Volume #2, Issue #2. (Dec 1, 1993)

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  1. Forgotten Realms
  2. Greyhawk
  3. Dragonlance
  4. Dark Sun
  5. Ravenloft
  6. SpellJammer
  7. Mystara
  8. Thunder Rift
  9. Ærth
  10. Original
    1. SJ: Sphere of Solaris
    2. SJ: Omnispace
    3. Ardor Re Elberon

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    Martin Ott (p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de)
    Patrick A. Lovings (5665@ef.gc.maricopa.edu)
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    Chris Herr (crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu)
    Sonja (kowa@informatik.uni-koblenz.de)

Forgotten Realms

Yes, once again the halls of Eveningstar have been cleared. The Order of the Knights of the Rainbow walked out of the halls victorious after almost a month of mapping and exterminating. The members consist of Mandrab, Slag, Sly, Damelius, and Padishar. When asked about acquisition rights of the halls, Lord Winter commented that "the Halls of Eveningstar are yours, but heed that many adventurers have tried, and failed, to keep them safe." When asked what the group planned on doing with the ancient halls, Padishar said "We plan to use it as a base." The group has since taken to clearing out the keep located near town.

Eveningstar: WANTED
Group of adventurers is looking for a cleric and/or a thief to join their ranks. Anyone in the area of Eveningstar please seek out the Knights of the Order of the Rainbow for employment. (Anyone in Northwest Phoenix or Glendale interested in playing these positions please contact Patrick A. Lovings at 5665@ef.gc.maricopa.edu)

Patrick A. Lovings: 5665@ef.gc.maricopa.edu

It was noticed that the group of elite Daggerford militia who recently helped Duke Pwyll close down a slave mine on the edge of the Lizard Marsh left in a fishing vessel down towards the coast. The owner of the fishing vessel, now returned from his trip, revealed that he dropped off this militia group very close to the green beacon in the marsh.
Three days later, one of the militia group is reported to have appeared out of thin air in the town square! Although we didn't get a chance to interview him, it was noted that he, together with a medium ranking militia mage, set sail by boat the next day presumably heading for the same destination.
Despite all this militia activity, outlying farmers say that the beacon still shines at night, and the militia has made no announcements, so it seems reasonable to say that the beacon is proving hard to deal with. We will give further reports as soon as we can.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

Damara/Barony of Bloodstone/Bloodstone Village
DR1149 (FR1359-Year of the Serpent)
1st of Tarsakh of the Storms (April)

Due to the reopening of the bloodstone mines on the Galena Mountains, His Excellency Baron Gareth Dragonsbane, ruler of the Barony of Bloodstone, announces a six-day celebration starting at the 4th day of the month consisting of the following events:

    1st day (Tarsakh 4th) Opening Ceremony - Swordfighting Demonstration
    2nd day (Tarsakh 5th) Foot List Contest
    3rd day (Tarsakh 6th) Archery Competition
    4th day (Tarsakh 7th) Poetry Competition
    5th day (Tarsakh 8th) Joysting Tournament
    6th day (Tarsakh 9th) Closing Ceremony - Outdoor Feast (Songs, Dance & Dinner)

The winners of each contest will get 1000 gp, and they will be invited to join His Excellency's table during the Outdoor Feast at the last day of the celebration. Registration is outside His Excellency's Palace in Bloodstone Village.

Damara/Barony of Brandiar/Goliad
DR1149 (FR1359-Year of the Serpent)
3rd of Tarsakh of the Storms (April)

The magnificent Church of Dionysus, still under construction, has been the target of a double act of vandalism last night. A small part of the golden roof was found to have been damaged. Somebody seems to have used dilutant acid (usually used by the construction artists to melt the gold and paint the church's walls) to steal some of the gold off the roof. Furthermore, a sign of oak leaf has been found carved on one of the walls of the church. The sign resembles to the holy symbol of Sylvanus, although it seems quite impossible that any druid could commit such an act. Nevertheless, the two guards who were patroling last night around the church claim to have met a young man (around 18) dressed in black who asked them questions concerning Druids and Sylvanus. "The most strange thing was that he came in the middle of the night to ask religious qustions", one of the guards said. Since the young man is the #1 suspect at the moment, his description has been spread around and the priests of Dionysus are seeking to find him. They have put a 2000 gp bounty on him.

