Giant, Stone

Identifier: Humanoid, giant
Habitat: Subterranean Phaeree
Size: 6x human-size (10-12' tall)
Number Appearing: 1 or 3-5 (2+1D3)
Modes & Rates of Movement:
Walk: 150 yards per BT
Trot: 300 yards per BT
Run: 450 yards per BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
Geology/Mineralogy 60+6D10
Mines and Mining 60+6D10
Subterranean Orientation 60+6D10
Combat, Hand Weapons 40+4D10
Combat, Hand Weapons, Missile 40+4D10
Gemology 40+4D10
Perception, Physical 20+2D10
Speleology 20+2D10
Survival 20+2D10
Joss Factors: 1-3 (1D3)
Dodging/Avoidance: Nil/ 22, 22, 12
Attractiveness: 4-14 (2+2D6)
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 0
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Insinuation: Ferrous Metals (x2)
Contact: Ferrous Metals (x1)
Allergy: Exposure to Ferrous Metals (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point of Physical Damage per Critical Turn
Exposure to sunlight (or equivalent) inflicts 1 point of Physical Damage per Critical Turn
Average Armor Protection: 14
Quirks: Nil

Attacks    BAC  Damage Type  Base  Bonus
Fist (x2) 45 B/I* 2D6 24 Bludgeon 55 B/I* 3D6 24 Boulder 55 B/I* 3D6 **26
* Impact damage may not be absorbed by non-magickal armor
** Includes damage bonus for great mass


Name: Alter substance
Area of Effect: 100 cubic feet
Delivered by: Touch
Range: Touch
Time: 5 CTs
Duration: Permanent
Frequency: Once per day
Similar to the CG VI Dweomercraeft (Elemental School) Abram's Elemental Manipulation Formula (q.v.), with the exception that only mineral substances may be so altered.

Name: Stone passage
Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: 1 AT
Frequency: At will
Similar to the CG VI Dweomercraeft (Elemental School) Pass Through Stone Spell (q.v.).

Name: Transparent Aerth
Area of Effect: See below
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Touch
Time: 1 CT
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
Similar to the CG IV Dweomercraeft (Gray School) Transparency Formula (q.v.). The area of effect varies with the density of the material: 1000 cubic feet of dirt, 100 cubic feet of stone, 10 cubic feet of metal.

Statistical Detail

Base Scheme (+/-1D6 per ATTRIBUTE, +2 PN bonus)

M: 70 EL: 56         P:340 WL:255 CL:306  S: 40 EL: 56
MM:    35 MR:    35  PM:   180 PN:   160  SM:    20 SP:    20
MMCap: 13 MRCap: 13  PMCap: 72 PNCap: 64  SMCap:  8 SPCap:  8
MMPow: 11 MRPow: 11  PMPow: 36 PNPow: 32  SMPow:  6 SPPow:  6
MMSpd: 11 MRSpd: 11  PMSpd:*72 PNSpd:*64  SMSpd:  6 SPSpd:  6
* divide by 6 for effective PMSpd of 12 and PNSpd of 10

Armor Scheme

	Piercing	Cutting	Blunt	Fire	Chem	Stun	Electric
Ultra 16 16 16 8 8 16 8 Super 12 12 12 6 6 12 6 Vital 8 8 8 4 4 8 4 Non 4 4 4 2 2 4 2 Average 10 10 10 5 5 10 5

Commentary & Description
Although these giants are around 10-12' tall, they are broad and muscular as dwarves, so they resemble exaggerated versions of the latter. They are subterranean in habitat, love minerals, and dislike the exotic (anything outside their particular sphere). Very Superior physically, but of average intellect at best, Stone giants have only Limited to Moderate Heka powers (usage of up to 1900 Heka points).
Stone giants are able to throw boulders (Rate of Fire: 1 per CT) with the following range guidelines:
PB: 10 yards, Short: 20, Med.: 40, Long: 60, Extreme: 80

[Notes on Giants]

Created by: Dave and Michele Newton