Identifier: Humanoid, Faerie
Habitat: Occidental Phaeree (Exterior)
Size: 1x human-size (5' tall)
Number Appearing: 3-18 (3D6)
Modes & Rates of Movement: (Human Standard)
Walk: 120 yards/BT
Run: 360 yards/BT
Fly: 480 yards/BT
Initiative Modifiers: Human Standard
Outstanding K/S Areas/Sub-Areas & STEEP:
Full Practitioner ability in one of the following Vocational combinations at 60+8D10 STEEP for main K/S Areas, 40+6D10 for secondary ones, and 20+4D10 for tertiary ones:
Dweomercraeft (Green School), Diviner, Wisewoman/man, or
Priestcraeft (Balance), Astrologer, Healer, or
Alchemist, Explorer, Sage
Joss Factors: 7-14 (6+1D8)
Dodging/Avoidance: 23/70,50,75
Attractiveness: 18+
Inner Beauty/Ugliness: +5
Invulnerabilities: Nil
Insinuation: Ferrous metal (x2)
Contact: Ferrous metal (x1)
Allergy: 1 BT of exposure to ferrous metal (100 pounds in 10 feet) inflicts 1 point PD/CT thereafter.
Average Armor Protection: Spider silk (varies)
Quirks: Nil/as HP (optional)

Attacks       BAC   Damage Type   Base    Bonus
by weapon Special By weapon * Special (enchanted)

1D3 Minor and 1 of Moderate or Major kind

Animal form
Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
This power reflects the innate ability of this race to assume 'Fey' form -- typically that of a small woodland creature such as a fox, hare, squirrel, etc. The effects of this power are similar to the CG III Dweomercraeft (Green School) Casting Wolf-Stag Formula.

Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Thought
Range: Self
Time: Instant
Duration: While concentrating
Frequency: At will
This power is similar to the Grade III General Dweomercraeft Cantrip of the same name.

Heka Shield
Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Word and gesture
Range: Self
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 10 ATs
Frequency: Once per day
Similar to the CG VI General Dweomercraeft Spell of the same name, this power enables the individual to erect a personal magickal force field capable of blocking up to 10D6 points of Physical and Heka-based Damage.

Illumination Spheres
Area of Effect: 10' radius
Delivered by: Thought
Range: 200 feet
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 1 AT
Frequency: At will
This power is similar in nature to the Basic Priestcraeft Casting, Phosphor Spell (CG I). It provides up to 10 phosphorescent spheres of light within the area of effect, and these may be motive or not, as the Fay desires.

Immunity, Mental Assaults
Area of Effect: Individual
Delivered by: Gesture
Range: Self
Time: 1 CT
Duration: 10 ATs
Frequency: Once per day
This power is very similar to the CG II General Dweomercraeft Cantrip Armor, Mental. It creates a personal shield which is capable of blocking 210 points of Mental Damage directed at the Fay.

Statistical Detail
Base Scheme (+/- M: 1D10, P: 1D6, S: 1D10 per ATTRIBUTE)
WL: 90

M: 210 EL: 168       P:120 WL: 90 CL:108  S: 225 EL: 180
MM:   105 MR:   105  PM:    60 PN:    60  SM:    75 SP:   150
MMCap: 35 MRCap: 35  PMCap: 25 PNCap: 25  SMCap: 25 SPCap: 50
MMPow: 35 MRPow: 35  PMPow: 10 PNPow: 10  SMPow: 25 SPPow: 50
MMSpd: 35 MRSpd: 35  PMSpd: 25 PMSpd: 25  SMSpd: 25 SPSpd: 50

Armor Scheme (Spidersilk Armor, Averaged)
             Pierce  Cut   Blunt Fire  Chem  Stun  Elec
Half 12 12 4 0 0 4 0 Three quarters 18 18 6 0 0 6 0 Full 24 24 8 0 0 8 0

Spidersilk armor worn under other armor is impractical because of the necessity of it being loose and free to move about. Cost of spidersilk is the same as for plate armor.

Commentary & Description
Members of this humanoid race must be treated as one would a Heroic Persona. That is, each is an individual. Here are generalities which apply:

Fay in small groups dwell in palaces and sylvan manors in the occidental realms of exterior Phaeree. A typical Fay is about 5 feet tall and very slender. They have dragonfly-like wings, so in addition to movement at human standard rate they can also fly. They are the most beautiful and powerful of all the fair folk of the Seelie Court, having an average Attractiveness of 18. Each Fay has 7-14 Joss Factors

Their Physical Speeds enable them to avoid much. Average clothing of the Fay, stuff spun of Phaeree spiders' silk, conveys Average Armor protection equal to the amount of clothing they wear, i.e. Half to Full. Castings can provide magickal defenses, and their warriors have special armor and arms forged by their weapon smiths. Such are made from alloyed non-ferrous metals, which is then enchanted by Heka-forgers.

Like most Phaeree races, Fay are Susceptible to ferrous metals, such doing double normal damage if insinuated or brought into physical contact. They have Allergy of Contact sort, the touch of ferrous metal inflicting 1 point of Physical Damage each BT it continues, and if 100 Pounds of this sort of metal is within 10 Feet the same occurs after 1 AT of such exposure.

A typical adult Fay has 1D3 Heka-engendered powers of Minor sort, and 1 of Moderate or Major kind. Heka available for Castings is equal to the total of all three TRAITS, plus double Full Practitioner human norm for K/S Areas.

The Fay race presides over the Great Court of Occidental Seelie at Troynovant, the capital of Cleopolis. They are the mortal enemies of the Unseelie race of the Slaugh.

Created by: Dave and Michele Newton