Kyriakos Sgarbas: sgarbas@grpatvx1.bitnet

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(Village of Stonelane and environs has been transplanted into Greyhawk)
The lost party of adventurers from Stonelane that disappeared some six months ago has been found near the village of Mist Moor. They have been knighted by the local lord, Lord Blaine, for their service in solving the mystery of Lord Blaine's haunted keep, and for helping him pay off several decades worth of back taxes. The Knights of Mist Moor consists of Stoner McSpade, a one eyed dwarf who wears an ogre's skull for a helm and wields a huge club called The Big Bamboo, the dwarven cleric Brogann, the cleric Ely, the druid Boreas, and a steroid soaked ranger called Striper.
After being knighted, the knights were then put to work for 5 months draining the local swamps, building churches and otherwise re- establishing Lord Blaine's control over Mist Moor.
The Knights of Mist Moor can be recognized by their black plate- mail, emblazoned with a rampant unicorn on a field of green, and by the unique pendants they wear. These silver pendants are in the shape of a rampant unicorn, and glow with a bright continuous light. The knights have apparently taken to calling these pendants their knight lights.
The ranger Striper however has refused to wear the plate-mail, saying "Plate-mail? Plate-mail? I don't need no stinking plate-mail!" or wear the pendant, saying "I am NOT afraid of the dark!" Rumours that Striper has twice gotten lost in the gardens of Lord Blaine's keep at night are being firmly denied.
The Knights of Mist Moor have been ordered by Lord Blaine to undertake a mission for The King. They have been sent overseas to desert kingdom to help the locals deal with a very bad bandit problem. Apparently, the local army patrols are unwilling to enter a supposedly cursed part of the desert, and so foreign volunteers were needed.
Speculation exists that this mission is an attempt to improve relations between the two kingdoms in hopes that a profitable trade route can be established.

Greg Booth: booth@mdd.comm.mot.com

A group of non-human adventurers, calling themselves The Sleepless Knights, were hired by the government of Bissel to infiltrate the Valley of the Mage in search of a group of traitorous necromancers. The Valley is ruled by a mysterious being called The Black Mage, whose religious and political alignment is unknown.
For this reason, the leaders in Bissel thought it wise to send a group of mercenary adventurers who could not be linked with the Royal Family, and despite what some treasonous scum might say about the Royal Personages, a group of two Alahgi, two Ogre-mages, a Fremlin and a Mongrel-man certainly have nothing in common with the Royals.
After entering the Dark Mage's unused citadel (the Dark Mage has moved to more sumptuous accommodation), the Sleepless Knights were forced to make a hasty retreat into the forest, dragging two of their unconscious comrades behind them. After resting, the party again entered the citadel, and encountered a drow who they believed was the Dark Mage (he was actually one of the necromancers).
After lulling them with wine and pleasant talk, the elf and three of his evil compatriots attacked the party. It was a close battle. By the time the last living necromancer escaped through a dimension door, two of the Sleepless Knights were unconscious, one was held, and another was trapped in a cube of force. The Sleepless Knights fought well though, and two of the four necromancers were left dead in the citadel, while although unknown to the party, the magician who escaped via the dimension door died not long after.
The only evil wizard to escape is now on her way to warn her comrades, so that they can prepare another ambush, and this time, get it right.

DM Bloodglutton: mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au

Two nights ago, the Night Watch found the master weapon maker "Dodger" Mahon unconscious inside his shop. "The front door was slightly ajar and when we opened it we saw Ol' Dodger lying on his face in the middle of the room bloody and bruised" said Corporal Tavert of the Watch. Further examining the shop indicates it had been ransacked but apparently nothing was missing.
Talking with his daughter, Toni, has revealed several key details concerning this crime. Shortly before the attack, "Dodger" Mahon was actively looking to hire adventurous souls to retrieve an item he had lost over 30 years ago as a young sword-for-hire. The advertisement simply indicated interested individuals to meet at the Glamorous Mariner--a fine inn/tavern owned by Madam Rosa--on last Thirdday evening. A small band was selected by Dodger and set off last Fifthday. Details about this party are sketchy, and the only solid fact uncovered so far is the group included a member of the elven nobility.
The group is not considered as suspects in Dodger's beating and the town watch has only one clue to go on. "Dodger had a small medallion in his hand when we found him--looked like a fanged serpent or dragon", said Corporal Tavert "and a broken chain was on the floor near the back door."
"Until Dad recovers and says it's okay to talk--I can't" says Toni, although she did indicate that Dodger's search was probably in connection with the rumors about his work with the dwarves in the Yatil mountains long ago and the disappearance of her older brother Jorin. "He (Jorin) went looking for it (the item) and we have heard nothing from him in over two years and I fear the worst" says Toni.

