Project: Twilight
Tuesday, 2 July 2002
This is a test.      Heh
Tuesday, 25 June 2002
The website (such that it is) has been converted to PHP.  It's still not classifyable as a real website, but at least it's now a mockup written in PHP rather than XHTML.  there is still not one whit of non-CSS support yet, sorry.
Thursday, 20 June 2002
The template for the new website looks non-sucky finally!  That's right, after many many long hours of fucking around with Mozilla, GIMP, vim, and an armload of reference manuals and websites, Knghtbrd is finally satisfied.  This looks nifty enough.
Wednesday, 19 June 2002
Something nifty happened on or about this time.  Really it did!