When a friend stopped by to visit, he found the front door smashed open, bloodstains on the floor, and no sign of the hermit. When asked, Rufus replied "Well, we don't know exactly what happened out there. You see, he lived about 3 miles from the village--in a lonely area. I am investigating but it certainly looks like foul play."
As this reporter was gathering information in the Inn, a cloaked figure approached and whispered a fantastic tale about the hermit. This individual claims that a werewolf attacked the hermit and killed him. When asked how he knew, the cloaked figure said "I was there and I saw it." After saying this the figure quickly left and was not seen again by the reporter. At presstime, the report of the werewolf could not be corroborated by other villagers.

Chris Bell: chb@tntech.edu

In a tragedy of huge proportions, the great Library of Greyhawk, sometimes referred to as The Stanford Library, was recently destroyed. An investigation by the city government of Greyhawk has concluded that arson was the cause, although details are sketchy. One terrorist group, which refused to identify itself, has accepted responsibility for the destruction stating:
    "The material in that library was inappropriate use of city resources. Whoever set up the library did so without the proper clearance."

This statement implies that whoever destroyed the library had the backing of several members of the city government, which has caused several scholars in the free city to seek other locations in which to conduct their research.
None of the material in the library was spared from the destruction, and the terrorist group is currently searching for the current sponsors of the recently destroyed library. Presumably, if these individuals are found, they will face criminal charges and may even be put to death.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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Dark Sun

The Council of Templars has called off the search for the mysterious flying ship Calla Maraine, which was sighted over Tyr approximately two weeks ago. Kelset, one of the high Templars of the Council, had launched an independent search for the vessel using his personal resources. He left Tyr over ten days ago with members of his personal guard in an attempt to capture the craft.
Several of Kelset's guard returned to Tyr yesterday, and they report encountering the craft at the ruins of Bodach, about 200 miles east of Tyr. The craft, which Kelset called a Spelljammer, put up a formidable defense against the attacking troops, and was able to escape into the sky.
Kelset himself is reported to have jumped aboard the craft as it gained altitude. No one recalls seeing him get off before the ship vanished. The current whereabouts of the craft, and of Templar Kelset, are unknown.
While the Council of Templars has expressed indifference in locating Templar Kelset, they are very interested in the Spelljammer. A handsome reward is being offered for any substantial information leading to the capture of this ship.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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The Conorg Consolidated Consortium (CCC), an independent arcane trading house, will be holding a special general business meeting on the Rock of Bral. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss new marketing strategies and product lines in light of the recent commercial shut-out by the Grand Arcane Trading House (GATH).
Visitors to the Rock of Bral should expect long delays in obtaining docking facilities and services for the duration of the meeting, which should only run about five days. Private merchants and inventors who want to seek contracts with the CCC will be allowed to do so. In fact, the CCC has set up a temporary public relations office in the market district of Bral to serve this very purpose.
For reasons that have never been fully explained, the GATH, by executive order of its chief executive, Te-Ess'Arr, recently canceled all spelljamming commercial activities in all spheres, as well as all planet-based endeavors in Greyspace and Krynnspace. The CCC hopes to co-ordinate the various independent trading houses into a mutually beneficial co-alition to alleviate this sudden drop in market support.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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The Republic of Darokin: Akesoli:

Adventurers were recently hired by the local fish merchant Jedarrin Corran to clean out a recently discovered family keep. The adventurers were hired, a Corran Fisheries, Inc. spokesman said yesterday, due to their apparent honesty in what was called "that Bancohr affair".
Mr. Corran was unavailable for comment, but the spokesman continued to explain that the merchant had inherited a deed to a keep, called Corran Keep, north of Fort Lakeside, which had been dropped from the records of both the family and the government. The Chancellor's Office in Darokin City has already indicated that Mr. Corran has full title to the property, and the adventurers are apparently engaged to secure the keep.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: Threshold:

The gnoll tribe of the Foamfire valley, said to be the Death's Head gnolls, were remarkably active after a party led by the paladin who recently saved Threshold from an orcish seige headed north from Threshold.
Following shortly behind them, one source claims, was a second band led by a lean man in red robes and a dark-haired woman with piercing blue eyes.
The gnolls were definitely stirred up, and their war drums could be heard as far south as the village of Verge, but they apparently stayed in the valley, as there were no reports of raids even in the outlying areas.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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Thunder Rift

A newly-formed band of adventurers, as yet unnamed, has continued to gain a reputation. A few months previous, they had saved the town of Rillford from certain starvation by a dangerous trip beyond a Faerie Ring to retrieve the town's miller, and, after discovering that life in Rillford was less interesting than life beyond the ring, they departed Rillford.
On the way to Melinir, they passed through the Grakken Forest, in which they stumbled across a little boy, said to be named Michael. The child was searching for his lost playmate, Drake, and, although reluctant to take the party to his house, implored them to find Drake for him. Inquiry turned up that Drake was a red flying lizard, and the party panicked, due to the reputation of red dragons.
However, by luck, they stumbled across a purple ball, said to be a favorite of Drake's, and by following a nearby trail, they tracked Drake back to a lair of some very nasty humanoids. They raided the lair, freeing Drake in the process, and eventually returned to Michael with Drake. They were rewarded, it is said, from Drake's meager hoard.
Drake, it turns out, was an immature faerie dragon.

Mike Phillips: msphil@birds.wm.edu

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A group of warrior-monks, returning from crusading have lost their golden standard to a thief. (The standard depicts two armored men riding upon a single horse.) The monks, not realizing who the true thief was, blame the adventurers who have a reputation for being just a little bit outside the law, while also being high-visibility.
The monks have sworn to their god to regain their standard, because its loss brings the worst sort of military and religious stigma upon them. In fact, they will be excommunicated from the order if their chapter house finds out what has happened. Thus, they will also desire to slay the thieves to prevent word of this from getting about. Needless to say, while they are asking questions, they are being very evasive about what exactly they are looking for and doing. They will not even say who they are and will have stripped themselves of any symbols that could identify them as anything other than well- armed fighters.

Sandy E. Murphy: IO01092@MAINE.maine.edu

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