Volume #2, Issue #3. (Jan 15, 1994)

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Reporters this issue:
    Chris Bell (chb@tntech.edu)
    Andy Merritt (amerritt@armltd.co.uk)
    Richard J. Pugh (rjpugh@aol.com)
    Martin Ott (p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de)
    Mike Phillips (msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu)
    Karen Ostertag (X93OSTERTAG@WMICH.EDU)

Forgotten Realms

Shortly after a recent incident, in which an evil cleric who was being held in the Duke's dungeons managed to escape, Duke Pwyll announced that he has obtained a device which is able constrain a magic-using prisoner, and this device might well have stopped the evil cleric from escaping had it been available at the time. Rumours abound that the device was in fact recovered from the headquarters of the evil clerics, reputed to be the beacon in the Lizard Marsh.

Further to a recent article, in which it was reported that the clerics of the foreign god, Ukko, were unusually active, a small shrine has been errected to Ukko in Daggerford. The priest in charge, Mob Rituel, said that he was building the shrine with Duke Pwyll's permission, and that he thought many of the residents of Daggerford would appreciate having somewhere to be able to pay their respects to Ukko.
However, when asked about the new shrine, the priest at the shrine to Tempus said that he thought this new shrine was unnecessary, and that Tempus was the god that Daggerford residents should pay their respects to, especially those also in the Daggerford Militia.

An unnamed source provided us with a copy of a report from Sherlen of the Daggerford Militia to the City Guard in Waterdeep, and the contents reveal that the Evil Green Beacon in the Lizard Marsh could not be dealt with by an elite group of Daggerford Militia, even after several attempts. The report spoke of several militia members having died, and a highly powerful group of Evil Clerics (one of whom it is believed escaped from Duke Pwyll's dungeons) apparently attempting to control the Evil Beacon itself. The City Guard were asked to send a crack team to deal with "a potentially highly dangerous situation". We advise all shipping to keep well clear of the beacon in case these clerics do manage to control the beacon.

Although we have no evidence to substantiate it, rumours have been flying in Daggerford that a "Suicide Squad" may be selected from among the Daggerford Militia for some highly secret mission, possibly concerning Dragonspear. It has been noted that many of the more capable members of the Daggerford Militia have been asking for an "extended break" - presumably to avoid being selected for this mission!

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

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Wild Coast: Free City of Elredd: Item Search Identified

In an exclusive interview with Dodger Mahon, recovering from his violent attack two weeks ago, the untold story can now be recounted. Dodger is unable to identify the attackers although he said there were four of them, three men and a woman, they wore black facemasks and were human.
It seems that 32 years ago Dodger was a young adventurer swordsman with a group, five humans and a dwarf, that joined a party of dwarves heading to the Yatil mountains to search for an abandoned dwarven gold mine. Even now, Dodger refuses to divulge the exact location of the mine. "It ain't none of yer business" he said to this reporter.
He did indicate the old mine is located deep in the southern portion of the Yatil's along a small river or stream high up on the side of a mountainous hill. The party consisted of thirty-four dwarves and five humans and it was during the excavation work Dodger found his "item".
"There were four human skeletons laying in a side passage, where it looked like they were ambushed, and in providing a decent burial I noticed the small statue of a dog along one wall partially under a body." Dodger says it was called an "onyx dog"--a magical animal.
It was not long after this discovery that the party was attacked by a large war band of orcs and forced to flee the mine. Only two of them made it out from the mountains--one dwarf and Dodger--and the dwarf died of wounds later and was buried on a hillside. Dodger said he placed his valuables in a secret compartment he carved in the wall of his living quarters. He also indicated that the dwarves had placed a modest amount of treasure and items into a hidden storeroom and it should still be there.
Dodger indicated he had drawn a map to the mine and that was what his attackers wanted. "They beat me and I would not talk, but the woman did something and before I know it I was babbling like a baby and I told them where it was" Dodger exasperated. He also said the party he had hired had made a copy of the map and that his only son, missing over a year, had a copy as well. The party consisted of three hardy adventurers--two half-elves and an elf of noble upbringing. Dodger says these adventurers plan on finding a couple of others to help them along the way.
Dodger hopes the adventuring party can find his son and recover the statue lost in his youth. "All I want is my son and the statue, if they find other stuff they are welcome to it."

Chris Bell: chb@tntech.edu

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Krynnspace (Spelljammer Tie-in), near the Stellar Islands.

