Volume #1, Issue #7. (Oct 1, 1993)

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Reporters this issue:
    Eric Boyd (boyd@eecs.umich.edu)
    Andy Merritt (amerritt@armltd.co.uk)
    Mike Phillips (msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu)
    Martin Hicks (mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
    Johanna Tunon (tunon@alpha.acast.nova.edu)
    Chris Herr (crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu)
    Sandy E. Murphy (io01092@maine.maine.edu)

World Index

  1. Forgotten Realms
    1. Al-Qadim
  2. Greyhawk
  3. Dragonlance
  4. Dark Sun
  5. Ravenloft
  6. Mystara
  7. Thunder Rift
  8. Ærth

Forgotten Realms

A caravan of dwarves and an adventuring company known as the Moonshadows were ambushed in northern Cormyr between Tyrluk and Eveningstar, in the tiny hamlet of Crossbridge. The dwarves are rumored to be headed for the Haunted Halls to establish a temple to Gorm. The Moonshadows, also known as the Dark Samaritans, were escorting the caravan.
The caravan was ambushed in a brief assault by skeletons which erupted from the ground of the small creek being crossed while a band of huge orcs attacked from the surrounding buildings. Apparantly the orcs had already imprisoned all the villagers and a local patrol of Cormyrian Purple Dragons.
During the confusion, numerous heavy chests of gold disappeared, as if into thin air. The Moonshadows chased the orcs into the woods to the south, where their tracks also disappeared into thin air!
An adventuring company based in Eveningstar known as the Swords of Light rushed to the rescue. Through fortuitous luck, they discovered where the trail picked up and looped back towards the massive cliff separating Cormyr from the Helmlands (also known as the Stonelands). The Swords of Light have not yet returned, but the dwarves and the Moonshadows have continued their journey on to Eveningstar and then the Haunted Halls.

Cormyr, Eveningstar Region: SWORDS OF LIGHT REWARDED
An adventuring band based in Eveningstar known as the Swords of Light has returned in triumph to a hero's welcome. The band had successfully crippled a slaving operation preying on the Tyrluk region and recovered a fortune in gold coins stolen from a dwarven caravan en route to the Haunted Halls. Upon their return, one member of the band - the half-elven bounty hunter Jaxx - prominently displayed the head of a renegade War Wizard and agent of the Iron Throne named Hamadan Byrlack.
The Swords of Light were also awarded silver medals by Baron Thomdor, Warden of the Eastern Marches, for the recovery of his niece's corpse. The young woman, subsequently resurrected, had been kidnapped and ransomed by the rogue Ruathgrym, believed to be hiding out in the Stonelands. The medals proclaim the band to be "(Serious) Heroes of the Realm".
The band is believed to be preparing for another sortie into the Stonelands, and rumors speak of their plans to investigate some wider threat to the safety of northern Cormyr.

The long awaited dwarven caravan from Easting has arrived intact at the Haunted Halls. Locals in the Eveningstar claim the dwarves are planning to establish a temple fortress dedicated to Gorm Gulthyn known as Gormhold in the upper levels of the Halls. The dwarves have been greeted warmly by the humans in the region, as the Cormyrians hope the dwarves will suppress the numerous monsters and beasts that perpetually arise from the depths.

Eric Boyd: boyd@eecs.umich.edu

Further information has come to light concerning our report on Lizardman slavers having taken over an old mine near the Lizard Marsh. It has been revealed that Duke Pwyll himself left with the militia squad sent to deal with the lizardmen. The Duke's spokesman refused to comment on why the Duke was personally involved, but said that the risk to the Duke was thought to be very low indeed. Rumours around town suggest that the Duke's involvment may have something to do with his legendary Great Shout ability, last used some years ago in the tail end of the campaign against Dragonspear. Our reporters will keep you up to date with the developments.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

A Tower owned by a deceased and eccentric wild mage, Erdian, burst into growth a summer ago. The agents that Ildool, The King's Lord of Marsember, sent in to investigate, have all disappeared. The Purple Dragons (city guards) have been told to stay clear.
The previous winter, during Nightal, a tavern was said to have picked itself up and turned sideways so that its main entrance now faces an alley. When the owner was approached he said that the tavern would stay in this location, and that it still met with all fire laws. Some have said that the changes to the tavern were caused by said mage during his death throes.

