1992 Mercedes 500 SL
Presented for sale by Cavelle Enterprises

1992 Mercedes 500 SL
Mileage: 94,687
Exterior: Rare Teal color with custom beige striping
Interior: Beige leather with dark wood trim

This is one beautiful, near perfect example of a 1992 500 SL. This second owner vehicle was purchased by the owner of Cavelle Enterprises in 1997 and has been pampered ever since. This is a true California car - it's barely seen rain, let alone roads with snow, ice, salt, sand, etc... Completely rust and corrosion free. The car spends most of it's time in the garage with the car cover on it. The owner is selling it to make room for a new addition...

Aside from the standard features, this vehicle has:

The standard features on this car include:

This vehicle is pure pleasure to drive. The owner originally purchased it for resale. After driving it for a week, he decided to keep it as one of his personal cars and it has been one of his favorites for over five years. Not only does it look outstanding, but the performance is downright astounding. While the handling makes you feel like you're in a race car, the ride is typical of the German luxury car that it is. And the 5.0L 300+HP engine propels this solid roadster to over 150 MPH. This is a true touring car in the skin of a sports car.

The interior and exterior are both in excellent condition. In the interest of complete integrity, there are pictures of all known flaws (click on 'flaws' in the upper left frame), small as they may be...

Please feel free to email ANY questions you may have: cavelle_enterprises@earthlink.net