A Krynnspace pirate operation, based on the old dwarven citadel Forge of Reorx, was recently broken. The dreadnought Eternal Wanderer apparently encountered agents of the pirate ring immediately after entering the sphere, and pursued them after the capture of their first officer, Hall-ee-mor Dargess.
The pirate leader, a Cartanian mountain elf named Jamian Blackleaf, captured Dargess as part of a personal vendetta against the bard. Captain Onestar of the Eternal Wanderer discovered the whereabouts of the citadel after interrogating two neogi agents of the pirates and investigating charts taken from a pirate mindspider.
The battle between the crew of the Wanderer and the pirates took place on the docking platform of the citadel, with the crew of the Wanderer being victorious. Meanwhile, Dargess had defeated Blackleaf in a personal duel.
Blackleaf was turned over to the Krynnspace detachment of the Imperial Elven Navy to answer for two counts of mutiny, twelve counts of murder, numerous counts of kidnapping, and a variety of piracy charges accumulated over the last seven years. Blackleaf has reportedly been taken to the sphere of Ilandas, an Imperial stronghold, to stand trial. The rest of the pirates were detained on the citadel under guard, and have since been turned over to various Krynnish governments to stand trial.
In a brief interview, Mr. Dargass reported that Blackleaf had been holding thirty-seven prisoners on the citadel, mainly for his own amusement. The prisoners had been petrified by means of a modified wand of petrifaction. The wand was handed over to the Navy to be used as evidence in Blackleaf's trial.
Jamian Blackleaf used to serve the Imperial Elven Navy in Solaris, and later in Krynnspace. Seven years ago he led a mutiny on two ships, and established a pirate operation on the abandoned dwarven citadel (the Forge of Reorx was deserted shortly after the Cataclysm). A group of neogi renegades joined the pirates about four years ago as part of a "business arrangement." The Elven Navy has been unable to capture Blackleaf due to inaccurate information and pressing business elsewhere in the sphere. If convicted, Blackleaf could spend 750 years in a labor camp with no chance of parole.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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Dark Sun

The nobleman Agathorius Trimaleon, who had opened his estate to the citizens of Tyr for free access to water, announced today that the water source has slowed to a trickle. He did not close his gates, but it is said that some of the citizens have once again resorted to paying King Kalak's templars for a reliable source of water.
Trimaleon said it is nothing to worry about, the source fluctuates, but citizens are still worried that Kalak's grip, once iron-tight and recently loosened slightly, is being reasserted.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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The World of Darkness

(The World of Darkness is the Gothic Punk setting of the Storytelling game systems)

Sweet fruit so soon turns bad. This is the thought occupying the minds of much of the Kindred population of New York City this evening, as packs of werewolves openly roam the streets of this city as they once did in Roman Paris. The situation here is nothing short of open revolution, as the werewolves stage a power play and take over this once-great vampire principality. Speculation is rampant over the motive behind this coup; many think it is the result of failed machinations within the ranks of the Camarilla itself. This reporter was lucky enough to be present at a secret meeting of hundreds of the besieged Kindred in and underground cavern beneath a burned-out night club. The mood was one of extreme unrest; the Prince was reported to have gone into hiding indefinitely, and his second-in-command and once-friend of the local werewolves, a Gangrel named Troy, had been brutally diablorized only a few days ago by the group presiding over this meeting. The main topic under discussion was whether the assembled vampires should abandon the city and try to find homes elsewhere or try to ride out the nightmare. It soon degenerated into a blatant play for power by the young but charismatic Brujah known only as "Slash," who shouted idealistic promises to the crowd as hopefuls chanted his name. Slash is not widely known among his fellow Kindred, but has gained some reputation among mortals as lead singer of the rock band "Vile Orgasm". The meeting broke up in utter chaos as the werewolves, taking advantage of the vampire's disorganized state, chose this time to attack in force, routing most of those assembled and sending several to their final death. Slash, one of the few to stand firm against the assault, gave this fortunate reporter a few moments of his time. When asked his opinion on the cause of this mayhem, he responded, "Yeah, you shoulda been there. Those wimps didn't see it comin'! Slash for Prince!" Though most of those remaining reached an agreement with the werewolves to flee the city in return for their lives, Slash claims that he will remain in town long enough to finish his latest tour. Only time will tell if his career is destined to come to a quick and bloody end at the hands of New York's new masters.


