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Demo files

These are demos recorded under Quake 3. Place file in baseq3/demo (or fi/demo) directory and use the console command "/play demoname" (without the ".dm_67" extension) to playback a demo. So far, modifications have been kept to server-side only, meaning these demos can be be played back in unmodified Q3.

fi-1.dm_66, recorded 2001 Sept 2 under Q3 1.29f. Highlights weaponry and firing modes.

fi-2.dm_67, recorded 2002 Jan 22 under Q3 1.31. Highlights weaponry, firing modes, special grenades, charge weapon, grappling hook, primitive jetpack, and why a gun that shoots 100 proximity mines at once is not a good idea.

fi-2.cfg, 2002 Jan 21. Weapons configuration file used for fi-2.dm_67. Although little of this may be understandable right now, it should illustrate how weaponry can be altered without having to obtain a new version of the mod. Note how this file is a ".cfg", like a downloadable script file. This is also a valid Scheme program file.

Mod files

(2002.01.25) FI alpha release 00000 | in pieces - After unpacking, read "QUICKSTART" to figure out how to start a sane testing session. This version is still fairly crashy, but may give a sufficiently good preview of what I'm working towards. After my Scheme interpreter stopped dying in QVM mode, I was ecstatic enough to package up a half-assed alpha :)


(2002.08.11) FI alpha release 00001 | in pieces - Major milestone is charged weaponry. Railgun tertiary fire is a charged firing mode. Charge time is the time between button press and button release. The railgun damage is proportional to the charge time. Mod still remains entirely server-side (no cgame.qvm).


Tapping the CVS tree

cvs login
password is "anonymous"
cvs -z3 co fi