Difference for main/hudlog.c from version 1.5 to 1.6

version 1.5 version 1.6
Line 17
Line 17
 //end this section addition -VR  //end this section addition -VR
 int HUD_log_messages = 0;  int HUD_log_messages = 0;
   int HUD_log_multi_autostart = 0;
   int HUD_log_autostart = 0;
   int fhudmulti = 0;
 FILE *fhudlog=NULL;  FILE *fhudlog=NULL;
 char hudlogdir[128]="";  char hudlogdir[128]="";
 char hudlogname[143];  char hudlogname[143];
Line 32
Line 35
  }   }
 }  }
   void hud_log_check_multi_start(void){
    if ((Game_mode & GM_MULTI) && HUD_log_multi_autostart){
    if (!fhudlog || !fhudmulti)
    open_hud_log();//don't reopen the log file (for example, when changing levels in a multi player game)
   void hud_log_check_multi_stop(void){
    if (HUD_log_multi_autostart && fhudmulti){
 void open_hud_log(void){  void open_hud_log(void){
  static int num=0;   static int num=0;
 //edited 02/06/99 Matthew Mueller - changed filename to include date  //edited 02/06/99 Matthew Mueller - changed filename to include date
Line 40
Line 55
  if (fhudlog)close_hud_log();   if (fhudlog)close_hud_log();
    fhudmulti = Game_mode & GM_MULTI;
  t=time(NULL);   t=time(NULL);
  lt=localtime(&t);   lt=localtime(&t);
Line 70
Line 87
  if (fhudlog)close_hud_log();   if (fhudlog)close_hud_log();
  else open_hud_log();   else open_hud_log();
 }  }
 void hud_log_message(char * message){  void hud_log_message(char * message){
    static int recurse_flag=0;
   // printf("hud_log_message %i %i %i %p: %s\n",recurse_flag,HUD_log_autostart,HUD_log_multi_autostart,fhudlog,message);
    if (++recurse_flag==1){//avoid infinite loop.  doh.
    if (fhudlog){
    if (HUD_log_multi_autostart && ((Game_mode & GM_MULTI) != fhudmulti))
    close_hud_log();//if we are using -hudlog_multi, presumably we would want multiplayer games in seperate log files than single player, so close the log file and let a new one be reopened if needed.
    if (!fhudlog){
    if (HUD_log_autostart)
    else if ((Game_mode & GM_MULTI) && HUD_log_multi_autostart){
  if (HUD_log_messages||fhudlog){   if (HUD_log_messages||fhudlog){
  time_t t;   time_t t;
  struct tm *lt;   struct tm *lt;

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