Volume #1, Issue #2 (Oct 30, 1992)

Hack and Slash Man/Editor:msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

World Index

  1. Original
    1. Helliconia
    2. Vir
    3. Emerald Forest
    4. Farport
    5. Cord
    6. Unnamed
    7. Greg
    8. 4 Kingdoms
  2. Forgotten Realms
    1. Kara-Tur


Original: Helliconia

More than 20 citizens were killed in the market-place yesterday by unknown means. A man clad in a plate mail armor, but unarmed, wandered into a crowd during a recruitment speech made by the Paladin Bah. He raised his right arm, and a complex network of blue energy threads spread from it to all the people inside a 20' radius around him. The network spread with those few who were healthy enough to try to run away, and "infected" those it touched.
The net turned blood red from the affected people an inwards to the centre where the strange man stood. Most peop le passed out right away, but those who did not obviously suffered terrible pains. Bah charged to the attack, but seemed to have great difficulties when he entered the network. The man was felled with a single sword-stroke when he arrived, and the network disappeared.
His movements were later researched, and it seems as if he appeared out of thin air in a nearby alley. Those who were trapped in the network seems to've been completely drained for blood. The corpse of the strange man has been questioned by clerics of Tyr, but little has been learned beyond the fact that he came from Vecnaria, from a citadel called Sandwall. Oddly enough, the strange man doesn't seem to've been evil according to Bah.

The corpse of the strange man who was responsible for the market-place killings yesterday has disappeared, and no amount of scrying seems able to locate him. The guard of the church of Tyr who was guarding his coffin was found dead in another place in the complex this morning, drained of blood.


Original: Vir

Along the Via Populorum (Road of the People)
Organa Mulhanus, the guardian [sheriff] of one of the small settlements along the Via Populorum has sent a message by pigeon to Indigo Montoya [a ranger who owes her a favor] requesting that she keep an eye out for her sword since someone stole it last night. The longsword is of great power and being of Viristi [Greco- Roman elves] make, it is of course distinctive [Indigo knows what it looks like]. The sword is fairly old [600 years] and is a family heirloom, being forged during Vir's [the Viristi state] imperial heyday. Etched on the blade in bold letters are the the words "Vinco, Jungo, Dormio". The pommel is pitted and burnt from where someone applied acid to deface the stamp of the swordmaker and the year in which it was made....
You know about the trouble down south on the Via Populorum? [See FNN Vol #1, Issue #1] Well, I saw an army of men, a lot of whom were heavy horsemen, marching toward the trouble. Who were they? I don't really know but they were wearing red and they had white swords on a red background painted on their shields. They looked like a rough bunch and by the size of their baggage train I'd say they came to stay!

Sandy Murphy: io01092@maine.maine.edu

Original: Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest
The two-day trek from Blackwood to Thurndall has never been a perilous undertaking, yet recently, over a handful of souls who have commenced the journey never arrived at their destination. Of particular interest is that the disappearances have been confined to individuals traveling alone. The renowned knight, Sir Belcross of Varodar, reported hearing a rather chaotic and disturbing series of melodies (to use the term loosely) played on a flute as he rode from Blackwood to Thurndall. The incident took place at night, and the music came from deep within the forest. After having heard enough of this, Sir Belcross dismounted and proceeded to investigate. Oddly, the very instant he set foot within the forest's boundary (i.e., walked past the outermost tree), the incoherent music ceased abruptly. Sir Belcross later described the music as "chillingly haunting, yet strangely alluring".

Sandra S. Stanford: stanford@lonestar.utsa.edu

Original: Farport

The small dock-side bar, The Jaggd Edj, was site of some most strange happennings last eve past. It seems a number of young men and women came to the tavern and sat at a table together not saying a word. They stared at each other for some time, paying heed not to the crowd surrounding them, nor the barkeep trying to serve them. Suddenly, and all patrons of the place at the time have verified this, the entire table disappearred. Then re-appearred with the people in the same state. After a while, each had a drink and left. It was heard by some the mumbles about "...a beautiful rose to save the world.." and "..a castle on the hill...". If any knowledgable folk know what this may mean, or the where-abouts of any of those involved in this occurance, please contact this scribe.


