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When you're bored.

Since not everyone is able to fully appreciate the joys of AAUT, or even AAEllen, I thought I'd make some movies for the less fortunate among us.

To view the hires movies, I use:

xterm -fn micro -geometry 240x150 -e bzip2 -cd movie-hires.txt.bz2

To view the lores ones, you want something a little more like:

xterm -geometry 80x25 -e bzip2 -cd movie-lores.txt.bz2

Yes, the timiing is probably completely off. It's about right for me on the hires ones, but YMMV. The lores ones will take very_little_time (TM) to run on most modern machines, so I recommend you buy a dumb terminal to watch them on.

There is no sound. So be it. If I really feel the urge, I'll put something together to fix the timings and add sound, but at the moment, I simply can't be bothered.

Theoretically, this should work on OSX and cygwin no problem, but since I've not tested it...

Ellen Feiss: LoRes (250k) HiRes (3.9M)
Unreal Tourney: LoRes (1.2M) HiRes (10M)
UnrealI: LoRes (690k) HiRes (6.7M)

Some technical details

First, - one of my writings on this topic.

Once you've grasped that, you need to worry yourself with some banalities to /actually/ get UT to run in a linux console. The same goes for Myth2, UnrealI, or anything else you please.

Without an X mouse or server to connect to, UT will do nasty things. So in order to get this running, you need to give it an X server to connect to [even if you're running on a dumb terminal or the linux console], and then get the output going out through the console.

Most of that's been discussed before, but a few commands now:

export AAOPTS="-driver slang -mousedriver X11 -width 80 -height 25"
export DISPLAY=:0
export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=aalib

Will do what you need, providing everything UT requires for it not to bomb.

When you're in X [this is how I got the hires dumps], you needn't export the DISPLAY, but it is recommended that you get up a console of the correct size, using something like:
xterm -fn micro -geometry 240x150

Then, in that console:

export AAOPTS="-driver slang -mousedriver X11 -width 240 -height 150"
export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=aalib
cd /usr/local/games/ut/
./ut > /tmp/aa/ut-hires.txt
bzip2 /tmp/aa/ut-hires.txt

If you're getting bad performance issues, then you can try adding the options "-nodim -nobold", and possibly "-noboldfont" to the aalib options, either via the AAOPTS env.variable, or the command line, eg:

xterm -fn micro -geometry 240x150 -e aafire -driver slang -width 240 \
 -height 150 -nobold -nodim -loop

As a quick aside, if you have the DVD of the Matrix, something like this may be of interest:

xterm -fn micro -geometry 240x150 -e aaxine -driver slang -width 240 \
 -height 150 dvd://01.1 dvd://02.0 dvd://02.1 dvd://02.2 dvd://02.3 \
 dvd://02.4 dvd://02.5 dvd://02.6 dvd://03.0 dvd://03.1 dvd://03.2

Please, please, please don't take me seriously, at all, ever.

Gary (-;

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