Difference for main/ip_base.h from version 1.7 to 1.8

version 1.7 version 1.8
Line 302
Line 302
 #define IP_MAX_HS_ATTEMPTS 10  #define IP_MAX_HS_ATTEMPTS 10
 //how often to resend a hand-shake (2 seconds)  //how often to resend a hand-shake (2 seconds)
 #define IP_HS_RETRYTIME (F1_0*2)  #define IP_HS_RETRYTIME (F1_0*2)
 //how often (max) to search through the resend loop (1 second)  //how often (max) to search through the resend loop (.5 second)
 class ip_peer {  class ip_peer {
  public:   public:
Line 402
Line 402
  ip_peer * find_unk_by_addr(ip_addr addr);   ip_peer * find_unk_by_addr(ip_addr addr);
  void handshake_frame(void);   void handshake_frame(void);
  void clear(void);   void clear(void);
    void reset_handshake_lasttime(void) {
  ip_peer_list(){   ip_peer_list(){
  pendinghandshakes=0;   pendinghandshakes=0;
  pendinghandshake_lasttime=0;   pendinghandshake_lasttime=0;

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