Original: Cord

A city of the Free City Alliance
Rumors are still flying in the city about the aborted assasination attempt on Price Arkenshield. Was it a disgruntled merchant? The Brotherhood of the Night? Or his wife? Only time may tell.
The city fathers of Cord are pleased to announce that they have signed a contract with a dwarven mining company from the Western Kingdoms to construct a complete set of sewers under the city. Though the costs will be high, the long term benifits to the city will be well worth it.
The newly arrived elven minstrel who was fast becoming the most popular act in Cord has apparently vanished from the city. Several well to do locals are still looking for the missing minstrel.
The roads east of the city appear to have grown more dangerous as fall approaches. Master Send, local grain merchant, reports the loss of a grain caravan this week. City guardsmen report that the caravan was apparently attacked by a large band of orcs, last seen headed in the direction of the evil Lake Tanga. Captain Migan Stonefist reports that patrols eastward will be trebled, and an attack force is being prepared to deal with these marauding orcs.
When Master Send lost his caravan, he also lost his youngest son. Apparently the lad was on his way back from visiting relatives in Mist. Fortunately a group of adventurous citizens managed to negotiate his release from the foul orcs. This same group of citizens were also responsible for returning a recently stolen tax chest from a group of marauding bandits that performed a daring raid in the middle of Cord itself.
On a sadder note, Father Tirly of the Temple of Alara is still suffering from ill health. Apparently the main temple in Reap has still not agreed upon a replacement for the elderly and popular high priest. Let's hope the temple hierarchy makes up its mind soon, so Father Tirly can retire in peace.

Mark A. Thomas: thomas@capitol.com

Original: Unnamed

The Dark Mountains: Holy Sword held by Raven's Nest
The holy sword of Sif has been seen in a case in the lair of the Great Necromancer Raven. She and her followers display the sword daring anyone to challenge their might. It is rumored that she has large number of slaves both living and dead.

This was posted for my wife, Sally <Moondancer>

Chris Snyder: aesnyder@tomcat.lerc.nasa.gov

Original: Greg

Kingdom of Hysteria:Portsburg: Mystery of Destroyed Village Solved.
After a 3 year investigation involving several powerful wizards and priests, the destruction of a small village south of Portsburg has been solved.
Apparently a group of adventurers acquired some magical beans from local boy named Jack in trade for turning his cow Betsy into a red dragon! They planted the beans, and a giant bean stalk grew, reaching a local cloud giants castle. The party used this to climb up to the floating castle. After one of the party members, a thief, was killed after trying to hide 15 feet up on a wall from a 20 foot tall giant, the party apparently found a giant glass jar. The jar appeared empty, but curiousity lead the adventurers to open the jar, thus releasing the air elemental that was being held prisoner therein. The hapless adventurers found themselves in free-fall as other elementals, that were holding up the castle, joined their newly released friend and fled the area.
The castle fell on a nearby village, destroying it entirely. The (mis)adventurers apparently escaped via magical means. A survivor of the tragedy reported a palidan and a cleric of Quay valiantly trying to aid the village.
Gormadoc Gromalkin, priest and mage of Quay, was unavailable for comment.

Kingdom of Amnesia:Eveningstar: Wanted: Innkeeper
The Black Dragon Inn is a small startup operation in Eveningstar and the owners are in need of a fulltime innkeeper. Current staff consists of a cook, a stable boy, and waitress. The owners are looking for a newly retired member of the Purple Dragons, local town watches or the Waterdeep city guards that would be interested in retiring to the peaceful environs of Eveningstar. Salary to be 5 GP per month plus 5% of the profits (negotiable). The inn is newly constructed by the finest craftsmen in Eveningstar. Interested parties are invited to contact Cyric, Gwalchmai, or Rass Allasi at the Black Dragon Inn, Eveningstar, Kingdom of Amnesia.

Kingdom of Amnesia:Eveningstar: The Black Dragon Inn Welcomes You to Eveningstar
Adventurers in the area of Eveningstar are invited to stop in for a rest, good food and drink at this fine establishment. Our fine cook, a young lady by the name of Samantha, prepares fine hearty meals for the discriminating adventurer and traveler. Meals and drinks are served by the charming Donna, our waitress. Local wines are a feature of our menu.

