Difference for main/hudlog.c from version 1.6 to 1.7

version 1.6 version 1.7
Line 74
Line 74
  hud_message(MSGC_GAME_FEEDBACK,"logging messages to %s",hudlogname);   hud_message(MSGC_GAME_FEEDBACK,"logging messages to %s",hudlogname);
 }  }
   static int recurse_flag=0;
 void close_hud_log(void){  void close_hud_log(void){
  if (fhudlog){   if (fhudlog){
  kmatrix_log(1);   kmatrix_log(1);
  hud_message(MSGC_GAME_FEEDBACK,"closing hud log file");   hud_message(MSGC_GAME_FEEDBACK,"closing hud log file");
  fclose(fhudlog);   fclose(fhudlog);
  fhudlog=NULL;   fhudlog=NULL;
  }   }
 }  }
Line 88
Line 91
  else open_hud_log();   else open_hud_log();
 }  }
 void hud_log_message(char * message){  void hud_log_message(char * message){
  static int recurse_flag=0;  
 // printf("hud_log_message %i %i %i %p: %s\n",recurse_flag,HUD_log_autostart,HUD_log_multi_autostart,fhudlog,message);  // printf("hud_log_message %i %i %i %p: %s\n",recurse_flag,HUD_log_autostart,HUD_log_multi_autostart,fhudlog,message);
  if (++recurse_flag==1){//avoid infinite loop.  doh.   if (++recurse_flag==1){//avoid infinite loop.  doh.
  if (fhudlog){   if (fhudlog){

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