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Bomb Member List

This is the complete list of members for Bomb, including all inherited members.

act(Object *obj)Bomb [virtual]
anim_orig (defined in Object)Object [protected]
animation (defined in Object)Object [protected]
Bomb(Sint16 xpos=0, Sint16 ypos=0, const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap()) (defined in Bomb)Bomb
default_parameters (defined in Bomb)Bomb [static]
delete_flag (defined in Object)Object [protected]
destroy() (defined in Object)Object [inline, virtual]
enter(Object *)Object [inline, virtual]
event (defined in Object)Object [protected]
getCenter() constObject [inline]
getDrawPos() const (defined in Object)Object
getFrame() const (defined in Object)Object
getName() (defined in Object)Object [inline]
getPos() (defined in Object)Object [inline]
getState(Uint32 cstate) const (defined in Object)Object [inline]
getType() const (defined in Object)Object [inline]
idle(Uint16)Object [inline, virtual]
isDeleted() (defined in Object)Object [inline]
isIn(const SDL_Rect &rect, bool touch=false) constObject
isRunning() const (defined in Object)Object
Item(Sint16 xpos=0, Sint16 ypos=0, const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap()) (defined in Item)Item
leave(Object *)Object [inline, virtual]
loadAnimation(string anim_name, double scale_factor=1, BasePointType abp_type=BP_MD, Uint16 aanimation_type=ATYPE_LOOP, double afps=0, AllignType aallign_type=AT_MD)Object
loadAnimation(const Image &abase_image, Uint16 aframes=1, BasePointType abp_type=BP_MD, Uint16 aanimation_type=ATYPE_LOOP, double afps=0, Uint16 astart_pos=0, AllignType aallign_type=AT_MD)Object
loadAnimation(const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap())Object
mark_delete()Object [inline]
name (defined in Object)Object [protected]
Object(Sint16 xpos=0, Sint16 ypos=0, const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap()) (defined in Object)Object
onum (defined in Object)Object
operator<(const Object &obj) const (defined in Object)Object
otype (defined in Object)Object [protected]
owner (defined in Item)Item [protected]
parameters (defined in Object)Object [protected]
posObject [protected]
resetAnimState()Object [virtual]
setAnim(EmptyAnimationPtr anim, bool start=false)Object
setEvent(Event *ev)Object [virtual]
setOwner(Player *plr)Item [inline]
setPos(Sint16 xcord, Sint16 ycord)Object
setState(Uint32 cstate) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
setType(Uint16 newtype) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
state (defined in Object)Object [protected]
switchState(Uint32 cstate) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
switchType(Uint16 newtype) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
touch(Object *)Object [inline, virtual]
unsetState(Uint32 cstate) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
unsetType(Uint16 oldtype) (defined in Object)Object [inline]
untouch(Object *)Object [inline, virtual]
updateAnim(Uint16 dt)Object
updateEvents(Uint16 dt)Object
~Bomb() (defined in Bomb)Bomb [virtual]
~Item() (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
~Object() (defined in Object)Object [virtual]

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