Most people do not know if there is a Thieves' Guild in Marsember. The Harpers and War Wizards believe that they have kept the city free of a large, organized Thieves' Priakos. But how then does one explain the rumors that there was a failed attempt on the Guildmaster's life? Well, at least it is rumored to be a failed attempt. Since most people don't know if there is a guildmaster, or who he is, it's difficult to find out if he has been seen or not. One thing is for certain, there have been many sightings of Harpers and other mysterious organizations questioning and attacking across the city. It would make sense that the Harpers would go into over drive for a chance to hunt and destroy the guild, if it exists. This could turn Marsember into a volatile war zone...

Toril, Wood of Sharp Teeth: LEGEND OF NOT SO DESERTED CITY
Could it be that the fabled elven city of Askavar is not gone? And that it has perhaps been thriving for the past 800 years sheltered from society by the Wood of Sharp Teeth!
Askavar was thought to have been abandoned over 800 years ago when the elves living there moved back to Evermeet, and there have always been legends that there was a lost ruined city in the depths of the Wood of Sharp Teeth. Regis Simbal, a half-elvin ranger who was traveling from Sembia to Baldur's Gate, happened to notice that he was following behind two travelers from Cormyr, Marsember he thinks, who traveled into the woods. Out of curiosity he followed them the see what they were up to. While they did have trouble going through the wild Wood of Sharp Teeth, they seemed to travel through some kind reasonable safe channel from the foul denizens of the forest. The forest is savage enough that it discourages woodcutters and hunters from Baldur's Gate. He says that as he followed, he could see spires far ahead of him. He then turned and fled for he felt he could see many eyes on him.
While we at FNN can not take one man's word as the truth, it is a curiosity which certainly deserves a closer look. Think of how the society could have advanced if the elves never left the area, but simply wanted to be isolated from the rest of society and created the stories of their exodus so people would leave them alone.
Already a team has been sent from Baldur's Gate, but they have not yet returned...

Chris Herr, crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Forgotten Realms: Al-Qadim

Inside the city of Qudra a family holding an ancient heirloom (a pair of bracers) finally deemed a family member worthy of wearing them gave the bracers to the son. The son tried dusting them off and released an ancient genie (I know kind of corny but it happened). Then soon after, the entire family, was killed off, save the three youngest sons who were performing a deed for the local church.

Johanna Tunon, tunon@alpha.acast.nova.edu

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After numerous attempts by the rulers of neighbouring kingdoms to make diplomatic contact with the Black Mage, self-installed ruler of the Valley of the Mage, circumstances have forced the government of Bissel to send a less than experienced group of adventuring ambassadors into the valley. Further to the embarrasment of the Bissel Court, the envoys are not even human! The party consists of 2 Alaghi, 2 Ogre Mages, a Fremlin, and one of the most drop-dead ugly Mongrelmen that the known world has ever had the misfortune of spawning.
The Palace Public Relations Officer, Lord Ganda, was quoted as saying: "It is fortunate to know that if the mission fails, no-one will ever care enough to wonder whatever happened to those unfortunate souls... if indeed they have souls".
Their actual mission is not known outside the Court of Bissel, however it is rumoured that the party is to avoid any actual contact with the Black Mage. They are to get their job done and get out, although one wonders how a party of monsters, some close to 10 feet high, could fail to attract the attention of a blind orc!
To date, the group has managed to gain the confidence of several elven village chiefs, and survive all the Black Mage's magical defences they have so-far encountered. They were last seen carrying two unconscious members of the party into the relative safety of the forest, after having entered the Black Mage's former residence.