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Beacon, Sphere of Solaris

Official press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society.
The Muldravian Stellar Navy, operating from their outpost on the planet of Beacon, recently defeated a trio of neogi deathspiders using a new warship of human design. The new ships are roughly the size of an elven armada, and are constructed of metal and thick wood. They resemble a large bird of prey, like an eagle, and have several squat towers on the back. They are equipped to carry twenty two-ton assault craft, and sport a variety of weapons, including (in at least one case) a greek fire projector. The ships are called Warhawks, and four of them are known to be completed and in service.
Two of these ships, named the Terranova and the Caladek, destroyed two of the attacking deathspiders and forced the third to withdraw, while suffering very low casualties. One should also note that these two vessels did not have the benefit of their Sparrowhawk assault craft. The third deathspider was later captured by marlin ships and the neogi taken prisoner.
This is the first time since the First Unhuman War that a human ship has appeared to rival the Elven Armada. The first such attempt was the poorly designed Cuttle Command, which is now only used as a garrison or station and not a warship. The Warhawk, which is capable of making ground landings, could eventually pose a threat to the elves, at least in Solaris.
The Muldravian Stellar Navy, of the groundling human Muldravian Empire, has been the primary spelljamming power in Solaris for almost twenty years. The elves managed to break their own power base after a series of civil wars, which made it necessary for the humans to fend for themselves against the various threats of wildspace.
This is the second time the Muldravians have attempted to design a ship to rival the Armada. The last attempt was Project Kraken, which used a variation on the aforementioned Cuttle Command. This project had to be scrapped due to continued problems, but shortly thereafter is was discovered that the elves had sabotaged the project. Tensions between the Muldravians and the elves have been very high for the last decade as a result of this incident.
With the release of the Warhawk, however, it is clear that the Muldravians have successfully developed, built, and tested a ship that can act as a mobile command center and as a battleship. The elves are outraged, and had the following statement:
"The Imperial Elven Navy has always considered the safety of all free loving races its highest priority. The use of a warship like the Warhawk by a human nation is unnecessary. The Muldravians would be wise to terminate the project and devote their energies elsewhere, leaving the elves to defend the space lanes, as they have long done."
The Muldravians dismissed this statement with the following reply: "The elves have historically been more concerned with their own ends than the safety of other races, and the behavior of the Fleet in recent years is testimony of this. The elves attempted to subjugate the independent elven nations of Cartania by means of treachery, deceit, and blackmail. We can not rely on the elves to do anything for the people of Solaris unless it supports their own ends. For this reason, we feel that we must take the defense of the space lanes into our own hands."
The political climate in Solaris has become increasingly tense in recent weeks, and the Elven Navy has considered deploying an additional flotilla in Solaris. The Muldravians, for their part, are prepared to use the Warhawk as they see fit. There are supposed to be six more Warhawks under construction elsewhere in the sphere, but there is no evidence to support or deny this. If this is true, then the Muldravian Stellar Navy could have ten warhawks in service within six months' time. This would outnumber the number of armadas in the sphere, which has remained at five since the close of the Second Elven Civil War, twenty years ago. One should note that the Elven Navy has maintained a very weak presence in Solaris since this conflict, but still resent the ascension of a human nation to prominence in this important sphere. The Muldravians, who were supporting the independent elven nations, were pulled into the Second Elven Civil War after a surprise attack by the Imperial Navy, twenty-four years ago.
The navy is prepared to lay heavy sanctions on the Muldravians, who are ready to respond in kind, and the possibility of a local war is a real one. It is more likely that the Muldravians will use the new ships to deter the increasing pirate and vigilante activity in the sphere (as reported in the December issue of this journal), but continued disputes with the navy is inevitable.
Additional details will be provided as they become available.

Richard J. Pugh: rjpugh@aol.com

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The Republic of Darokin: Elstrich:

The guards of a barge of fine porcelaine, being carried from Athenos, more than a week's journey to the south, have been nosing around town, hanging out with the locals, and listening in. They apparently docked here for repairs, after the hull of the barge was seriously burned in an incident a day's travel to the east.
In an unrelated development, another stranger travelling through has hired some of the local muscle for a job some distance to the west. No specifics of the job are known, although people who weren't familiar with swordplay were turned down, and those picked seem to have a penchant for aggressive behavior. Little is know of the stranger, other than he hired these people, and everyone's memory seems a little foggy with respect to his presence.