Kingdom of Amnesia:Trader's Point: Adventures Needed
The Mariner's Guild in Trader's Point are in need of brave adventurers to clear out some skeletons that are infesting the approaches to Abbey Isle. The island was cleared of Zhentarim by another adventuring party, but the main landing on the island remains infested. Contact the Mariner's Guild, Trader's Point, Kingdom of Hysteria.

Kingdom of Amnesia:Eveningstar: Mud Sorcerer's Tomb Sought
A party of adventurers, lead by the Gwalchmai the elf, sporting a tatoo of a Black Dragon on the left side of his face, are reported to be searching for the tomb of one of the long lost Mud Sorcerers in the Stonelands. They had apparently encountered some clues during their recent foray into the jungles of the Death Zone.

Greg Booth: booth@mdd.comm.mot.com

Original: 4 Kingdoms

Ambassador Recognized (Kiron)
The Island Kingdom of Kiron has officially recognized the Ambassador from the distant Tyresian Empire. Noble houses are divided on the wisdom of such a decision. Sources close to the King say that the Kingdom is no shape to protect itself from the advancing Tyresian horde, and that an alliance is the only way to save the Kingdom; others see is as signalling the destruction of Kironian way of life.

Dragon Nullifies Treaty (Kiron)
Without claiming reason, the Dragon Argentum has nullified the Treaty between himself and the Island Kingdom. Sources close to the King were unavailable for comment. The Treaty calls for a large payment of silver to be made on a monthly basis to the Dragon, who in turn, allows agents of the Kingdom to mine for the precious adamantite ore in the Central Range. The payments are still being made in hopes that a further accord might be reached. The King has tasked Sir Ulfius, Baron of Dulcinea, to provide protection for the payments, lest they be set upon by looters. Private bounty hunters have already moved into the mountains to search for the beast, an action sanctioned by the Kingdom, nor the Baronies of Dulcinea and Garwen.

Truce Signed (Hubran)
The Kingdom-State of Hubran has agreed in principle to a truce with the Tyresian Empire. The truce would provide Hubran with the status of Ally as opposed to Conquered Land (such as S'ilaran, which fell more than 4 years ago). Hostilities along River Ophis have already ceased in anticipation of the signing of this historic truce.
It is suggested that the Tyresians have agreed to this accord in light of the fact that they have not yet been able to break the Hubran defenses at River Ophis for more than 4 years, a series of long battles that have cost both sides dearly in both Men and resources.

Grainery Fire (City of Trevor, Hubran)
Three of four of the Overlord's grainery silos fell victim to fire early yesterday; the fourth was seemingly spared only due to sheer luck. The fire broke out in the wee hours of the morning, prior to sunrise. All efforts to contain the fire were useless; only a sudden shift of the winds kept the fire from raging into the fourth silo. There were no deaths associated with the accident, whose cause is still under investigation. One suspect, a raging barbarian, said to be more than 7 feet tall with a long, wild beard and a huge battle-axe has been noted by authorities.
The Overlord's Silos are the primary storage facility for all the grain in Trevor. The Merchant Families pay the Overlord a small tax for the priviledge of storing their grains within. The silos are said to be the most secure place in the Middle City.

Dragon Hunt (Kiron, Barony of Gaheris)
The Baron of Gaheris himself has organized a Dragon Hunt destined for the Whitesnake Swamp, convinced of the existence of the legendary Black Wyrm. Sources close to the Baron say that the young son of the late Baron is "tired of sitting around a drafty castle all day", and seeks adventure. Whether the Black Wyrm exists or not is left to conjecture. The Hunt, which set out less than a fortnight ago, should be reaching the Swamp any day now.

Tournament Twist (Kiron, Duchy of Alutaine)
Sir Althaea of Emerson, the first Lady Knight, Champion of Alutaine, has won her first joust. In breaking with tradition, Sir Althaea named the Duchess herself Queen of Love and Beauty, an honor normally reserved for a young maiden in whom the champion may be interested. There was no official comment from the Order of the Crown; the Duke hailed it as another example of Sir Althaea's complete dedication to the Code of Atturh and the Tenets of Chivalry.

