about me

Welcome to my very own part of your screen. As I mostly use this domain as a provider for my permanent email address it just contains some random information about me.

name Daniel Vogel
dob 77/03/22
nationality German
work at Epic Games, Inc.
27606 Raleigh
North Carolina
as Programmer
jobs so far 97/08/01 - 97/12/31
Fiducia AG (Programmer)

98/07/01 - 99/02/27
Harbinger AG (Web Designer)

98/08/01 - 99/10/01
ILKD (Jr. System Administrator)

99/10/01 - 00/03/31
Mathematisches Institut II (TA)

00/05/01 - 01/01/15
Loki Software, Inc. (Programmer)


beer Bellheimer, Tsingtao, Pilsner Urquell, Guiness
tv show Futurama, the Simpsons
movies Pi
The Matrix
Devil's Advocate
Schindler's List
Das Boot
Eat Drink Man Woman
computer games Normality (PC)
Quake I (PC)
Onslaught (Atari ST/ Amiga)
SpeedBall I/II (Atari ST/ Amiga)
StuntCar Racer (Atari ST)
Starglider (Atari ST)
SunDog (Atari ST)
Ballerburg (Atari ST)
Buggy Boy (Atari ST)
Pirates (C64)
California Games (64 )
M.U.L.E. (C64)


Maybe a list of all bands I saw live would make a good start:

59 times the pain, 7zuma7, ani difranco, ash, atari teenage riot, bad religion, baffdecks, bambix, beastie boys, beatsteaks, big wu, biohazard, blink 182, bloodhound gang, civ, clutch, cooper, dance hall crushers, deine lakeien, descendents, dfl, die sterne, dog eat dog, down by law, downset, dub war, faithless, faith no more, fanta 4, farmer boys, fear factory, fettes brot, garbage, guano apes, inyaface, jane's addiction, jones gang, kid rock, kmfdm, korn, metallica, millencolin, no fun at all, no use for a name, paradise lost, pennywise, phish, propaghandi, pyogenesis, rammstein, rancid, red hot chilli peppers, rollins band, royal crown revenue, ryker's, satanic surfers, schweisser, sick of it all, sheer terror, shelter, skunk anansie, slapshot, slayer, snapcase, snfu, sonic youth, strung out, such a surge, suicidal tendencies, suzanne vega, terrorgruppe, the deftones, the gathering, the offspring, type o negative, therapy, thumb, tocotronic, venom, veruca salt, vodoo glow skulls, white stripes, yeti girls, yuppicide

The above list is far from being complete as I can't think of all the bands I saw live and I had to skip the ones I can't remember the name (or even never knew it). I also skipped the bands that are not worth mentioning (from my point of view - sorry silverchair ;) )...

favourite bands clutch, thumb
favourite CD (all time) Loreena McKennitt - the book of secrets
favourite CD (current) Sisters Of Mercy - some girls wander by mistake
favourite songs clutch - spacegrass, deine lakeien - dark star, sisters of mercy - adrenochrome
songs listened to the most probable bad religion - along the way and U2 - numb
other songs worth mentioning the rolling stones - paint it black, time is on my side, sympathy for the devil, massive attack - man next door and fanta4 - der krieger
best live appearance thumb (6x), sick of it all (2x), such a surge (2x), clutch (1x)

If you have any questions, comments or whatever, go ahead and email me!