The Republic of Darokin: Armstead:

Goblins attacked the walled village of Armstead recently, but were easily repelled by the troops temporarily stationed there. When questioned about how it compares with duty stations at Fort Hobart or Fort Nell, soldiers invariably replied that, one place or another, it's still their job.
The citizens were suitably appreciative of the military's presence.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: Ruins of Krakatos:

The bodies of five ex-Thyatians, all the scions of various Thyatian households that relocated to Karameikos when Duke Stefan was granted the land, were discovered in the ruins of Krakatos. They had apparently been in a fight of some sort, and investigation placed it as occuring during the New Year festivities. The five were all known for their anti-Traladaran sympathies, and were known to spend a great deal of time together.
Officials are worried that this may be the beginning of nation- wide problems resulting from the recent riot in Threshold.

Empire of Thyatis: Thyatis City:

Various priests of many different Immortals have announced mysterious omens, all occuring on the Year's Eve. They ranged from apocalyptic visions to warnings. It is said that beasts slaughtered for the festival did not die, or their entrails were tied into knots, and vultures perched on the palace of the Emperor and would not leave even when shooed away.

Hollow World: Kingdoms of Nithia:

In a reaction to reports of the loss of several companies in the forests controlled by the Tanagoro tribesmen, Pharaoh Ramose IV has taken his generals to task and replaced half their number. The army had apparently clashed with Milenian forces in the middle of Tanagoro forests, breaking one of the conditions of the safe passage agreement made with the tribesmen.
The new generals have vowed to take the agreement considerably more seriously, and the relieved commanders have been properly executed.

Hollow World: Hutaaka:

Various priests and priestesses of Pflarr, the Hutaakan Immortal, are worried, as visions of the avenger of a race of one-time slaves have plagued their dreams of late. They have frantically searched records and cast auguries to determine the source of this avenger, said to carry the fate of the Hutaakan race in his hands, so far to no avail.

Hollow World: Milenian Empire: Temple of Petra:

The High Priestess of Petra apparently received a vision from Petra recently, in which the Empire was plunged into darkness at the hands of the Zargosian wizards. The calamity apparently can only be prevented by the faith of one of her Defenders, yet the identity of this Defender of Petra remains unknown. All that is known is that the Defender shall come from the east on a grim mission.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Thunder Rift

Melinir: Village of Bywater:

A man walked into Bywater today, claiming to be from Melinir's library, seeking the reputed owner of The Big Book of Sappy, Drivelly Love Poems. He claims that the book is owned by the Library of Melinir, and he learned of the extremely over-due book's current locale thanks to the Library's subscription to The Adventurer's Journal.
Harfur Glumtoes, gnome scholar, said he would be happy to return the book, if it were still in his possession. Apparently, however, someone had, in turn, stolen it from him. He pointed the library's representative to a bard living at the edge of Bywater.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Ardor Re Elberon

(Ardor Re Elberon is an original world)
Quick name reference (only new stuff):

Countries:   |   Towns:                   | Remarks:
Gordeyne     |   Sayon (northern city)    |
             |   Kont  (northern town)    | 1.5 days nth-east of Sayon
             |   Sayfort                  | b/w Sayon and Kont, guards
             |                            | street from hills west and
             |                            | swamps east
             |   The Bruenst              | small trading-post west of
             |                            | the hills west of Sayfort
             |   Newaniel                 | Cliff dwelling in the northern
             |                            | part of Gordeyne's Elven forest
             |                            | (like a small late type
             |                            | of a Mesa Verde dwelling)

Gordeyne: Kont: 349 A.G.W., 3rd month

Two surving soldiers of the patrol from Sayfort to The Bruenst report an attack in the hills by huge unknown creatures. One kept talking about 3 animals taller than 4 meters, the other one was constanly sniggering and mumbling of about 10 funny big humans. After two days they were still under shock and transported to Sayon's resort for mentally ill people. One other soldier died after few hours. Two further soldiers apparently could not escape the attack.
Two days after the incident, 40 soldiers plus their leaders worked from both sides The Bruenst and from Sayfort into the hills. The lieutnant of the group starting from The Bruenst did not want any travellers in the hills. Only the persistent convincing talk of a Thandorian priest to the lieutnant made it possible for a small group of travellers to follow the soldiers.
Almost halfway into the hills, a group of 2 juvenile hill giants accompanied by 4 ogres attacked the 23 soldiers and 5 travellers. As it turned out, the travellers were a good help to the soldiers who were the main target of the offenders. After a battle of about 15 min, giants and ogres were dead. A large amount of valuable goods was found in their bags which was transported to the temple of Jeremia in Kont.

