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AnimEvent Member List

This is the complete list of members for AnimEvent, including all inherited members.

anim (defined in AnimEvent)AnimEvent [protected]
AnimEvent(Object *obj, Uint16 length, Uint16 edelay=0, Uint32 switchstate=NOTHING, Mix_Chunk *asound=NULL, EmptyAnimationPtr runanim=EmptyAnimationPtr())AnimEvent
cancel() (defined in AnimEvent)AnimEvent [virtual]
delay (defined in Event)Event [protected]
duration (defined in Event)Event [protected]
end() (defined in AnimEvent)AnimEvent [virtual]
Event(Object *obj, Uint16 length, Uint16 edelay=0, Uint32 switchstate=NOTHING)Event
owner (defined in Event)Event [protected]
reset() (defined in Event)Event [inline, virtual]
sound (defined in AnimEvent)AnimEvent [protected]
start() (defined in AnimEvent)AnimEvent [virtual]
started (defined in Event)Event [protected]
state (defined in Event)Event [protected]
tleft (defined in Event)Event [protected]
update(Uint16 dt)AnimEvent [virtual]
~Event()Event [virtual]

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