Martin Hicks: mdmnh@cc.newcastle.edu.au

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Karthay is a city to the northeast of the Blood Sea. It is ruled by three lords, of which there are only currently two: A wise Irda who is a paladin of Kiri-Jolith named Myshella Nightshadow, and a Minotaur who is a paladin of Paladine named Vulner Onslaught. The third seat has been vacant ever since Silverlock's death. She was a female, white robed mage who was slain by the order for being a rebel mage.
Karthay was taken from the evil minotaurs of Sargonis many a year ago by the current lords, and it is still struggling to be a thriving community which will not fall upon itself through its rival and differing populations.
Currently Myshella, Vulner and some of their loyal subjects have gone on a quest to return the statue of Mishakal from Xak Tsaroth. It is unknown to FNN as to who stole this Religious icon, but we wish them luck in recovering the icon which saw the return of the gods to Krynn during the War of the Lance.
Rumor has it that Myshella received a vision to go retrieve the statue, but it was not sent by Mishakal, or Kiri-Jolith, but that it was sent as a challenge by an evil god of whom the Lords of Karthay have thwarted in the past. But it is true bravery, and perhaps foolery, to choose to meet the peril head on even thought it is probably a trap for them.

Chris Herr: crherr@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Dark Sun

The templars of King Kalak, in an attempt to crack down on the noble who stands accused of inciting a rebellion, have released likenesses of the noble. Friends of the accused name him Agathorius Trimaleon, a noble who has managed somehow to maintain consistently lush vegetation at his estate and who is renowned for the kindness he shows his slaves.
Portions of the undercity seem to be voicing, albeit quietly, their discontent at the "persecution" of this noble.

Desert south of Tyr: TEMPLARS FOUND SLAIN!
Ten templars, wearing the insignia of Tyr and King Kalak, as well as nearly a score of gladiators and mercenaries were found slain by wandering traders. The deaths were quickly reported to Tyrian officials, and the reaction provoked by the news was a terrible one indeed.
It is said that should any of the band suspected of perpetrating this foul crime should ever show their faces in Tyr again, it will spell their end.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

Between Urik and Tyr: ELVEN RAIDING PARTY
On the road between Urik and Tyr a party of 30 Elves attacked a trader supposedly carrying a fortune in spell compents. The battle was short but VERY bloody. The trader lost nearly all his caravan guards. It is not tknown why the Elves attacked, whether they were paid or whether they were looking for the compents he was supposedly carrying...

Johanna Tunon: tunon@alpha.acast.nova.edu

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Amain Skreris, wizard in Arkandale, has reported the loss of some of his property. His apprentice Voltago has stolen money and various objects of personal value from the wizard. The last time Voltago was seen, he was headed south-east for Gundurak. It is rumoured that he joined a party of adventurers in Kartakass. Amain Skreris has offered a reward for information about Voltago's whereabouts.

Kartakass, Road from Skald to Teufeldorf: STRANGE MONSTER SEEN
A merchant travelling from Skald to Teufeldorf reported that he saw a group of (demi)humans accompanied by a strange monster. The group headed for Skald coming from the valley where Dr. Dominiani lives. The monster was about 7 feet tall and winged, with pointed ears and leathern skin. Fortunately the merchant could hide in the brushwood so that he wasn't noticed by the monster.


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The Republic of Darokin, Armstead: BEATEN BAND RETURNS
The small band of adventurers who have sworn to slay the wizard Conor MacGregor has returned to Armstead. They were battered and bruised from the conflict, though they say that the wizard escaped, heading north. The adventurers claim that Conor's power is broken, the humanoid tribes guarding and serving him scattered.

Following the report of a special investigator, the Chancellor of Darokin, Corwyn Mauntea, authorized and ordered one batallion of troops to be taken from Selenica and temporarily stationed in Armstead. The office of the Chancellor released a statement indicating that it is a response to the rise of humanoid agression in the area.

Darokin, Athenos Canal: BARGE GUARDS SOUGHT!
The merchant Bancohr, a major shipper of fine porcelain, is advertising for a few good barge guards to protect a barge heading through the canal and up the Streel River to Darokin City and Akorros. Pay is reported to be 10 daros per person, plus reasonable travel expenses. Especially good work can lead to permanent employment.

Despite being allowed to sift through the records of Glantri's School of Magic, the Darokinian investigator was unable to specifically locate Conor or Angus MacGregor, wizards laying waste to parts of Darokin and rumored to be from Glantri. However, there were a couple of possibilities, and the investigator is heading off to follow up on these scant leads.

Glantri, Viscompty de Malinbois: HEAD OF GUARD EXPOSED AS WEREWOLF!
The head of the Viscomptess' guard and town guard was exposed as a werewolf when accidental contact with the silver ore resulted in a massive burn on his skin. In his rage, he shifted form and slew most of those nearby before the were-hunters on the scene killed him. He was beheaded, his head displayed on the silver tip of a pike. His family is currently being tested for lycanthropy, as are most of his close acquaintances. Tensions in the area continue to mount.