Gordeyne: Andrior Re Soris: 349 A.G.W., 8th month

Sekanamel, ranger and prince of Andrior (the the elven town still suffering from the attack of underworld creatures), asked a group of visitors, friends of the local Rhyani, to help the town by carrying out the annual routine trade trip to Nevaniel, some 4 days north of Andrior. As it turned out, the holiday hikers arrived just in time to rescue the 10 inhabitants from sure death.
After Rhyani and her friends followed a tunnel system they found the Nevaniel people in the clutches of 5 evil humanoids. Luckily, invisible and silent dwarven friend H.B.Baidschi could backstab the mage by surprise, deadly. After a hard fight only the priestess was kept alive for later questioning.
Lothiriel, dedicated herbalist, who set up shop in Nevaniel about 300 years ago had not realized that the hill bore a system of tunnels opening into a back room of Nevaniel. After their return the prince of Andrior offered life time settlement in Andrior to the friends of Rhyani, two humans, a dwarf, a halfling, and a half-elf.

Martin Ott: p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

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Original: Unknown

1000 miles north of Tri-foss: CARAVAN RAIDS THWARTED
Our correspondent in Fossland has received word on recent banditry carried out against caravans well to the North. Apparently, as stated in the last FNN, a investigation was being carried out by a Cleric from Fossland and a number of locals. This has recently concluded in a fight with a band of monstrous orcs led by a half-orc. A number of the raiding party were killed by the noble investigators who had kept company with a caravan.
After further investigation, and various searches of Merchant's shops and storage houses, with the help of the local Marshall of Gird and other initiates of Gird, the local owner of the general store was arrested after a protracted struggle. He was unmasked as a worshipper of 'The Tangler', Goddess of strife, mischeviousness and revenge. He is now being questioned by the local authorities and the investigators, and they hope to gain more evidence on the activities of other initiates within the town in the future.

A nearby peaceful and tranquil land has recently been subject to a horrendous attack by creatures of unknown nature. One survivor escaped into town yelling about 'his friends being killed'. A few locals and a pair of travellers were willing to investigate these unbelievable accusations.
As far as this reporter can make out from the tales that have been banded about after the band's return, there had indeed been an attack on a caravan and the bodies had been removed along with the caravan's load. The party then tracked the obvious trail to an ostensibly old ruined keep which, upon investigation showed signs of fortification.
The party entered the keep and after navigating a set of traps, encountered what can now only be described as skeletons. With the help of a foreigner, that was said to believe in the mythical being he called Makar, God of Healing, the skeletons were routed with dispatch and the goods recovered. Other information is still being collated about what appears to have transpired after this encounter, but with the appearance of supposed mythical creatures like skeletons and people actively trying to resurrect interest in religion in this civilised region, it can only lead to trouble in the future and a return to the legendary dark times centuries ago.

Within the last few minutes we have recieved official word from the official sources close to the Mayor about the terrible discoveries at the abandoned keep. Apparently, after confronting and defeating a force of walking skeletons, the investigators were held by some unknown force for minutes before being released and addressed by a loud ominous voice. They advanced into what must have been the keep's main room and were confronted by a matching number of black armour clad men and what we are told was a worshipper of some sort of Evil god. We do not, of course, expect our readers to believe that Gods exist but we must report the information that has come to us in its entirety.
Apparently, the adventurer's engaged the followers apparently watched with disdain by their leader. After disposing of his retinue, the supposed cleric disappeared without trace from the keep with a laugh wringing in the parties ears.
This does not bode well for the future, and if it is to be believed, then the entire land is under threat by someone with such power. Hopefully, with proper use of the common magics readily available to the town it should be possible to send a party more capable, and less intoxicated to show these tales for what they are, a palpable sham.
This reporter does not believe that mythical creatures and fallacies like gods have come back to this wonderful land. It will take more than the word of a half crazed caravan driver and a party of itinerant foreigners and local militia drunks to make me believe that anything unusual has come to pass in this good land, but we felt that you as the reader were entitled to a full coverage of this weird episode.


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