Peasant Revolt Quashed (Kiron, Barony of Galatine)
After an unpopular ruling of justice against a local baker, peasants in the seat of Galatine revolted against their lord. The revolt was put down in less than 5 days. 50 men were executed for their part in the revolt.

Locals Rise Up (S'ilaran, Danthorp)
In an unprecendented type of revolt, a number of residents of the town of Danthorp (pop. 1000), rose up successfully against the Tyresian constabulatory and then fled into the wilderness. After the final rotation of the 100 or so Tyresian law-enforcement troops arrived for the winter, the locals managed to lock the majority of them into their barracks, barricading it with wagons, and set it ablaze. The Overlord was slain in his sleep, and the Captain of the Guard, as well as the three night patrols of six men each were cut down in the streets by gangs of sword-wielding maniacs. News of this uprising did not reach the local Tyresian governor until after the spring thaw, by which time the traitors had fled into the Valley of Shadow. No news on Tyresian retribution on the town of Danthorp has come forth. From where the locals obtained the weapons, which are strictly forbidden to Silaranites in occupied lands, is still under investigation. Tyresian officials conclude this may have been part of a larger emancipation operation.

Missing Harp (Hubran, Trevor)
An ivory-inlaid harp, an heirloom of the Family Harnock, was stolen from the courier that was transporting it from Thorpwick to Trevor. Details are still sketchy, but it is rumored that the mercenary company the Doom Wraiths, and their leader, the alleged sorcerer known only as The Jorlock, were somehow involved, but no longer are in possession of the harp. The current possessor of the harp is said to have fled to Mountainshade, and possibly even the depths of the Dreswood Forest to escape both the wrath of The Jorlock and Family Harnock.

Challenger Defeated by Lorish Guest (Kiron, Mele'Kiron)
A banquet attendee who insulted the visiting Ambassador Belekos of Tyresias, was defeated in fair combat by Phillippe of Thousands Ashes, a visitor to Mele'Kiron, in the company of Count Ulric von Darnor of the Barony of Scarthane. Apparently the insultor, an insignificant minor noble, claimed that all Tyresians were witches, and demanded justice. When none of the King's Knights would champion the Tyresian Ambassador, Phillippe of Thousand Ashes did so, claiming not for the defense of the Ambassador, but for the honor of the King, his gracious host. After allowing the challenger the first strike, and absorbing a near-fatal blow, the Lor, wielding an unusual weapon called the Halberd, and in a blinding flash of steel, disarmed the challenger, then with an even swifter move, pulled the noble off his feet and offered mercy, which was accepted. The noble proclaimed the Ambassador's innocence and the banquet continued further.
The banquet had been held in honor of Count Sir Ulric von Darnor of Scarthane, whom the King has granted fostership of Prince Victor, claiming von Darnor to be a Knight of Quality and man of honor. Although the fostering of noble sons to other nobles is commonplace, the King's granting of fostership to von Darnor, a hero of Blade Brigade during the war and author of many great and knightly deeds, raised several eyebrows. Certainly the King slighted many other great and higher-ranking Knights, and for yet unknown reasons.

Ristonofer: menery@anthem.gn7cg.osd.mil

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Forgotten Realms

Silverymoon toward Ascore
A group of adventurers are currently going to Ascore on their way to the Pillar of Thoras located deep in the Anauroch desert where an powerful oracle is rumored to be located. As they are nearing Ascore, an earthquake (the first in centuries since the creation of Anauroch itself by the Phaerims) shake the region. Strange undead (like semi intelligent skeleton) are seen stalking the party, but always from distance. They are nearing the hill caverns that lead down to Ascore. They hope to learn there the location of one of the Seven Swords of Wayland.

The Wanderer: sylvain_robert@uqtr.uquebec.ca

Pirate Isles
Conditions have worsened in the war-torn town of Scrape. An alliance between the Goblins and Orcs temporarily threatened to push the balance of power in favor of the Humanoid Faction, but the sudden appearence of a force of Grey Dwarves acting in support of the Humans of Scrape has thrown things into chaos once more. The month long conflict has even spilled out to sea as pirate vessals acting in support of the various factions have begun attacking each other through out the isles. The overall effect has been a reduction in pirate attacks in the Sea of Fallen Stars and an increase in trade for Sembia, Cormyr, and other nations bordering the Sea.

