Matthew T. Carlson

23144 Vista Way
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 836-9671



Broadcom 22 Oct 2001 to Present
Software Engineer - Gigabit Ethernet Driver Maintainer 22 Oct 2001 to Nov 2003

Maintained Broadcom's gigabit ethernet driver for the bcm57xx series of chips.

Software Engineer - Firmware Maintainer 22 Oct 2001 to Nov 2003

Maintainer of the CFE (Common Firmware Environment) bootloader for Broadcom's cable settop box superchips. Position required commanding knowledge of the MIPS processor and its assembly language. Ported several network drivers and aquired critical debugging skills. Duties included porting subsystem drivers (USB, UART, flash, etc), facilitating hardware technicians, maintaining software releases and support website, and assisting user problems.
Broadband Interactive Group 13 May 2001 to 24 September 2001
Software Engineer - Created compelling Interactive Television (ITV) demos for Broadcom reference design settop boxes. Tasks included modifying and backporting kernel drivers, porting or creating new subsystem libraries, and cross-compiling binaries.
Loki Entertainment Software 04 January 1999 to May 2001
Lead Programmer - Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, Rune, Deus Ex

In addition to the developer items below, position responsibilities included : conducting beta tests, estimating project completion dates, managing source code version control and bug tracking systems, mediating newsgroups, creating project build environments, documentation creation and review, and configuring compiler optimizations.
Developer - Civilization : Call to Power, Heavy Gear 2, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Unreal Tournament

Primary tasks were to port video, audio, networking, filesystem, and event / input subsystems to Open Source, Linux alternatives. MSVC specific coding assumptions and language extensions had to be ported to their gcc equivalents, if equivalents existed. External and inline assembly routines had to be ported to their NASM or gas equivalents. For those projects whose subsystems were implemented on other hardware architectures, endian and type size issues also had to be addressed.
Special projects

Illinois State University Spring 1996 to Winter 1998
Debugger and Tutor - Acquired critical code reading and maintenance skills. Lab Assistant - Assisted in instructing students how to write structured C programs. Technical Assistant - Evaluated the students' projects and performance.

United Stated Army July 1992 to November 1994
Fire Support Specialist (13F10) - Demonstrated ability to work in a team and to delegate authority when guidance was unavailable. Earned numerous awards for significant achievements. Trained to be productive under pressure and to meet strict deadlines. Pursued multiple opportunities for professional advancement. Recognized the importance of thorough documentation and effective communication.


Illinois State University Spring 1995 - Winter 1999
Major : Computer Science, Minor : Mathematics, GPA : 3.02 / 4.0 - 25 semester hours remaining.

Irvine Valley College Fall 2000

References available upon request