Chris Bell: chb@tntech.edu

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Justlin Thorus, a noted historian in the Karthay region, has uncovered some old books which date to before the Cataclysm. These have revealed some interesting facts around which he has created a hypothesis that the Lords of Karthay have traveled through time at least once in the past. The Lords are currently still on a mission to recover the statue of Mishakal and are unavailable for comment. Here is what Thorus has put together.
About one year ago, during the prosperous time when Vulner Onslaught was incapacitated and his fellow lord, Myshella Nightshadow ruled solely over the city and region, it was discovered that Chert, a pyromancer in the court, was receiving mysterious corespondances with the Wizard's Conclave at Wayreth. Later that month, Myshella and Chert took the bed ridden Vulner off on an unknown mission.
Here is where the ancient books come in: Justlin has found passages relating to a wounded Minotaur being received by the high priest of Paladine in Istar. Also, there is reference to a female Irda who was arrested for fighting a beholder through the center of the market place. It should also be known that some kind of magic stone was stolen from the wizard Fistandantilus and recorded in the ancient texts.
It is Thorus' theory that in some past battle Vulner's soul must have left his body. His body was revived, but was lacking his essence which must have now resided with his god. Also, the conclave must have at some time mentioned the need for this stone of Fistandauntalis' and Chert must have informed Myshella. Then perhaps the two of them convinced the conclave that they should be sent back in time with Vulner, so that the high priest of Istar could join his body and soul. He would assume that they were able to complete both goals since Vulner is alive and well, and the stone was listed as missing in the history books.
It does seem a plausible, if perhaps not a bit off the wall, theory. We at FNN will report any new results to you as they come in.

[Note: The Bloodstone was taken from Fistandantilus after Raistlin had already used it to become his mentor. It is unknown how it was, or will be used by the conclave. ]

Chris Herr: crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Dark Sun

Templars are in a panic with the reappearance of hunted nobleman Agathorius Trimaleon, and although they have attempted to apprehend him, the recent opening of portions of his estate to any who wish to enter. The portions opened include a lush garden filled with fruit (although they are swiftly disappearing) and a fountain of water from which people are able to draw water at no charge.
King Kalak's hold on the city seems threatened, as the citizens have cut off all attempts by the templars to take the nobleman.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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A scholar accompanied by a group of adventurers asked several Tepestians for stories of folk origin. As it is said, he was willing to pay a reward for every new story told. He is especially interested in stories about a beast called 'Hellcat' and something called 'Concentrate of the Night'. Some merchants from Nova Vaasa reported to have heard of a similar group making inquiries about the same topic in Liara and Kantora.

An elven hunting party found an abandoned camp which must be left in haste. Everything points to a life-and-death struggle of the campers against a group of at least 30 attackers. Maybe some of the campers could escape into the mists, but they had to leave behind their horses and part of their equipment. Just some bones remained from the horses and the equipment was mostly destroyed.
It is said that a horde of marauding undead is haunting the forests of Sithicus.

Sonja: kowa@informatik.uni-koblenz.de

A party of four adventurers, having been on some mysterious errand to Castle Ravenloft at first light, were seen exiting at noon brandishing an odd sun-shaped pendant and a sword that was described as shining with the light of the sun. The mists that constantly encircle the village were seen to waver, and nearly break up, and the Vistani encampment at the base of Tser Falls has left.
The villagers are quietly hopeful, and rumors are flying that the party had the help of the once-common Ravens (a local folk-tale of good spirits from whence Ravenloft once took its name). In addition, the party that was supposedly dispatched by these heroes has resurfaced, indicating a certain amount of subterfuge.
However, the heroes disappeared on their way back to the village, said to be claimed by the Mists, and the pendant was last seen glinting on the road before more fog rolled in. When the fog finally lifted, the pendant was nowhere to be found.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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The hammership Eternal Wanderer rescued a Galleon today that had been attacked by an illithid Nautiloid. The reasons for the attack were unclear, but also spotted just outside the sphere was an illithid Dreadnought.
The Hammership managed to prevent the illithids from destroying the galleon completely by closing the sphere portal while the mind flayers were passing through. It was rumored that the captain of the Wanderer used some sort of magical item to close the portal, but details still remain sketchy.
The galleon was able to jam to Garden to begin repairs. The Eternal Wanderer was leaving the sphere, destined for Krynnspace via Greyspace.
Interesting, however, was when salvage crews went back to locate the illithid Dreadnought, the ship was missing. Attempts to locate the ship have thus far failed. The Imperial Elven Army of Realmspace is interested in talking to Captain Onestar and the Eternal Wanderer to determine what might have happened to the Illithid ship.