Glantri, Barony de Morlay: UNCLE OF THE BARON TO WED!
Jean-Pierre de Loup-Garou, uncle to the Baron de Morlay and a one- time were-hunter known for his exquisite silver rapier, has announced that he has found the woman he will marry, ending the bachelorhood of the man once called the "most eligable male in northern Glantri." The lucky woman is named Lisl Ferrinsdottir, and, though a stranger to these parts, speculation has her hailing from either the lands of the Heldannic knights or somewhere in Vestland or Soderfjord.
Preparations, while joyous, are muted due to the tension in the neighboring Viscompty de Malinbois. It is hoped that there will be no disturbances in the coming months.

The chief of Alfheim's police force was discovered this morning, a serpentine dagger buried in his heart. The dagger is described as a silver weapon, two blades entwined like snakes, with a carved pommel in the shape of a serpent's head. No assassin was apprehended, but the chief's successor has publicly noted a probable link with the recent investigation into Shadow Elven activities in Alfheim.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Threshold: FIGHTING REPORTED ON SKODOR ISLE!
The night watch reports that a squad was dispatched to Skodor Isle to investigate a mysterious disturbance. Though witnesses were hard to find, as Skodor Isle is insular and said to be a base for illegal activities, a survey of the damaged property yielded a few clues. One wall of the house was destroyed, as if blown outwards, with some minor charring. Several bodies, all Traladaran males, were found and are currently being examined by a physician for other clues. Officials seem divided on the significance of the incident, some proclaiming it a division in the ranks of smugglers, others calling it an outbreak of Thyatian-Traladaran hostility.

Atruaghin Clans, Children of the Elk: WAR PARTY FORMS!
The selected warriors from the Children of the Horse, chosen to wage war on the Children of the Tiger, have spent recent weeks training in these forests and joining with a similarly-sized group of the Children of the Elk. The Horse and the Elk have already formed the largest war-band seen since the legendary time of Atruaghin, and it is said that the Children of the Bear and the Children of the Turtle are also sending warriors to join the band.
Indications from the swamps of the Children of the Tiger are that they have received no warning of upcoming events, though as the warband grows, this is expected to change.

Empire of Thyatis, Thyatis City: AMBASSADOR FROM VYALIA ARRIVES
An elf, accompanied by 10 guards and assistants, arrived at the court today. The elf announced himself as the ambassador from the Kingdom of Vyalia, and he graciously and eloquently thanked the Emperor for his support of the new nation.
Quarters for the elf and his entourage were immediately provided.
Sind, Road from Akesoli to Mahasabad: EXPECTED FOOD CARAVAN DISAPPEARS!
Officials in Mahasabad are nervous, as the expected food-laden caravan from Darokin did not arrive. Although there is some suspicion that bandits or rebels siezed it, a search turned up no evidence of the caravan, and the trackers employed, though the traces were a little stale, were unable to follow the tracks beyond a point just inside the Sind border. As one commented, "It is like they just disappeared". The investigators are perplexed, and officials have sent word to Darokin that the caravan never arrived.
Hollow World, The Milenian Empire: ZARGOSIAN WIZARD THREATENS TOWN!
A black-robed man, claiming to be a follower of the mysterious dark wizard Zargos, threatened the town of Tromeas, caused an impenetrable cloud of blackness, and then disappeared into the blackness. The local temple of Petra is on alert, and all of its Holy Defenders are now patrolling the town, just in case the threat will be fulfilled. Soldiers have been dispatched to the area by the Senate to quell any disturbances and scout for possible attacks.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Thunder Rift

Melinir Hills, Edgewater: GNOME SEEKING ADVENTURERS!
Harfur Glumtoes, gnome scholar, has been advertising for a party of adventurers to handle a matter of "some delicacy". He is said to have moved to Edgewater recently, apparently to continue working on a research project. When not busy with his work, he holds occasional poetry readings from his many tomes of poetry.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Ægypt-Keshu Border, Fort Nefer-Khufu: FORTRESS FREED FROM UNDEAD!
The remnants of two columns of troops and a supply caravan whose destination was this fortress have just completed an attack on the undead who controlled it. They were able to decimate the forces of the undead with a well-executed plan that allowed them to get inside undetected. The resulting battle laid nearly all the forces within the fortress to rest, and the heroes discovered an ancient magickal artifact that had been stolen from a tomb to the north.
Apparently that artifact was the reason the soldiers had been animated, and the heroes chose to return the artifact to its source.

