Difference for main/ip_base.h from version 1.3 to 1.4

version 1.3 version 1.4
Line 62
Line 62
 /* Dump raw form of IP address/port by fancy output to user  /* Dump raw form of IP address/port by fancy output to user
  */   */
 #ifdef UDPDEBUG  //define UDPDEBUG_HS to print debug messages about handshaking
   //#define UDPDEBUG_HS
   //define UDPDEBUG to print general udp debug messages (spammish)
   //#define UDPDEBUG
   #if defined(UDPDEBUG) || defined(UDPDEBUG_HS)
 #include <stdio.h>  #include <stdio.h>
 inline char *ip_hs_statetoa(int state){  inline char *ip_hs_statetoa(int state){
  if (!state)   if (!state)
Line 101
Line 105
  bool operator == (const ip_id &a_id)const {return memcmp(id,a_id.id,6)==0;}   bool operator == (const ip_id &a_id)const {return memcmp(id,a_id.id,6)==0;}
  bool operator > (const ip_id &a_id)const {return memcmp(id,a_id.id,6)>0;}   bool operator > (const ip_id &a_id)const {return memcmp(id,a_id.id,6)>0;}
  ip_id& operator = (const ip_id &a_id){readbuf(a_id.id);return *this;}   ip_id& operator = (const ip_id &a_id){readbuf(a_id.id);return *this;}
 #ifdef UDPDEBUG  #if defined(UDPDEBUG) || defined(UDPDEBUG_HS)
  void dump(void){dumprid(id);}   void dump(void){dumprid(id);}
 #endif  #endif
  ip_id(ubyte*nid){readbuf(nid);}   ip_id(ubyte*nid){readbuf(nid);}
Line 135
Line 139
  return memcmp(addr,a_addr.addr,alen)>0;   return memcmp(addr,a_addr.addr,alen)>0;
  }   }
  ip_addr& operator = (const ip_addr &a_addr){alen=a_addr.alen;memcpy(addr,a_addr.addr,6);return *this;}   ip_addr& operator = (const ip_addr &a_addr){alen=a_addr.alen;memcpy(addr,a_addr.addr,6);return *this;}
 #ifdef UDPDEBUG  #if defined(UDPDEBUG) || defined(UDPDEBUG_HS)
  void dump(void)const{dumpraddr(addr);}   void dump(void)const{dumpraddr(addr);}
 #endif  #endif
  void set(int addrsize,ubyte *naddr,ushort port){   void set(int addrsize,ubyte *naddr,ushort port){

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