Cartoon Network within the 11pm-2am slot features a segment known as Adult Swim, or "[as]" for short (their TV bug is [adult swim]), so-called since most of the content are not for children (unlike Cartoon Network's daytime Y-rated programming). In between program segments, Adult Swim displays multi-purpose text-based flash cards. Recently, these flash cards have become a bit more interactive with [as]'s corresponding web forums on

This image was captured on 2003 Sept 18, at 23:58 Pacific Daylight Time, on Cartoon Network (Time Warner cable, channel 39), just after the finish of Futurama. Due to the blue screen and silence, at first glance, the display software appears to have crashed (resembling the infamous BSOD). The uncentered text was a dead giveaway, though. Other [as] cards indicated they use Windows and/or MacOS based softwares. Both operative systems are known for roughly-centered crash dialogs.

blue gender has caused a fatal error <BR>
Fatal hex:L4RG34NRY14DYCR0TCH <BR>

The second line is also a hint the card is a forgery (of a software crash). The line contains non-hex characters 'G', 'H', 'L', 'N', 'R', 'Y'. The purported hex is actually 1337sp33k spelling of what the [as] crew/staff think about the physiology of the giant alien[*] bugs (called "Blue") in Blue Gender, an opinion expressed several times in other (now-prior?) [as] cards adjacent to Blue Gender showings.

The third line is the attribution for the music that was playing in the background just before the blue surprise.

[*] Just call them "alien". It's an easier description to handle.

A capture in MNG format of the related [as] flash cards, regarding the [as] opinion of the Blue. (compressed time passage, infinite loop; 6 frames, 1 second per frame)

Is it us or does that Yuji guy  sound a lot like Trunks? /
Also, why do all aliens' mouths look like an angry woman's crotch? /
Just a few unrelated thoughts. /
Or are they?