The Zhentarim have increased thier reward for information on those responsible for the capture of one of thier vessals in Scardale last month to 2,000 gold. A FNN Bard-on-the-Scene interviewed Anton Longstride, a Ranger from the woods north of Scardale who reports seeing "A big black boat like the one the Zhents lost" sailing into Brock's Cove last week. "Loaded up a gang of Bugbears, Ogres, and Frost Giants and sailed away to the south, it did." he added. Anton goes on to say that he SWEARS he saw a couple of elves leading the humanoids, but our Bard-on-the-Scene comments that the Ranger had partaken of several drinks by that time and might not be entirly credible.

Jon Gad jng53092@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

Daggerford Local Baron's daughter rescued by militia from sacrifice by coven of evil witches.
A group of Elite Daggerford Militia turned up to the small village of Clearwater as guests of Baron Perne at his daughter's wedding, only to discover she was missing. Extensive investigation has revealed that she was under an enchantment by a local witch, and had been kidnapped. She was intended as a victim in a ritual sacrifice at an evil stronghold east of Secomber, but fortunately the militia group rescued her, having to defeat a whole coven of witches in the process. The wedding took place a few days later than planned.

Mike Whitaker: mikew@mdcbbs.com

To all ye who have not yet been in Suzail after the time of Troubles : Come and see the Glorious Temple of Ishtar Goddess of Love & War. (You just can't miss it everybody knows where it's located just look for that *WHITE* giant Temple complex. It's located next to Vangaderhasts Tower) And say hello to Rahasia Priestess of Ishtar.

Waterdeep-Baldur's Gate-Calimshan
The new Giant Cruise Ship The Princess is currently on it's way to the 'Coprica Isles` (a new discovered isle group far west of Calimshan). `Princess Voyages & Co' is busy turning this exotic tropical paradise into the place to spend a sweet sunny and Adventurous Holiday. It is said that they'll build a nice holiday village and they'll be turning one of the isles into a real Safari Isle for people who want to have some fun hunting down Monsters and Stuff like that. Watch out for the return of The Princess because it's also said that she'll bring nice merchandise from these Isles.

Thay lost some of it's Red Wizards. Beware this place because the Conjurers down here are quite Pissed of and they're hunting down everyone who could be the one who Killed some very experienced members of their school including an ArchMage (Yes they should better stick with their school and not try Teleporting ! (What actaually happened: Some conjurers made a pact with some natives of the Elemental plane of Fire and started opening Gates. Rahasia and friends took care of this and Killed some Conjurers in the Process. Because of this Slaughter an Archmage tried teleporting in to Rescue his fellows from the slaughter but a Limited Wish corrupted his Teleport and he materialized his body into the roof of a Farm :) ) The Problem with the appearing Fire gates is said to be completely solved all the gates dissapeared abruptly.

Vinnie v892079@si.hhs.nl

The free city of Westgate has issued an edict banning all animals except wizards' familiars (and there was some discussion about that, too) within the city walls. This is an apparent reaction to the recent horde of animals which poured from the Leiran temple there. Queries at that temple produced (surprise, surprise) no useful results.

Forgotten Realms: Kara-Tur

The spelljamming port of Chunming was under strict control for the early part of the month before last - NO ships were being allowed to leave and ALL new arrivals were being warned off. The city was under quarantine, and, as far as could be gathered, all persons who had encountered the crew of the vessels Frostfire and Phoenix were being requested to come forward, or being searched out, and were subjected to intensive magical examination, and in some cases, were not seen again. Indication of the seriousness with which the Chunming authorities were treating the problem was manifest when the sage and wizard Elminster, from the Western Realms, arrived to asist with investogations. Several buildings in the city had been razed to the ground with magical fire by the city authorities, apparently in an attempt to combat whatever the cause of the quarantine is.

City authorities, with the aid of some adventurers, have broken up a mysterious cult within the city. The cult's symbol is that of a stylised six-limbed humanoid, and as far as could be ascertained they are, or hopefully were, some kind of evil fertility cult.

Mike Whitaker: mikew@mdcbbs.com

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