Ægypt, Tombs north of AEgypt-Keshu Border: MAGICKAL WARD RETURNED TO DESECRATED TOMB
The heroes who saved Fort Nefer-Khufu also returned a powerful magickal neckpiece to a tomb that was desecrated a little while earlier. In so doing, they returned a rather irate mummy to its final rest, although they were ordered by the mummy to fetch the rest of its funerary accoutrements. They speculate all are held by the same raiders who stole the neckpiece.
They are hot on the trail of the raiders now.

One of the city's most popular theatres, called the Orb, burned down recently during the opening performance of a new play. The play was the work of one Sir Andru, Lord Weber, and it involved some special effects with a chandalier. Unfortunately, during the performance, the lines holding the chandalier frayed and broke, and the candles caused a fire in the theatre. The cast, crew, and audience all escaped unharmed, though an era in London plays has just ended. The play will be opening again in another theatre after the set is reconstructed, and it is said that they will be using magickal lighting for the next run.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

A large, black metallic beetle located about 10 miles south of Media has recently disappeared. The beetle, measuring some 10' long, 8' across, and 7' high, had been in the location for as long as anyone can remember. The Sage Thartis, of Media, suspects that a cult of beetle worshippers has taken the item back to Afrik. According to Thartis, the cult stems from an ancient civilization, thought to be long buried in the deserts of Northern Afrik. He is at a loss, however, to explain how they could have possibly transported it there.
There have been rumors that the beetle is an artifact, one of 13 such devices created centuries ago. These devices, possibly war machines of some kind, were eventually taken by various Greater Beings to serve their foul purposes. Several other beetles have been spotted over the years, and now it is feared that they may once again have activated.
A small group of adventurers out of Hunedora, mainly under the umbrella of the Mage Karloff, have investigated the disappearance but have come up with nothing. For more information, contact the Sage Thartis in Media, at his home (john@crete.ucdavis.edu).

Transylvania, Odorhe: WITCHES SPOTTED
Local peasants and woodsmen claim that they have seen witches riding through the night sky at several times during the last few months. These claims have been dispensed as mere superstition and the work of idle minds. Local officials have ordered longer work hours for all laborers as a result. For more information, seek just about any hovel-dweller out in Odorhe and its immediate vicinity to the west, near the woods (john@crete.ucdavis.edu).

Vlachia, Woods North of Craiova: GIANT STAGS HUNTED
Sir Gilbert, a notable land holder of Craiova, has put a reward out for the head of a giant stag seen in the woods 25 miles north of the city. The stag, a 20-pointer, stands over 8' high at the shoulder. According to Sir Gilbert, hunting has been unsuccessful more than several times, and the last time he went out with some of his men, two of his mercenaries were laid to rest. Moribund S. Minesweeper, a friend of the lord, offered to retrieve the stag's head for him, but was also unsuccessful. According to Moribund and his associates, the stag seems to be protected by the very forest itself. He has returned north to Transylvania, but messages may be left for either Moribund or Sir Gilbert at the lord's estate 10 miles north of Craiova (john@crete.ucdavis.edu).
On a similar note, the apparent cause behind the disappearances of several children from outlying villages of Craiova has been discovered. Lurking within a ruined tower in the center of the forest was found to be a small undead dragon. The beast is still there, as no one yet has had the courage to deal with it.

