Identifier: Humanoid, Elf
Habitat: Interior Phaeree, Occidental
Size: 1x human-size (5-7' tall, slender)
Number Appearing: 3-8 (2+1D6) or 10-60 (1D6 x10)
Modes & Rates of Movement: Human Standard
Walk: 100 yards per BT
Trot: 200 yards per BT
Run: 300 yards per BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
Full Practitioner ability, if applicable, in one of the following Vocations at 50+5D6 STEEP for main K/S Areas, 40+4D6 for secondary ones, and 30+3D6 for tertiary ones:
Dweomercraeft (Black School) with 1D3 Combat K/S Areas (rarely), or
Poet/Musician with Spellsongs and 1D3 Combat K/S Areas, or
Explorer and Primitive Hunter with Mysticism, or
Priestcraeft (Gloomy Darkness) and Primitive Seer
Heka available is Full Practitioner human norm
Joss Factors: 2-7 (1+1D6)
Dodging/Avoidance: 3 / 30, 30, 35
Attractiveness: 14
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: 5
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Insinuation: Ferrous metal (x2)
Contact: Ferrous metal (x1)
Allergy: 1 BT exposure to ferrous metal (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD per CT thereafter
Average Armor Protection: Armor or Spidersilk (see below)
Quirks: Nil
Castings: By Vocation

Attacks         BAC  Dmg Type   Base   Bonus
Longsword *50 C/P *4D6 +3 Dagger *50 P *2D6 +3 Crossbow, Med. *50 P *3D6 0

* Drow weapons have a 25% chance of being enchanted, providing bonuses to STEEP and/or Physical Damage.


Dark Vision
Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: Thought
Range: 50 yards
Time: Instantaneous
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
This power is essentially the same as the Priestcraeft Cantrip of the same name (CG I, Gloomy Darkness).

Area of Effect: 1 Subject
Delivered by: Gaze
Range: 50 yards
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 5D6 ATs
Frequency: 3 per day
The effects of this power mimic those of the Dweomercraeft Charm Fright (CG I, Black School).

Area of Effect: Self
Delivered by: Thought
Range: n/a
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 5 ATs
Frequency: 3 per day
This power is otherwise the same as the Priestcraeft casting of the same name (CG IV, Gloomy Darkness).

Statistical Detail
Base Scheme (+/-1D3 per ATTRIBUTE)

M: 90, EL:  72       P:100, WL:75, CL:90  S:  120, EL:   96
MM: 45    MR: 45     PM: 50    PN: 50     SM: 50    SP: 70
MMCap: 15 MRCap: 15  PMCap: 20 PNCap: 20  SMCap: 20 SPCap: 30
MMPow: 15 MRPow: 15  PMPow: 15 PNPow: 15  SMPow: 15 SPPow: 20
MMSps: 15 MRSpd: 15  PMSpd: 15 PNSpd: 15  SMSpd: 15 SPSpd: 20

Armor Scheme (Spidersilk Armor, Averaged)

      Pierce   Cut    Blunt  Fire   Chem   Stun   Elec.
Half 12 12 4 0 0 4 0 3/4 18 18 6 0 0 6 0 Full 24 24 8 0 0 8 0

Spidersilk armor worn under other armor is impractical because of the necessity of it being loose and free to move about. Cost of spidersilk is the same as for plate armor. Drow warriors may also be encountered wearing leather, reinforced leather, or metal & leather armor (half armor).

Commentary & Description
The legendary race of dark-skinned elves known as Drow are similar to their Seelie cousins in most ways, but their evil bent sets them quite apart. Originating in the Interior realm of Phaeree, they range over the entire world, and may be found dwelling in some numbers in the subterranean and even the exterior regions.

Sharing control of the Occidental Unseelie with their rivals (the Slaugh), the Drow contingent is known as the Red Faction. These dark-skinned, evil elves command hosts of annis, gaunts, orcs, ogres, trolls, and jotens from the great keep of Rilthundu. The Drow blazon is a flaming sword on a flag of red and purplish-black.

Created by: Dave and Michele Newton