Eric F. Schetley: onestar@vms.cis.pitt.edu

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Troops sent to Armstead to protect the village from humanoid aggression arrived earlier today, having met with no resistance on the road. They have begun constructing fortifications, adding to the already formidable town wall.
Hope are high that the troops will demolish the goblin influence in the area.

The Republic of Darokin: Elstrich: BARGE GUARDS AMBUSHED ON STREEL RIVER!
The barge guards hired by the merchant Bancohr have put in at the working-class town of Elstrich for repairs, having apparently barely scraped through multiple encounters with fire, a near miss from a tree crashing into the river, and an attack by monsters from the swamp. The party is said to suspect that the attacks are by the same opponents.

Officials in Akesoli are beginning an investigation into the disappearance of a food-laden caravan that vanished, then reappeared, en route to Mahasabad in Sind. They are advertising for seasoned adventurers to pursue the mystery.

The Nithian and Milenian forces that met in the Tanagoro forests seem to have disappeared, as they have not been seen in some sleeps. It is suspected that the Tanagoro tribesmen, who had left the troops alone as part of a mutual non-aggression treaty, may have destroyed the two forces after their bloody battle in the forest.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Thunder Rift

The three adventurers hired by Harfur Glumtoes have returned, bearing the Book of Sappy, Drivelly Love Poetry. They placed the book back into the keeping of the gnome, despite an alleged offer to purchase the book by Rhiannon, the local bard. New signs have gone up, seeking adventurers to "recover a much-desired, artistically valuable book" said to be in "the clutches of an artistically insensitive scholar", to report to Rhiannon. The three who performed this task for Harfur have definitely left town, vowing to avoid such a tangled mess.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Under the cover of night, the Ægyptians investigating Keshi involvement in recent skirmishes along the Keshu-Ægypt border, were attacked by some well-organized bandits. The few nomads left behind possessed items implicating the currently recognized Keshi king.
The investigators headed immediately for the hills, extremely wounded, and they seem to be preparing to hole up in a much less easily located area.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Original: SJ: Sphere of Solaris

Spelljammer: Sphere of Solaris
Official press release of the Spelljammer's Aid Society and the Muldravian Stellar Navy:

By consent of the Spelljammer's Aid Society and the Muldravian Stellar Navy, a traveler's advisory is now in effect for the Sphere of Solaris. A dramatic rise hostile ship activity has occurred in recent months, and the Stellar Navy is concerned about the well being of travelers.
The Imperial Elven Navy has been unavailable for comment.
The most commonly traveled route to Solaris is the Spectre-Beacon phlogistin current that connects Solaris with Greyspace. Any travelers, adventurers, and merchants are encouraged to remain on this and other frequently traveled space lanes in and around the sphere. These lanes are frequently patrolled by the Stellar Navy and other nationalities, and renegade attacks have been rare.
The rise in pirate activity appears to be the result of an unprovoked attack on various settlements on the planets Kardras and Octerac. A small fleet of warships, commanded by a being called Quan Dien, has been raiding important mining and agricultural facilities, apparently to gather supplies and slave laborers for an upcoming campaign.
Witnesses say that Quan Dien is flying under the banner of Montrazar, one of the long deceased members of the Black Nimar. The last of the Black Nimar were presumed killed at the close of the Magic Wars, some 800 years ago. It is assumed that Quan Dien is using this banner as a scare tactic, for it is almost impossible that any of the Black Nimar have returned, either by resurrection or as undead. However, the Stellar Navy has dispatched Commodore Delilah Farrengal, with a pod of four marlin class warships, to investigate the matter. No one has determined the exact location of Quan Dien's lair, but it is assumed to be on one of the moons of Kardras, the third planet in the system.
Quan Dien's actions, while dangerous in themselves, are not as dangerous as the hysteria that has resulted. Strange ships, regardless of their design, are viewed with suspicion, and a number of vigilante groups have started to attack incoming ships without provocation. The Stellar Navy is working as fast as it can to end this crisis, but recommends caution until further notice. Again, travelers are advised to remain on established space routes where friendly patrols are frequent, and help is easily available.

