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An overhaul of this website is long overdue, but not top of my priorities at the mo.

Lately, I've been learning some MySQL and doing database things through php, I've been getting my broadband up and running, firewalled, cached etc. I've been making a website for a guest-house in Sandown, which still needs lots of work, and I've done some oddments of behind-the-scenes stuff for, which is nice.

New toys include: 3com Homeconnect lite webcam (good for Astro-imaging, and works with linux), Connexant-chipset ADSL pci card, which I can now verify works nicely in a Slackware box :), Netgear MA401 pcmcia card revision D, which can do nice things with airsnort ;) And finally, a "V6202" 4-port usb2 pci card, whose manufacturer I have not been able to identify, which uses the via VT6202 IC. This seems to be identified ok by my pc, but when I try to do anything with an attached usb hard drive (which works ok on a usb1 port) something odd happens and the scsi process thingy hangs nastily. I read somewhere something about this card being unfriendly in combination with certain other hardware. Warning bells are ringing...

old news

The Internet security lecture is now done. The Powerpoint file (which contains some speakers notes in addition to the slides) has been uploaded as intsec2.ppt

I'll be writing a page for it in particular, with better references, and a little more background information, particularly on firewalls. I'm intending to get that done towards the end of this week, although a higher priority is a discussion on increasing the output power of (or better, using a directional antenna with) the wireless LAN card which has a page on my website.

Feel free to email me with any questions related to the talk.

Some references from the talk:

My .plan has a webby interface thing here.

And its just occurred to me that using 'touch' to make sure the pages appear in the right order in the sidebar is giving a false "last modified" date on the pages. D'oh! I'm going to modify the way that works sometime in the next fortnight.

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