Send any comments/questions regarding this stuff to, you guessed it:


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Reader's Corner

(This is a forum for asking questions of the other readers, and discussing issues pertaining to various fantasy gaming systems)

Here is something for FNN:
I am sure most of the readership of FNN is aware of the level limit/game balance discussions on rec.games.frp.dnd. Here is what I've been doing in my latest campaign with demi-humans:

Elves: -1 str, +1 dex
Dwarves: +1 con
Half-Elves, Humans, Orcs: No adjustments
Halflings: -2 str, +1 dex

I've done away with most of the special abilities of demi-humans, replacing them with fairly detailed cultures. This seems to work in my campaign (for me anyways) because instead of picking a race solely on the merit of special abilities, players are choosing to play characters of a certain race for the roleplaying possibilities.
Of course in doing away with demi-human special abilities, I've done away with their level limits as well. Also, to compensate dwarves and halflings for their 6" movement rate, the latter are still resistant to poison while the latter are resistant to both poison and magic. Most of the demi-humans continue to have their increased life- spans as well. Not everything can be fair :).
Another effect this has had is a shake-up in what races are allowed to be what. I've been fairly free to develop what races can be from their cultural contexts rather than having to worry about "balancing". Thus you have multi-classed humans (though they might start out a bit older), and dwarven evokers (that con bonus and all), etc.
I am interested in any comments, flames, etc. that the readership might have to this. Thank you.

Sandy E. Murphy: IO01092@MAINE.maine.edu

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Instant (N)PC'S!

At a suggestion from Sandy Murphy, I am starting a column where PC's and NPC's can be submitted for the DM who needs an instant NPC. Hopefully you will find this useful!

This is a starting character that will be played this Saturday.

Kitiara of Argos (Kitti) 1st Level Fighter
St. 18/67 In 08 Wi 09 De 12 Co 13 Ap 14 Hits 10

Javelin (jaculum), Scutum (body shield), Battle Axe (bipennis)
Specialist with the 1Hd Bipennis
added +1 AC with body shield
Carpentry 18
Farming 04
Horsewomanship 12
Battle Equipment
Lorica Hamata (mail) AC 4, 9" mv, 48 lbs.
Scutum 15 lbs.
Bipennis 5 lbs.
Pugio (Dagger) 1 lb.
3 jacula (javelins) 8 lbs. (includes case)

She has other equipment but with her battle gear she can carry an additional 122 lbs. before her movement is lessened.

Player: Heidi Wood
Sex: F Age: 18 Hei: 6'2" Wei: 230 lbs. Hair: Red
Eyes: Green Race: Human
Description: She has very long hair falling in bright red curls reaching almost to her waist. Across the bridge of her nose are a light peppering of freckles. She wears a matched set of miniature wooden dragon earrings, carved for her by her father when she was a child.
She has taken to having her clothes custom-tailored to accentuate her femininity because she is concerned that because of her size and strength, people will not see her as a woman. [Actually, this is more in her mind than how she is generally treated by her society.]
She has a distinctive stare and deliberate blink that she uses to signal to someone she is close to that she doesn't understand what is going on, what someone just said, etc.
Emotional Hang-ups, Mental Handicaps, etc: She is afriad that people will see her as a man or at least as unfeminine. Hence she has not fought her nickname, Kitti, as she sees this as an unmasculine nickname.
She is upset and touched by the sight of suffering animals. Kitti will devote a lot of effort and expensive to help creatures in distress [though it would never occur to her to be a vegetarian].
Parents, occupation, status, location, closeness to character: Her father is a master carpenter and he creates little wooden masterpieces from scraps of wood in his spare time. her mother is a seamstress. Of course both they, their children that are still living at home [those that aren't but are visiting], and their hired hands work the family farm [which is a requirement for citizenship in the city-state].
She is very close to both of her parents but she feels closer to her father because she thinks that she has fulfilled most of her father's expectations, while perhaps she may have fallen short of her mother's desires [actually she hasn't and her mother doesn't know she feels this way]. Her strongest desire is to travel and she thinks that her mother wants her to settle down.

When she is having a hard time learning something and she just doesn't get it or has some sort of set-b back, she will often have a mild temper tantrum. For example, she is having a hard time learning to bake bread which has led to a lot of airborne dough.
Mentally slow but steady, a hard worker with a sense of humor, loveable and dependable.
A nice person who likes people but has a constant, nagging fear regarding how people view her.
Travel, help her family and city.
She is trying to learn to cook. This has resulted in her mother having the kitchen remodeled. She also likes to ride horses by herself.

[This character has not been played yet. I am looking forward to seeing how she works out in play.]

Sandy E. Murphy: io01092@maine.maine.edu

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