Richard Pugh: rjp3@postoffice.mail.cornell.edu

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Original: SJ: Sphere of Omnispace

Omnispace: Omni: (Spelljammer Tie-in)

Lord Monitor, Imperium Arus Magican of the Council of Magic returned to Omni today after a five-year absense. Lord Monitor still will not comment on what he was doing or where he has travelled while away.
Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor was somewhat pleased to see Lord Monitor return, although sources within the capital report Colicor has sought long to overthrough him. Only Lord Monitor's strong forces have prevented such a take over.
Lord Monitor's ship, his own personal design, landed near the Spire of Eternal Thought about Midsun today. He had been away alone for over five years, for reasons he would not reveal. The Council of Magic was not too thrilled at him leaving, but they could not argue with the master Magi.
Lord Monitor appeared in excellent health, as usual, after the trip. He would not speak to anyone, save those of the Inner Circle of the Council.

Omnispace: Omni: (Spelljammer Tie-in)

In yet another attempt to control all forms of magic and place them under government control, Second Magican Tannenbam Colicor has sent forth teams of Mercenary Adventurers in search of Artifacts. He has offered rewards of up to 100,000 GP for any artifacts that can be delivered to the capital city of Torton.
Upon delivery, artifacts will be tested before payment. The adventurer may not bond with the artifact, or the offer will be null and void.
To this date, only two artifacts have been discovered. One was an artifurnace from a junked squid ship, and the second has yet to be determined. It is an artifact, but what it does exactly is not yet known.
The second artifact is about the size and shape of a breadbox, with ornate carvings etched onto all sides. There appears to be no way to open the box, but according to reports leaked from the Spire of Eternal Thought, the provincial government's headquarters, there is only one button, located at the top of the box. Mages have as yet been reluctant to push it.

Eric F. Schetley: onestar@vms.cis.pitt.edu

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Ardor Re Elberon

[Editor's note: An original world with one heck of an introduction, so it merits its own slot, at least this month]

                Hey-Hoh! People ! Hey-Hoh !

                Today I come with news to you
                Of which ye have no faintest clue !
                Now ye may ask for who I am,
                Bezlan !
                -- Bard ! A travelling man.

                Coming far south from Allanor,
                Be sure, rumors are not my trade !
                As once before I left, I swore,
                To serve the truth and never hate !

                First, may it be of use,
                Let me list some names to read.
                Then hear the news
                As they proceed.

Quick geographic/name overview:

countries:   |   towns:                   | rivers:
Gordeyne     |   Gor (capital)            |
             |   Andrior Re Soris (Elven) | Soris
Xaxor        |   Alen
Allanor      |   Gogolin

Gordeyne: Gor: 348 A.G.W., 6th month

In Gor, a bunch of brave citizens has broken up a ring of kidnappers and drug smugglers. Over the last few years, children disappeared from Gor and other towns of Gordeyne. One member of the kid-trader ring apparently was Xaxorian. It has been revealed that the ring sold these children to a place in Xaxor, where they would work as slaves in mines to dig for the mineral drug RSD.

Gordeyne: Gor: 348 A.G.W., 9th month

Many kids were freed in the south of Xaxor and brought back to their villages in Gordeyne. As a group of adventurers have stated to the court, the children were held as labour slaves in an RSD mine by a group of lizard men and Xaxorians. It was also reported that the governor of western Gordeyne sold several ship loads of weapons to the lizard men and in return imported RSD. Troups are sent from Gor to Topas to restore a loyal government.

-- Bezlan, itinerant bard from Gogolin

Gordeyne: Andrior Re Soris: 349 A.G.W., 1st month

Last month unidentified creatures came out of the cave south of Andrior where Soris disappears into earth. The evil creatures attacked Andrior without obvious reason and continued their air travel eastward. Large parts of Andrior and the surrounding forest were burnt down. Many people died, among them Asandriel the Magician and many of the town rangers. Humans from the nearby city of Cran came to support the Elven town and High-Priests from Gor arrived to help healing and study one of the offenders that got killed. The town now undergoes reconstruction and much remains to be done. The defense of the town is weakend and can need help from trustworthy rangers.
-- Bezlan, itinerant bard from Gogolin

Martin Ott: p581mao@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de

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