Helping FI

I (PhaethonH) will, of course, require help in the development of this mod. However, I am not used to working with other people. Thus, working (or trying to work) in a group will also be a novel experience for me.

I am not an uber-programmer. My strong points are in text-processing (thus the text datafiles and the programming language I developed so far). My weak points are in program design, graphics, sounds, vector calculus, animation, 3D modeling, 3D programming, complex algorithms, and so on. Weakness in web design should also be readily apparent.

I am uncertain as to how to go about soliciting for help, and uncertain as to how to maintain coordination in a group. Someone with managerial skills might also prove useful.

In a nutshell, I need help asking for help... :(


E-mail: phaethon?

IRC:, nick "PhaethonH"