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Todo List

Member AnimEvent::AnimEvent (Object *obj, Uint16 length, Uint16 edelay=0, Uint32 switchstate=NOTHING, Mix_Chunk *asound=NULL, EmptyAnimationPtr runanim=EmptyAnimationPtr())
Get rid of the delanim parameter

Class Bomb
How to create TriggeredBomb when we use dynamic plugins, etc? (ok for now)

Member Character::fall (Uint16)
clean up this mess with fall/move

Member Character::move (Uint16 dt, bool check=false)
clean up this mess with move and fall

Class Erik
Implement water (STATE_WATER)

Add jump and run attacks

Class Fang
Add claw attack

Class Monster
Clean up the mess of AI functions.

Member Monster::addTouch (std::set< Object * > &)
Clean up this mess

Member Object::clearEvents ()
Is there a way to solve this better?

Member Object::pos
Document this! Upper left logical position of the object (used for decisions)

Class ObjectsPool
Move the Object creation code to the objects and remove all dependencies to the objects/ headers.

Cleanup the whole mess.

Member ObjectsPool::addObjectbyName (const string &obj, Sint16 x=0, Sint16 y=0, const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap(), bool outside=false)
Move this code to the objects Add objects by their names

Member Player::addEnter (std::set< Object * > &)
dynamic_casts are not nice solutions

Class Scenario
Move the Caches into the current map as well?

Namespace std
Create a game class and move almost all remaining global variables/functions there...

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