General information about Shee.

Identifier: Humanoid (Shee)
Habitat: Phaeree, Occidental
Size: 1x human-size (6'-7' tall)
Number Appearing: 1-3 or 10-30 (in communities)
Modes & Rates of Movement: Human Standard
Walk: 1100 yards per BT
Run: 330 yards per BT
Fly: 440 yards per BT

Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard

Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:

Full Practitioner ability in one of the following vocational combinations at 50+6D10 STEEP for main K/S Areas, 30+5D10 for secondary, and 10+4D10 for tertiary ones:
Dweomercraeft (Elemental School), Sage, Warrior, OR
Dweomercraeft (Green School), Wisewoman/man, Hunter, OR
Priestcraeft (Balance), Poet/Musician, Mercenary/Soldier

Joss Factors: 7-12 (6+1D6)
Dodging/Avoidance: 5/32, 36, 32
Attractiveness: 16-18 (15+1D3)
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 0
Invulnerabilities: Weather-based magick
Insinuation: Ferrous metal (x2)
Contact: Ferrous metal (x1)
Allergy: 1 BT of exposure to ferrous metal (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD per CT thereafter.

Average Armor Protection: by armor worn (see below)
Quirks: Nil

Attacks	BAC	Damage Type	Base	Bonus
Sword	Special	By weapon	By weapon	+6
Longbow	Special	By weapon	By weapon	+6

Powers: Great (Preternatural) ability


Area of Effect: Individual only
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will

Innate ability to assume 'Fey' form per the Animalform casting.


Area of Effect: Individual only
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: Instant
Frequency: Three times per day

Per the Dweomercraeft casting of the same name.

Weather Control

Area of Effect: 5 leagues radius
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: 50 miles
Time: Special
Duration: Up to 24 hours
Frequency: Once per day

Otherwise the same as the CG V Dweomercraeft Formula (Green School) Weatherlord.

Castings: Moderate (Full Practitioner) Heka use; 1400 Heka

Statistical Detail

Base Scheme (+/-1D3)

M:	100	EL:	80	P:	110	WL:	82	CL:	99	S:	100	EL:	80
MM:	50	MR:	50	PM:	55	PN:	55	SM:	50	SP:	50
MMCap:	18	MRCap:	18	PMCap:	19	PNCap:	19	SMCap:	18	SPCap:	18
MMPow:	16	MRPow:	16	PMPow:	18	PNPow:	18	SMPow:	16	SPPow:	16
MMSpd:	16	MRSpd:	16	PMSpd:	18	PNSpd:	18	SMSpd:	16	SPSpd:	16

Armor Scheme: by individual

Commentary & Description
This race of Hobgoblin Sidhes has High abilities, great beauty, and employs Heka with Moderate ability. They also have Great Heka Powers. Although the adhshees are reclusive and prone to a highly neutral posture, they dislike deceit and injustice. If any are of malign temper and evil disposition, the adhshee will do their utmost to destroy them. Thus, this race is held in high esteem by the Seelie Court and all Faeries. As are others of their kind, adhshees are of Occidental habitat.
Adhshees are also known as the Aes Sidhe (AHH shee), or "Hosts of the Air." This name is derived from the adhshees power over the weather, particularly winds and storms.
Adhshees are most like their ancestors in their culture and dwelling sites. They prefer lavish, interconnected homes situated under lakes or hills (the latter being known as brughs). These dwelling places are highly magickal in nature, and require knowledge of the proper enchantment to open them. Since adhshees are so reclusive, such words of power are always kept closely guarded secrets.

Written up by Dave & Michele Newton.