(Purple) elevator
(Yellow) train
(Blue) deep water
(Green) ladder
(White) teleporter
(LiteBlue) shallow water
(Gray) open land
(Red) crawlspace

This version doesn't have the 'AI' demo in it yet... I'll soon add a very simple bot to traverse this 'world' the SABIN bot made when playing id software's Quake 2 game. The SABIN bot itself has planning AI and other higher AI layers where this demo is merely going to be a smart alogrithim to demonstrait how the SABIN bot uses SRPII to remember map layout and comprehend the Quake 2 world better.

Due to Netscape's stupidity in not supporting "100% Pure" Java, I've been forced to write lame hacks. ;) When I get time I'll make it all better.

Click on buttons to toggle graphics types for bot location node, node id, linkage, an entire map of color-coded map nodes, etc.

To look at other SRPs you'll currently need a to get a SRPII routetable to ChemModel's XYZ script converter in win95 or linux format - this also generates the NFO script file too. Note that I made changes to the XYZ format for my needs. I'm currently trying to read the SRP directly from the C binary. Problem is that I need type conversions from C binary int to Java. Ex: read a binary C int into a Java program.
Send email to DS if you know of a java libaray that's fast enough to use in an applet.

- add a simple AI to watch it run around
- add a point of reference for rookies... water tends to stay 'down' people
- take over the world with jamie... (his .plan)

ChemModel 1.3 Copyright (c) 1994-1996 Sun Microsystems
Java (c) 1993-1998 Sun Microsystems
Shiva Routing Protocol (c) 1996-1998 Terry 'DS' Hendrix
S.A.B.I.N. Base (c) 1997-1998 Alan Kivlin, Terry 'DS' Hendrix II, and William van der Sterren
DarkBOT (c) 1995-1996 Terry 'DS' Hendrix II
SRP II (c) 1998 Terry 'DS' Hendrix II and William van der Sterren
Quake 2 (c) 1997-1998 id Software
Netscape is (c) 1994-1998 Netscape Communications Corp.

SRPIIdemo.java: is currently a modified version of ChemModel 1.3
Gees... you have to go to damn law school to learn about AI these days.